Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Normal people either study in advance or hire someone to do stuff.
Me...I just barrel forward, ignorant and clueless.
Thus, explains my blog right now.
I want a more dynamic site, but do I sit down and figure out how to do that first?
Nope, I change my site without a care in the world that right now all the links lead back to various templates of the same thing.

Why? You ask.

At least I hoped you asked. Otherwise, it means you don't give a bloody flip what I do...and that would hurt my feelings. (I do have feelings, you know.)

What was your question?
I don't remember.
Reading back, I'm still not sure. I wish you'd be more articulate when asking me stuff.

If you were asking why don't I get directions first and then make the changes, then the answer is:

Where's the fun in that? Life is about conquering the unknowns. I love heading out in untraveled woods, getting myself lost and then seeing if my dog Jess can find a way back to civilization.
The template configurations are nothing more than datatized woods.

If you're asking why they lead back to varieties of the same content...well that's because I cannot find access to the #@**@ links to change the addresses.  I'm searching, but cannot find them.  This is very frustrating.

If you know how to fix this, leave me a comment. When I meet fellow hikers in the woods who wish to advise me how to return to my car, I never cover my ears and sing lalalalalala to stop them from sharing.

To be honest, around the third hour of wandering about hopelessly lost, the adventerous side of me gets tired and just wants to go home and relax in my recliner. Jess on the otherhand is happy to wander about until I run out of her treats. Then she gets downright cranky.

She is very happy that she doesn't have to wander with me in the digital world.

And I just came upon an explanation. Those links will never ever go anywhere other than to my site. All those views are for reader selection. Honestly, that's not going to work, because I don't want you messing with how I present my silly blogs. I want total say on how my silliness is presented.

So I'm off hunting for a new template now.
New woods....

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