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Liza's First Blog Interview-Nikki Prince

Welcome to my first blog interview.

My victim...I mean visiting, talented author, 
is Nikki Prince.

Nikki is offering a copy of her book
to one lucky reader.
If you want it to be you, then comment below and
(here's the the part you guys keep missing)
If you leave it in the comments like this:
Youremail(@)yourservice DOT com
the ebot spam monsters won't pick you up.

In anticipation of my first interview, I’ve done extensive research and discovered the following revelations about Nikki:
Nikki is a mother of two, who's always had a dream to be a published author in the romance genre. Her passion lies the raising her children as readers, gaming, cooking, reading and her writing. Her mother can now breath easy about the child who used to get in trouble because she was hiding books everywhere and reading when it wasn't appropriate. She loves to write Interracial romances in all genres but wants to let everyone know 'to not box her in' because there is always room for growth.

Hi, Nikki. Thanks for being brave and coming on my blog. So I gave you a long list of weird questions which I made up and you managed to ignore them all. Should I be insulted?


Never mind, I forgive you. Now, what did you want to be when you were shorter?  

I had so many things I wanted to be as a child…hell as an adult.  Such as a veterinarian, a fashion designer and a chef, but the one that stuck has always been to be a writer.
What is a typical writing day like for you? 

I get the most done on weekends, as I still work a full time job and I am a full time mother. I write whenever I can during the week.

Does that mean you take long bathroom breaks at work and scribe on the toilet paper?


Just checking. Do you have any specific items you need with you when you write? 

All I need to write is my laptop.
I multitask a lot while doing so.

I see that, but really, you do not have to dust my house during the interview. I prefer dusty countertops. That way I can write myself messages, like ‘wash Jess.’
Ah, now you’re washing my dog. Please don’t. Just remain focused on my normal questions, which I have blatantly plagiarized from other authors.

How does your family feel about your writing and you being an author? 
Everyone is quite happy with the fact that I have gotten published.  It has been something I’ve wanted since I was 12.  I drove my mother crazy with reading when I shouldn’t.  Now she can smile as it paid off.

Yes, I can see how sitting in your room, reading would disturb a parent when, instead, you could have been at an all-night-kegger, raided by cops.
This is a terrible interview.

I warned you I’ve never done one before. Sit, I’ll behave. I promise.
How'd you come up with this story?

I was looking at a call for submissions that had gone out for a succubus to be in a story.  That story idea morphed into Demon Mine.

Describe your hero in five words.

Sexy, dark, brooding and tattooed.

Hmmm, that sounds nice. Tell me more about your story.
Samael is a fallen angel doomed to repeat his life and love for Liliana Jackson over and over again. That is until she finally remembers who she is and the reason for the curse that has befallen them both. For you see, Liliana was once Lilith, the first wife of Adam and the lover of Samael.
Are they doomed to keep repeating the past?
Or Will there be a new future for the reincarnated lovers?

 Don’t ask me! You wrote the story!

However, I think this would make a great soap opera for the demon demographic or would that segment be called the demongraphic market?

I have no clue.

 That’s okay, I’m frequently clueless. But I really like your story concept. Will you read me an excerpt?
Will you behave?

I’ll try, but first, let me send the little ones to bed for I expect this to be rated H for HOT.
“Out of here, you damn mice!”

Okay, the little ones have scampered off. Read to me…

Liliana Jackson sat on the bed in the darkened room. Her breath was ragged as she eagerly waited for her lover to arrive. The need she felt was always instant when she thought of him. The slightest movement of cloth from her sundress scraping over her hard nipples tortured her as her bare pussy dampened. She glanced at the small clock on the wall opposite her bed. It would be only a matter of minutes before he stepped across the threshold.

She tried to be patient and wait. She let out a whimper, trying her best to wait for him, but failing. Slowly, she slipped her dress up her thighs, baring her shaved pussy to the air in the room, parting her legs while she leaned back onto the pillows; her fingers teased along her slit in one smooth stroke. She slid two fingers around her wet entrance, and then leisurely teased her clit. Liliana inched one, then two fingers inside of her drenched folds with a moan. She rocked her hips to push them in deeper as her head fell back against the pillow.

She groaned once more as she neared orgasm. One without him. He'd want to punish her, and she'd welcome it. She loved it when he acted all badass around her. In fact, she wanted it. Even as independent as she had always been, she needed his commanding presence, lust and strength. It fueled all of those things within her as well. His needs fed her needs. Her eyes moved to the door. She grinned. There he stood, leaning against the doorjamb, arms crossed over his muscled chest. He looked angry—the edges of his mouth turned down and narrowed eyes fixed on her undulating body.
"Hello, lover." Her words were a raspy purr of arousal.


Wow! Good thing I sent the mice off, or they’d be procreating up a storm now.

For those of you who want more of this
spicy novel,
here’s the link to buy it:
And for those who want to know more about Nikki Prince,
here's her 'stalk Nikki' links:
(I'm kidding. Seriously, NO stalking!)
twitter: @authornprince


  1. Loved it!! Fabulous first interview!! So happy for you, Nikki!! Congrats!!

    1. Jennifer glad you could stop by! Thanks so very much.

  2. Great first interview. Hilarious ladies! Congratulations Nikki!

    marika1725 at gmail dot com

    1. Nikki, look. Someone actually left their email like I told them to. Go Marika! Will you do other stuff that I tell you to? Like: Marika follow my blog...please....pretty please.

    2. Done by email and GFC. I can and do follow directions. :)


    3. Harlie thank you for coming by and thanks for the congrats!

      LOL and thanks for leaving email! and Following Liza!

  3. That was the funniest, off the wall interview I've ever read. Great job. Nikki, congrats on your book.

    1. All the congrats for the zany interview go to Liza! TY for stopping by!

  4. You two are hysterical! Great first time!

    1. Nikki and I are going to do a two-woman comedy show aa soon I can find a producer drunk enough to think this sounds like a good idea.

    2. D'Ann seriously the this is all owed to Liza!

      LOL and Liza it your making me laugh...this was all you sweets!

  5. Absolutely loved this interview!! So funny! Congrats on the release Nikki!! And, WOW, that excerpt was hawt! Nicely done! :D

  6. Ha, very awesome interview, ladies. Congrats on your release, Nikki-poo! :)

  7. That was an awesome interview! Congrats, Nikki on your release.


  8. Congrats on your first interview, it was great. And congrats Nikki on your book

  9. Your interview was a riot, ladies! You should take your show on the road. LOL But be sure to bring plenty of ice--that excerpt is HOT! Congrats on your book, Nikki!

  10. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, this is an AWESOME interview. I'm so happy I stopped by.

    Congrats on your book, Nikki. And congrats on your first interview, Liza.

    1. Thanks so much for coming by Brenda! Was a great interview your right! Thanks Liza

  11. Congrats on your book, Nikki, it sounds great! Awesome interview, ladies!



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