Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Crappy New Life

My main character from Saving Casey has come alive in a series of videos where she complains about her new life as a troubled ├╝ber-rich teen.

Discover what happens when you put an 80-year-old woman into the hormone driven body of a troubled teen named Casey.
When you put a middle-class person among the uber-rich.

When Cass originally woke in a teenage body she realized if she declared the truth about who she was, they'd send her straight to a mental ward.  So instead, she decides to turn around Casey's life.
With 80 years of life experience, it should be easy, right?
Ha! Nothing is easy when your body is filled with raging hormones.

Video One: Meet the Ghoul
Cass discovers she looks like a ghoul from a grade B movie.

 Video Two:  Nothing is easy

Cass discovers her body is pathetically out of shape, her textbooks have no words in them, and she's pretty sure her GPA is ZERO.

Saving Casey by Liza O’Connor

Coming November 16th

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