Sunday, November 11, 2012

Liza the Gremlin Slayer

Not enough to eradicate the pests forever,
but enough to progress forward.

Fortunately,they rarely escape into my actual life.
I'm lucky that way. However, they are the bane of my existence in the digital world.

First and foremost, I am convinced they change my novels while I sleep.

The results is that I cannot ever reach clean copy.

So don't even ask.
Can't be done.

But I continue to try, thinking, 
this time will be different. 
This time I will achieve perfection.

However, my gremlins have been running a muck in my efforts with my newly purchased domain:

I wished to forward it with masking to my blogger, where I discovered how to make pages and thus pull in my current website so I can have my cake and eat it too. 
Clear as mud, right?

Now this should have been easy.
Should have been,
but wasn't.

Too many places for Gremlins to show up.

And boy did they.

The forwarding refused to happen because I could not get an authorization code embedded into my Domain data. The reason is because a gremlin got into Blogger and put a tiny little period at the end of the authorization code.

With the help of a laughing tech person (he thought me funny) we slaughtered that gremlin.

However, I have been trying for two days to get some changes to my website done. Some came through, but others stubbornly refuse.

Even weirder, they seem to work on one computer, but not on another computer. That makes me think this may be a cache gremlin and not the hosting variety.

Warning to Gremlins:
Be ye disappearing words, bad grammar, incorrect punctuation, caching, or hosting gremlins,
I will hunt you down.
You can hide, but I will find you by
 your trail of devastation.
You can replicate into the millions, but I will have no mercy on your offspring.
I am Liza-the Gremlin Slayer
Your days are numbered.


  1. Go, gremlin-slayer, go!! Great post! :D Love the site!

  2. Thank you. And thanks for tweeting about it and putting it on Google+. You are a wonderful balm after my day of Gremlin slaying. Stop by all you want. You will always be welcomed here.


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