Monday, September 3, 2012

Saving Casey gets a FACE

My book cover for Saving Casey is here!

Doesn’t she look sassy? I can imagine her getting into all sorts of trouble.

Which she does.

The sexy guy is Troy. Casey’s father assigns him to protect Cass when he receives a text message that she’s going to be gang raped by the football team for kicking a jerk in the balls.

Troy is the first person who gets her quirky sense of humor. Sadly, he has eight reasons to stay away from her. J.A.I.L.B.A.I.T.

He’s 30 and she’s 17.

At least physically.

She’s also his best friend’s daughter. So no matter how much he likes her, he’s not going there.

But he’ll do whatever he has to keep her safe from harm.

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