Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Liza's first blog ever

I realized what the world truly needed was not world peace or free health care for the sick, but another blog.

Not just any old blog, but by a blog by Liza…blogging about world peace and free healthcare for the sick.

Sorry. It’s never happening.

Since the beginning of recorded history, mankind hasn’t changed much. Our men still like sports, fast cars, and war. The last thing on their agenda is world peace and healthcare.

And just like all the women before us, we shake our heads and observe the world would be a better place if woman ran it. Truly ran it, not just some figurehead who waves her hand oddly at the mob.

Before you point to the Amazon warriors as a time when women stepped up, first, we’ve no proof they existed, and second, if they did exist, I don’t think they intended to promote world peace or health care either, unless they thought their patch of land would be more peaceful without the neighboring, bothersome tribe, which would no longer require health care because they no longer had a pulse.

And that is my blog contribution today: a sixty-nine word sentence.

Thus, concludes Liza O’Connor’s first blog effort. It’s all up from here.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

No one will ever read this

Around midnight...no, it was closer to  2 AM I realized I shouldn't have named my blog after my first published book, since I plan/ hope/ pray to publish many more. My blog should be under my name, so it won't confuse my followers (all 10 of them) when I start promoting the second book.

Read my blog about my second book at the blog named after my first book.

Thank God, I picked my head up and realized the cliff before me!

Honestly,I have yet to begin blogging about my first book, Saving Casey.  I sort of wanted more than ten followers. sniff. sniff.

My neighbors teen has over 700 followers on her blog. I should get hints from her.

However, before I get all these followers, I had to rectify my silliness and create a blog under Liza O'Connor rather than Saving Casey. You are reading said new blog. Have no idea how you found it.

One disturbing point, is I found the name Liza O'Connor-author was already taken. Does this mean I have my own doppelganger? I'm funny and silly, does that mean she's morbid and grumpy?

Do people read morbid people more than silly ones?

If so maybe I can cheer them up after they read the morbid blog.