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Nora Fleisher's Over Her Head goes audio!

Today, I've Nora Fleischer, who recently turned her books into audio books. Let's hear about her experience:

Recently I heard about ACX, which is an exchange (owned by Amazon) where writers can meet with producers to have audiobooks created.  I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea, and so I put both of my books up on the exchange, and within a couple of days had found producers for each of them.  

Over Her Head is a sweet, summery historical paranormal romance.  It was originally published by the sadly departed Drollerie Press.  The producer and narrator for Over Her Head, Anna Starr, did a wonderful job with the sweetness and romance of my story.  And she’s even from Maine, where the book is set!  


Maine, 1905: historian Frances Schmidt travels north in hopes of reading lawyer Garrett Hathaway's collection of books about mermen and mermaids. Ready to charm a crotchety old man, she's surprised to find a handsome young music-lover. But while Garrett seems more than willing to be her friend, he shies from getting any closer.
Garrett is hiding a terrible secret - no one knows that he is a merman. When he touches salt water, he sprouts gills and a blue, scaly tail. Despite his growing love for Frances, he is certain that she will see him as a monster if she ever learns the truth.
Can Frances change his mind? Or is she in over her head?

Over Her Head is available at (, at Amazon 

( and on iTunes.  

Sample audio is available at the above sites.


Nora Fleischer has a PhD from Winthrop University, and promises every word of this story is true. She lives in Minneapolis with her lovable husband Sven and children Wolfgang and Anastasia.  She tweets as @zombinanora and blogs at

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Charlotte Hubbard presents Harvest of Blessings

Today, we have Charlotte Hubbard and her book Harvest of Blessing.

Peep Rep: Will she bless me with a prize?

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Peep Rep: Oh me...pick me!

Liza: Settle down so we can learn more about the book.
by Charlotte Hubbard


The tranquil little town of Willow Ridge is facing a startling challenge. Wealthy Nora Glick Landwehr is determined to make it her home again—and put her past to rest. Cast out by her own family, Nora can’t reconcile with Old Amish ways or her strict father. But she’ll do anything to help her community embrace the future . . . and make amends to the daughter she had to give up. She certainly has no time for her reckless new neighbor Luke Hooley. They disagree about almost everything. And how can she trust him if he always seems to believe the worst about her? Somehow, though, his unexpected support and passionate heart are helping her find her own way in faith. And Nora will discover that even in the face of insidious lies and unyielding judgment, God creates unexpected chances for forgiveness—and love.

“Looking good,” he murmured with a devilish smile.

Nora somehow contained her irritation. “Hiram,” she said with a curt nod. “If you’ll excuse me—”

“Oh, there’s no excuse for you today,” he quipped as his gaze roamed the length of her. “You and Hooley are as mismatched as a thoroughbred racehorse yoked to an ox. What do you see in him, anyway?”

Nora didn’t try to break past him, because that would bring her into contact with the arm he’d planted against the wall, right at her chest level. “You’re entitled to your opinion,” she muttered, “but—”

“But I’m really here with a proposition,” Hiram interrupted. “A business proposition, that is.”

As he moved closer, Nora had nowhere to go but backwards, into the deeper shadow. As her back found the wall she instinctively bent one leg up, so her knee was in a strategic position. She remained silent, making Hiram talk while she figured out how to get out of this trap he’d set.

“Several friends have told me how excited they are to be consigning items to your new store,” Hiram continued. “What a shame it would be if your business went belly-up. Most small businesses—especially those owned by women—fail within the first year because they’re undercapitalized. I’d like to help prevent that.”

I just bet you would, Nora thought, but she kept her mouth shut. Anything she said would give him more ammunition.

Hiram smirked. “Miriam Hooley and Andy Leitner can attest to that,” he stated. “They couldn’t keep their doors open if they didn’t have a benefactor who owned their buildings and relieved them of all that overhead. So what if I bought my barn back?” he asked. “What if I became your silent partner, Nora?”

“No way,” she muttered. “I don’t care to pay the sort of interest you’d expect.”

Hiram’s chuckle echoed in the small hallway. “Nora, my dear,” he protested in a silky voice. “You misunderstand my—”

The door to the mens’ room swung open so hard it hit the wall.

“The lady said no, Knepp,” Luke snapped as he stepped into the hallway. “I’ve got zero tolerance for snakes, so you’d better slither back into your hole. Got it?”

Hiram backed away from her. His jet black goatee rippled with his grin as he pointed first to Nora and then to Luke. “There’s just no accounting for taste, I guess,” he said with a shake of his head. “If you care to reconsider my offer, Nora, my door’s always open.”

This is an intriguing novel about people who have chosen to live a different life from the typical American. They live beside us, but not among us. In many ways they are like us, but we normally focus on their differences. I'm referring to the Amish and the Mennonites.

Author Charlotte Hubbard has written a fabulous series about the Amish. While I have read a bit about real life Amish, this is the first Amish novel I’ve ever picked up. What a fabulous book! I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. It is both authentic and inspiring.
Similar to most novels, there’s a villain (two if you count the one in Nora’s past), a bad boy hero, and a strong fabulous heroine who has returned home after her husband divorced her for another woman. 

At sixteen Nora was ousted from her community and family for refusing to say who had gotten her pregnant. After her failed marriage with a man not of her faith, she uses all her money acquired in the divorce settlement to buy a house in her former community.

She catches the eye of her neighbor when she drives up in a convertible, wearing a baseball cap and shorts. 
Luke remains in Rumspringa despite his mature age. Thus, he is not under the authority of the church and may do what he pleases.

But Nora has far greater problems than a handsome, wild neighbor. She has a daughter, which she left on her aunts’ door as a baby. She had a life among the good people of her youth that she wants to reclaim. She wants to come home, but she is no longer the frightened young girl who left. She's grown up away from her faith and her people. Is it even possible for her to return to the ways of her community?

This story sweeps you up and allows you to live the little and big moments of a quieter place. You’ll be taken in and loved by some characters and shunned be others, you’ll discover there are choices, degrees of faith that can allow you to not only live, but thrive in the community. And most of all, you experience love at its best and not just the love of a man and woman, but the love of an entire community.

This is a story to be experienced, not just read. It takes you to a different world, which might seem muted at first, but stay with it. This book kept me reading through the night. “Plain people” are in no way boring. And this book is a fabulous sweet story.

Seasons of the Heart, Book 5

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Drawing upon her experiences in Jamesport, the largest Old Order Amish community west of the Mississippi, longtime Missourian Charlotte Hubbard writes of simpler times and a faith-based lifestyle in her Seasons of the Heart series. Like her heroine, Miriam Lantz Hooley, Charlotte considers it her personal mission to feed people. Faith and family, farming and food preservation are hallmarks of her lifestyle. She’s a deacon, a dedicated church musician and choir member, and when she’s not writing, she loves to try new recipes, crochet, and sew. Charlotte now lives in Minnesota with her husband and their border collie.

Facebook page =  Charlotte.Hubbard1

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Liza needs your help in choosing a cover

I need help in choosing the cover for book 5 of the Adventures of Xavier.

Okay, everyone like's cover two the best.

Next Question: Should the baby be bigger?
Should the puppy be smaller?
Or is it good as is?




Which do you prefer?
And yes there are babies and pups in the next book.

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Cover Reveal for Kary Rader's A Taylor Made Love

Today, I have the long awaited cover for Kary Rader's A Taylor-Made Love. 
Kary's offering a $25 Amazon gift card to one lucky rafflecopter winner.

And here it is!
What we've all been waiting for.

A Taylor-Made Love


Kary Rader

(Taylor-Made #2)

Publication date: May 2015

Contemporary, New Adult

When fate spares your life,
 your destiny is always love

Twenty-year-old widow and cancer survivor Taylor Smith-Taylor is running her late husband’s billion-dollar gaming business because she’s made a vow to keep TME—and Gavin’s memory—alive. But she’s falling hard for her sexy attorney Brad Richards, and it’s not just their professional connection that has her tied in knots.

When Taylor’s new idea takes off, she relies on Brad to help. Using company funds to back the innovative project, they begin a tumultuous affair and a multi-million dollar negotiation that could dominate the market or put the company in jeopardy.

As the corporate dealings escalate, their volatile relationship leaves their priorities more tangled than their bed sheets, and a fatal accounting error divides them. Brad pushes Taylor to embrace her idea, and him, by selling TME—a decision that, for her, goes deeper than money. When she refuses, it seems easier for both to walk away, and only a perspective from the grave can help her realize her future comes down to one choice: the love she’ll lose or the love she’ll make.

Kary Rader is a stay-at-home mother of three, avid reader and slave to the characters and worlds inside her head.
Always creative, she's drawn to stories with fantastical worlds and creatures. With a little bit of magic and divine guidance, there isn't anything that can't be accomplished with words. It's the power of words that creates and destroys.
Vanquishing evil and injustice while finding eternal love in the process is all in a day's work. And with the help of her critique partners and master cartographer imaginary places come to life.
Let the fantasy begin...

Author Links:


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Stacey Brutger presents Electric Heat, Bk 3 of A Raven Investigations Novel

Found a fabulous book today!

If you enjoy Urban Fantasy, be sure to check out the next book in the Raven Investigation Series.

It's dark. It's gritty. A totally addicting adventure you won't want to miss!

Ancient magic has been unleashed into the world. It’s willing to do anything to survive, even if it means war. Only one woman can kill it…or set it free.  

Electric Heat - A Raven Investigations Novel (Book 3)

Stacey Brutger

The local witches’ coven offers Raven a trade: Surrender herself to them for one week or give up a member of her pack. She thought they wanted to study her, but Raven discovers something far worse—murder. To save her pack, Raven must make the ultimate sacrifice…her freedom.

Witches are being drained of power and killed using a wild magic that’s been dormant for centuries. Tasked with locating the one responsible for releasing it, Raven soon finds herself the prey rather than the hunter. The more lives the magic claims, the stronger the killer becomes. As she and her pack scramble to unravel the secrets of the coven, her own beast starts to wake, and she’s not sure which is more dangerous…the killer or her beast. But one thing is sure, if the coven and pack don’t learn to work together, none of them will survive the coming storm. 

Raven followed Durant’s example and filled her plate. As they walked toward an empty table, she noticed there wasn’t any available space on his dish, the food piled so high it spilled over onto the tray. They barely sat down when a small group of girls walked into the room and grabbed their food.

They giggled, rudely staring at Durant as they neared, then one of the girls stopped, forcing the rest to halt as well.

Raven stilled, instantly on alert.

“He doesn’t belong at the table.” The girl smirked as she removed a bowl from her tray and set it on the floor. “Here, kitty-kitty.”

Raven went taut, ready to lunge across the table. Durant gave a tiny warning shake of his head. He bent, scooped up the bowl and smiled, flashing his fangs. “Thanks.”

A couple of the girls squealed and leapt back, but the one in charge narrowed her eyes at the challenge before she led her small band of stuck-up princesses away.

Raven’s blood boiled at the insult, and she barely resisted following to teach them a lesson. They headed toward a table at the front of the room. As they neared, the occupants scrambled to vacate, but one boy wasn’t fast enough. The leader of the group leaned over and shoved the poor guy’s tray of food to the floor while her friends laughed.

“Don’t do it.”

Raven blinked innocently. “Do what?”

The girls were fools if they thought she was helpless. Raven reached for her core before she remembered there was nothing left. The reminder was an annoyance. She might not be able to use her own power, but that didn’t mean she was defenseless. She noted the plug-ins behind the main table, and drew down hard and fast.

Electricity forked through the room, and she directed it toward the lead table.

Sparks arched up the metal legs.

Within seconds, the girls launched to their feet with a collective squeal, rubbing their asses while they scurried away, dumping trays of food over themselves in their haste.

Raven smothered her smile and dropped her gaze to her food. Durant snorted and continued to eat. The room grew eerily quiet. Some of the kids smiled, a few others snickered.

Much to her surprise, the creature gave a snort as well, seemingly to approve of her petty revenge.

The girls marched past them, heads held high, humiliation burning in their cheeks as they headed out the door…all but one.

The lead girl stopped at their table, hatred fizzing around her like the buzz of an annoying insect. “You did this.”

The whole room fell silent, all eyes on them.

“Prove it.” Magic swelled around Raven, the air turning overly sweet until her teeth ached.

“They’re guests of the coven.” A young male, probably just short of graduating, strolled boldly up to their table, tossing an apple in the air before catching it. He was thin, his blond hair short in the back and styled longer in the front. There was something gregarious about the boy that made Raven want to smile and invite him to sit with them. “You’re already pushing the boundaries, Paige.”

The girl spun to face him, wrath darkening her eyes, her long blonde hair whipping out in her agitation. “Mind your own business, wizard.”

“Of course.” He bowed, then his eyes lit with mischief. “You have something on your dress.” Then with a perfectly straight face, he pulled a noodle off her skirt.

A scream of rage escaped behind the girl’s clenched teeth. Magic rippled in the air, knocking the boy on his ass.

Raven shot to her feet, but the girl had already turned, storming across the room toward the door. By the time Raven reached the kid’s side, he was already on his feet, a little wisp of smoke curling up from his chest where the stuck-up princess had struck him with a hex.

Stacey is very shy. So to find out more about her

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 about the Author
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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Electric Heat by Stacey Brutger

Electric Heat

by Stacey Brutger

Giveaway ends April 02, 2015.

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Armada West shares a bit about The King's Mortal

Today, I have a 'new to me' author, Armada West, and her intriguing book, The King's Mortal.
(I've locked Peep Rep in a closet so we can focus on the book.) 

Armada West is sharing a bit about the book in bundles of five. (You'll see what I mean).

She had impeccable beauty—the sort of woman
who men started wars over.
 Wars where thousands died.

I invite you to join me in Cimmerian, the frigid vampire realm—the home to the huntsmen of God. They have been tasked with slaughtering the humans who've released the plagued doppelgängers of mankind from their hellish prison, and it is an eternally uphill battle. Hope comes in the form of young Lana Corvin, a psychic lingering on the cusp of death with a blood disease, and wasting her precious days as the main squeeze of a notorious drug dealer. When she becomes the target of Cerberus, a kingpin drug lord, Fate will teach her that life—no matter how much or how little of it you possess—gives no second chances. That is, unless the rogue Vlad Dracula, hellbent on usurping the throne to claim Cimmerian for himself, doesn't teach it to her first.

Here’s a little detail regarding The King’s Mortal and the Wintertide series:

5 Things…About the Characters
1.Lana was adopted from Ukraine, and speaks Russian
2.Annika, the princess of the vampires, was originally a man with a romantic interested in Lana…but I decided she had way too many guys chasing after her, and made her a woman!
3.Lana has a problem with needing to seek revenge
4.The slayers have sold their souls for longevity
5.I based the character of Cerberus on Escobar from Nip/Tuck. Every time I’ve shared a picture of Escobar, people always say that’s exactly how they envisioned him!

5 Things…About the Story
1.Cimmerian, the vampire realm, is a desert cast in a frigid, eternal night
2.There is abuse of the heroine, as well as adult themes — drinking, drugs, weapons, and rape (not for titillation) — that may make some readers uncomfortable
3.I don’t believe in a good side and bad side. There’s a lot of gray
4.When I first wrote the story, Vlad had been king while Constantine was the outcast. I decided to change it up, since Dracula is always the ruler of the vampires in the movies
5.The story is told exclusively from Lana’s POV, except for the prologue and the occasional intermission

5 Things…About the Series
1.I wanted to give vampires a reason to exist, and it seemed completely non-traditional for them to be the henchmen of God
2.Everyone has their own ambitions, and some will be ruthless to achieve it
3.I chose the series title, Wintertide, because the lives of many characters are overwhelmed by a period of barren, hopeless despair. For some it will ebb. Others will drown.
4.After the second book (The Dragon’s Pawn), an offshoot series of novellas will begin that centers around a cryptozoologist. This will tie into the finale of Wintertide
5.A final warning, I do not believe in happy endings. I believe in logical endings. That said, things will not end well for everyone.

The King’s Mortal is now available at

Armada West is an American author and model from upstate New York. Her first notable recognition was for her comedic play, "The Loo Cue", which won a playwright competition and starred actress Fiona Hutchinson. An avid gamer, West wrote articles and tech reviews for

Her foray into publication began at Crushing Hearts Black Butterfly in 2012 with the release of her romance novella Undefeated and her first full length novel, Bottom Feeders. A short story, Underneath (The Christmas Tree), was included in the first Hot Ink holiday anthology Milf and Cookies.
West co-authored a romantic sci-fi short story, Space in the Fall, with fellow author and friend, Jadeleath. The piece premiered in the Persephone's Song anthology from Keith Publications.
In 2014 West was contracted by Distinguished Press for her series Wintertide, a re-vamping of Bottom Feeders. The King's Mortal will be available March 6, 2015. When the Gloves Come Off, a full length novel adaptation of West's Undefeated, was picked up by Roane Publishing in 2014. A release date is still pending.

As a model, Armada West has been featured in Riot Vixen magazine (February 2014) and on Inked Girls. She also worked with game developer, Jaime Fraine, for his 2014 "Tree Translator" Kickstarter campaign and was featured in two of his promotional videos.

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Bibi Rizer and her book Objectify Me

I'm super excited to share the details of the next book in the fabulous series, the Fireworks Novellas: Objectify Me.

releasedayOM copy

Here's a video about the Fireworks Novellas


Seattle law student Levi Borovski has been ceremonially dispatched from his family home to “get over himself” as his mother not so politely puts it. For the last year he’s been experimenting with living by orthodox Jewish traditions and it’s driven his liberal secular parents crazy. To make matters worse, the nice Jewish medical student for whom he put in all this effort has just gotten engaged to someone else. Why Levi’s mother thinks spending Mardi Gras in New Orleans will improve his mood is something of a mystery, but at this stage he’s pretty much ready to try anything. So when his frat buddies ditch him to take off on some drug dealer’s riverboat Levi is left to his own devices in the Big Easy, determined, despite everything to let the good times roll.

Charlotte Gibbs doesn’t exactly hate her demeaning job as a lap dancer in the high end French Quarter gentlemen’s club, Objections. It’s good money and the attention she gets from her mostly rich lawyer clientele satisfies her ego enough that her perpetual singlehood no longer feels like a voodoo curse. Tourists can be a pain though, and Mardi Gras week is especially bad. Still, a hard-working girl like Charlotte is entitled to have a little fun sometimes. So when an adorably drunk but sincere West Coast college boy invites her for a drink, Charlotte decides to take a chance.

Neither of this mismatched set of misfits imagines that the magic of Mardi Gras will rub off on them in quite such a sexy, dramatic and life changing way. When the sun comes up on New Orleans will they find a way to make this unexpected magic last?

OMteaser1 copy


objectifyme copy

She tastes like lime and sugar, and her mouth is warm and soft. My cock throbs as I think about what other parts of her might be warm and soft, too. Just when I think I might slide down on the ground with her legs wrapped around me, she pulls back. I sneak a look down at her cleavage which is moving up and down as she breathes heavily.

“So…what’s your hotel like?” She looks back over my shoulder to the hotel a block away.

“It’s nice. Pretty quiet. Quaint, I guess you’d say. It’s decorated with antiques and stuff.”

She looks up at me through her eyelashes, nodding, a twinkle in her eye. “And your room? That’s nice?
“Yeah, good. It’s like a two-bedroom suite, because I came with two friends. So they let me have the bigger room because I organized the trip. There’s a balcony over Bourbon Street. It’s pretty cool.”

She nods some more, her mouth slowly breaking into a grin.

“Oh God,” I say. “I really suck at this. You’re looking for an invitation, right?”

“Unless you feel strongly about another cocktail.”

“Hell, no.” I grab her hand and we practically run the block and half back to the LaFleur. By the time we get there, we’re out of breath and laughing. And I can’t quite believe what’s happening. I’m glad I didn’t have another cocktail.
This is the kind of situation that can go south in about a thousand different ways when too much alcohol in involved.

I sneak a little kiss as I dig the key out of my pocket.

The doorman looks up as we walk in. I wink at him and lead Charlotte to the staircase.

“Boy, you been gone five minutes!” he calls
after us.

Charlotte trails her hand along the wooden bannister as we climb up to the second floor.
“I’ve walked past this place about a thousand times, and I’ve always wanted to see inside.”
“Is it what you expected?”

“It’s clean,” she says pausing at the top of the stairs to look at a painting of a pirate. “I dunno. I think I expected these places to be like haunted houses or
something. All old and dusty.”

I tug her across the landing to the door of our suite. “Not haunted at all. We even have WiFi.” I pause as I unlock and open the door, taking her hand. This whole situation is so crazy and surreal, I need to make sure I don’t epically screw it up. “I want you to know something,” I say. “I’m not one of those guys who thinks that just because a girl comes to your hotel room, it means she agrees to sex.”
Charlotte grins and touches the tip of her nose onto mine. “But I do agree to sex.” She grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me through the door, slamming it behind us.

OMteaser2 copy

Where to Buy:




And don't miss The first Fireworks Novella, Electrify Me.

About the Author:

Bibi Rizer is a mom, blogger, teacher and writer living in the Pacific Northwest. While she's been writing professionally for many years, romance and erotica are relatively new pursuits.

Bibi likes writing about strong kinky women and brave willing men living in realistic and imperfect worlds.

In her spare time Bibi sings Karaoke and hangs around on film sets with child actors. Having the the firm belief that no one can be too weird or too funny, she happily admits that most of her favorite people and characters are both.

Stalk her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads or her blog at

For sneak peeks, swag, freebies and other fun, consider joining Bibi's Street Team, The Early Rizers.

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Liza reviews Saved In Sri Lanka by Devika Fernando

I was blown away by this book. It was as if I went to Sri Lanka. While I’m enjoying a very find tour of the tropical island, I fell in love with both the beautiful Sri Lanka tour guide, Sepalika, and the handsome Irishman, Daniel. Actually, I think I became the Sri Lanka tour guide at some point. So for a short while, I was a fabulous person filled with such kindness and generosity.

This is a heartwarming love story of a Sri Lanka young woman who is in a long engagement to a wealthy man she cannot endure. (He’s wretched.) She is a fabulous tour guide, and has always kept a professional wall between her and her tourists. Until now. A handsome Irishman who has a great love of history becomes enchanted with Sepalika. Since he’s a tourist and she’s engaged (albeit unhappily) their love takes seed in their joint love of history and grows from there. Given the codes of Sri Lanka, their feelings remain mostly internal and heartfelt than physical. But their love is as real as you’ll get.

Honestly, had a fire broken out in my house during the last quarter of the book, I would have probably not noticed and burned to death. I was 100% captivated by this story.

So here’s my best advice:
If you wish to visit Sri Lanka, but don’t have time or money to fly there, then consider this a MUST read.

If you wish to slowly fall into the deepest of love while in Sri Lanka, then consider this an absolute MUST READ.

However, if you ARE planning to go to Sri Lanka, you might not want to read this book until you return, because I’m worried you’ll be disappointed with reality, when your hired tour guide isn’t half so interesting and especially when you don’t meet and fall in love with a handsome Irish fellow.

When you do buy the book, make sure your stove is off before you sit down to read, and choose a comfortable chair, because you’ll want to read this in one sitting. 5 stars for sure!

For those who have yet begun to buy on my word, here's the blurb and excerpt:

Some people are destined to meet. 

It sure feels that way when Sri Lankan tour guide Sepalika meets Daniel. The mysterious tourist from Ireland steals his way into her heart and makes her question everything her life is built upon. Instant attraction turns to love – but does he feel the same? And what about the secret she’s hiding from him? 

Follow the two on their quest for a happy ending amid the beauty and wonders of the tropical island paradise of Sri Lanka.

She bit her lip, afraid she was talking too much, but he was hanging on her every word.

“What an unusual choice.”

Was that admiration in his cultured voice?

Before she had the chance to respond, maybe shoot another question at him, a sudden gust of wind stirred up the landscape. The surprisingly strong breeze whipped her hat from her head. It sailed away for several feet before plopping to the ground unceremoniously when the wind settled as fast as it had risen.

“C’mere, let me get that for you.”

With that, Daniel stalked off on his long legs while she stared at him in surprise. Within seconds, he picked up the hat, shook some non-existent dust off, and returned. She half reached out for the hat, but her arm dropped to her side lifelessly when the power of his gaze hit her.

He was drinking in her face, free of its shading hat. God, was he really scanning every single detail, the way a man would hungrily let his gaze wander over the face of a woman he found attractive? When was the last time somebody had reacted to her like that?

Her throat went dry, and Sepalika was frozen into place. Daniel prowled closer, until he wasn’t standing more than a foot or two away, and she had to tilt up her head to look into his eyes, wanting to drown in their greenish-grey depths.

They stared at each other, and she wondered why a small frown was forming a vertical line between his eyebrows. In slow motion, he lifted his arms and gently placed the hat on her hair, pushing it down until her eyes were in the shade again. His hands never touched her, but the deliberate slowness and strange intimacy of the gesture had her pulse fluttering in her throat. His gaze strayed to its frantic movement beneath her caramel-colored skin.

“There you go now,” he said softly.

The air between them was charged. She expected him to touch her any moment. She wanted him to do so.

“Tell me your name again.”

His voice was husky and barely more than a whisper.

Where was her voice? Swallowing and resisting the urge to wet her lips with her tongue, she said, “Sepalika.”

His gaze traveled to her mouth and back up to her eyes.

“Right. Sepalika.”

Almost as soon as Devika Fernando could write, she imagined stories and poems. After finishing her education in Germany and returning to her roots in Sri Lanka, she got a chance to turn her passion into her profession. Having lived in Germany and in Sri Lanka with her husband has made her experience the best (and the worst) of two totally different worlds – something that influences her writing. Her trademark is writing sweet, yet deeply emotional romance stories where the characters actually fall in love instead of merely falling in lust. What she loves most about being an author is the chance to create new worlds and send her protagonists on a journey full of ups and downs that will leave them changed. She draws inspiration from everyone and everything in life. Besides being a romance novel author, she works as a self-employed German web content writer, as a translator, and as a faithful servant to all the cats, dogs, fish and birds in her home. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or thinking about writing.

Having always loved to read and write, Devika Fernando made her dream come true in 2014 when she became a self-published novelist. The Amazon bestselling author has published several eBooks in the genres contemporary romance, paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Her German and Sri Lankan roots influence her writing.