Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kittens get a party

Liza: Today I told Marketing Maniac, Kitty Kitty and our adorable big-headed plagiarist, Tell Ado, they could invite a few friends over to celebrate Christmas.

Jess: That's a horrible idea!

Liza: Since cats tend to go crazy at night I told them to come over Christmas Eve and plan to hang about through the next day. I don’t want any kittens going home intoxicated.

Here are my two imps now.

Jess: I'm out of here! *shakes head and puts on coat* I need a new home, one NOT infested with cats.

Liza: Maniac I see you’re still dragging my cup around.

MM: My name is Kitty Kitty, and it’s my cup. You gave it to me.

Liza: That I did. I see you had the sense to empty it.

MM: Yeah, sitting in cold stinky tea is even worse than when it was hot and fresh tea.

Liza: Ah yes, I still remember reaching for my morning cup of fresh hot tea, only to discover you in my cup and most of tea on the countertop.
*focuses on Giant head kitten, aka Writing Kitten, aka Tell Ado*
Liza: Tell Ado, your head looks…

WK: Bigger…I know. I keep dreaming more stories and as I explained I can’t type very well, so my head keeps growing.

MM: That’s terrible. I can help you. I know everybody who’s anybody. I can find you a staff…that is, if you have money.

WK: I do. The bank thinks I’m Corine Tellado.

Liza: Tell ado, plagerizing my books is one thing, but you cannot  steal people’s money!

WK: I would never do that. I’m too cute to be a criminal. Besides, no prosecutor in his right mind would charge me. Kittens do not commit white collars crimes.

Liza: Speaking of which, which one of you shredded the collar of my white fleece jacket?
*both kittens become very busy licking their butts*
Liza: So it was both of you. May I ask why?

MM: *abandons her ablutions and focuses on Liza*  To be honest, white fleece makes you look like a sheep. I think I mentioned that before.

Liza: You did, and I replied that I didn’t care. The jacket was very warm.

MM: Yes, it is. I have some in my teacup now. Much nicer than stinky cold tea water.

Liza: *sighs heavily and focuses on Tell Ado* Well, let’s hear your excuse.

WK: *stops licking and stares mournfully at Liza*   My excuse is my head. It’s gotten so big I can’t lay down and sleep anymore. I need to prop my head up so it doesn’t fall and start rolling across the floor.

Liza: Those are both good reason, and had you asked, I would have even have helped each of you to make your lives better.

MM: I find it better to do stuff first and deal with the consequences later.

Liza: I’ve noticed. Only I seem to be the one stuck with dealing with the consequences.
*refocuses on Tell Ado*
Tell me I’m not going to be involved with your bank theft.

WK: Nope. Kitty Kitty showed me how to send the money through a numbered account in Switzerland.

Liza: *glances at MM* I don’t even want to hear this. So let's discuss the party. Have you invited your friends?

MM: I have.

WK: I haven’t, because I don’t have any. Other kittens just bat my head and laugh when I fall over. *looks woefully at Maniac*

MM: I’ve only done that a couple of times.

Liza: Maniac!

MM: Kitty Kitty, and I can’t help it. It’s so easy to knock her over.

Liza: Well, that has to stop.

MM: I know that’s why I invited special friends just for Tell Ado.

WK: You did? Will I like them? Will they like me?

MM: How can they not? You’re adorable. Besides, one is a typist and the other is an editor.

Liza: Hold on!

MM: What? That’s the only way Tell Ado can stop her head from exploding with stories. We have to get them out.

Liza: I agree, but she can’t publish her kittified verson of my stories before I publish the originals.

WK: But I change them.

Liza: Not enough.

MM: Liza's afraid of competition, Tell, but no worries, the editor will help you make them unique.

Liza: I don’t think that’s an editor’s job.

MM: Well, maybe not human editors. They just expect you to be ethical. However, that expectation is not realistic for kittens. We see something we like and pounce, claiming it ours. So our editors have to work really hard to keep us in line. That’s why they are called ‘line editors.’

Liza: That isn’t…never mind. If they can help Tell Ado from plagiarizing my work, invite as many as you want.

MM: Great! Our party’s going to be huge.
*pauses, then frowns*  You aren’t going to be around are you?

Liza: Since this is my house, assume I will be in it. However, unless you start breaking things, I will probably be asleep.

MM: Yeah, that’s a possibility. Any chance you can move anything you really want to your bedroom.

Liza: No. I expect you and your guests to leave my house standing.

MM: Okay.

Liza: Okay?

MM: We promise to treat your belongings as if they are our belongings.

Liza: All right then, I’ll leave you two to your party plans. *Liza leaves*

MM: *Laughs* This is going to be the best party ever! Let’s open a window and start calling in our guests.

Oh and hang the banner about Saving Casey. Since she's letting us have this party, I should do something nice in return.


  1. Lmao. I love those deviously devilish kittehz. My Abby aka Abby Luna-tic would get along great with them.

  2. Send me a cute pic and I'll give her a job. lol


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