Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Range Busy Bee Me

I've been in a flurry of motion, mostly going around in circles, but just when I believe God is pissed off at me and has tossed me into digital hell, things finally came together.

And just in time.

For my web's hosting site is unquestionably mad at me, and they are refusing to accept any changes to my site. I evidently made too many changes in too short of a time. I'll probably have to call to get off their shit list, but I'm kind of hoping that if I'm quiet for a few days they will let my changes through.

But that's okay, because I'm moving away from my old website, except for historical interest. 

Oh look, this is Liza's website when she was five years old. Man, she took forever to write 'Saving Casey.'

NOT TRUE!!!!! I made that site about six months ago. I just hate being normal, so I made it like a five-year-old being asked to design a coloring book.

But finally I found a happy, immature template on bloggers and said 'hey, I could live with that.'  I was really worried that I would have to go with an adult format with tiny print and cramped little boxes. I hate tiny print and boxes. I'm a free range bee. I want plunder flowers all over the globe. I don't want to be confined to a tiny box.


Okay, but just for future reference, it's not a good idea to yell at someone if you want them to calm down.

Anyway, so this is my new template. It has FOUR PAGES. The first one is my blog.

The second one is a bit about me. (Just in case you are wondering if I listed the insane asylum I'm locked up in, I didn't, because I'm not. I've already told you, I'm a free range bumble bee. No one puts a bumble bee into an insane asylum. It would cause untold trauma and rioting.) 

The third one is me pimping my novel coming out November 16th. Can I tell you Saving Casey is really good or is that bad manners? All my editors loved it. Does that count for something? The critters who read the early drafts loved it...except for one, who claims I've traumatized her for life. Hey, crap happens, what can I say.

It's not a comedy, but you will laugh, cry, scream, and have a happy ending if you read it.


My fourth page is my old website front page. From there you can sort through all those pages which Successful Hosting will not let me improve. They are normally so nice, too. (SH not my pages.)

I'm thinking my flurry of activity made them think I was attacking, rather than improving the site. I can understand their confusion. I often ponder the same thing. Am I making this better or just screwing it up beyond comprehension?

Honestly, I've asked that frequently over the last few days as I pulled up 5,000 different templates to try out on my site. (That may be a wee exaggeration) 

Since you've read this far down, you clearly have nothing to do. Please take a moment and comment on whether you like my new template and extra pages? You don't have to be nice. You can tell me what you don't like. Just don't start cursing, or I'll put you in my next book.

And Successful Hosting, I am sorry for attacking my site and causing alarms to go off in your cramped server room where you live your bleak and unfulfilling life. Please let my changes through, so I can see them and realize they need corrected about fifteen more times.

Update: Turns out Successhosting wasn't mad at me. They were vaccumming their servers. Life is stranger than I am.

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