Saturday, August 25, 2012

No one will ever read this

Around, it was closer to  2 AM I realized I shouldn't have named my blog after my first published book, since I plan/ hope/ pray to publish many more. My blog should be under my name, so it won't confuse my followers (all 10 of them) when I start promoting the second book.

Read my blog about my second book at the blog named after my first book.

Thank God, I picked my head up and realized the cliff before me!

Honestly,I have yet to begin blogging about my first book, Saving Casey.  I sort of wanted more than ten followers. sniff. sniff.

My neighbors teen has over 700 followers on her blog. I should get hints from her.

However, before I get all these followers, I had to rectify my silliness and create a blog under Liza O'Connor rather than Saving Casey. You are reading said new blog. Have no idea how you found it.

One disturbing point, is I found the name Liza O'Connor-author was already taken. Does this mean I have my own doppelganger? I'm funny and silly, does that mean she's morbid and grumpy?

Do people read morbid people more than silly ones?

If so maybe I can cheer them up after they read the morbid blog.


  1. Dear myself. I think changing this is a really good idea.

  2. Thanks Liza. I appreciate the support.

  3. LOL! Love your first "My Name Blog" post, hon! Very droll!

    Especially like the bit about finding a doppelganger! I keep encountering that in all the strangest places - like Russian porno sites and Chinese escort agency sites!! Odd, really!

    Oh well - you know what they say about imitation!

    Good luck with the site - and your books!


  4. Hi Liza!
    I'm getting your posts (from "") and I read your story about the bears with "barely" suppressed eagerness to find out where it was going. Very entertaining! I hate Gov Christie, too (he probably does interviews on Fox News!). I didn't know you live in N.J., it's nearby -- I'm in Pennsylvania.
    Also read y'r interview with Nikki (using the "select" feature to put her faded-out remarks into reverse so I could read them), but wasn't prepared for her too, too HOT excerpt.
    Hope you're doing well.
    w/friendly best.. Dan ("MarthaWiegard" on your blog mailing-list)


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