Saturday, December 1, 2012

Marketing Maniac Kitten Gets out of Box/Cup

Welcome to my interview with
‘What does it take for me to get noticed’
Marketing Maniac Kitty.

Liza: May I call you Maniac?

MM: I prefer Kitty Kitty. It’s an excellent Keyword. Everyone wants a kitty. Keywords are important you know.

Liza: But it’s not unique. Everyone calls their kitten ‘Kitty Kitty’. It seems that ‘Maniac’ would help you stand out.

MM: Not in a good way. 

Liza: And you think sitting in my cup of tea made you stand out in a good way?

MM: It got your attention, and when that Death by Edits kitten left you high and dry for your interview, who was there, relaxing in your cup of green tea? Who got the call? Kitty Kitty, that’s who.

Liza: You do have persistence. I couldn’t believe you’d stay in my tea for three days.

MM: Yeah, three days was a long time. I wouldn’t drink that tea if I were you.

Liza: Why?

MM: *grimace* Let’s just say it has a few extra ingredients now.

Liza: Keep the cup.

MM: Are you sure? It’s a really nice cup.

Liza: Yes, it was.

MM: Since you’re giving me such a nice present, I’d like to give you one too. I understand you’ve written a book too.

Liza: That’s true. Saving Casey was recently published.

MM: Did you know hikers tend to be good readers?

Liza: Actually, I did.

MM: Well then, advertising in the woods seems like a good match for you. So I hired some human teens to pimp your book at the Split Rock Dam.

Liza: You can’t go painting ads on public property. It’s illegal!

MM: Why do you think I hired teens to do it? Besides no one would suspect I was behind this. My book is called Purrfection.

Liza: Oh Crap, the rangers will think I did this!

MM: Hope you have an alibi.

Liza: Hopefully, you have a will.

MM: No, but I have PETA on speed dial, so don’t even think of harming a whisker on my adorable face.

Liza: Wow, you are prepared! PETA on speed dial. Most impressive.

MM: You have to be prepared for every event. For example what do you do if someone says they love your book but then gives you three stars which trashes your Amazon ranking?

Liza: Appreciate their kind words?

MM: No! You send a computer assassin.

Liza: What’s that?

MM: A cat who will piss on their keyboard so they can never write another review again.

Liza: Maybe I should call you Machiavellian, Marketing Maniac. Well, before the Park police trace our location and come for a friendly chat about my book mysteriously showing up on their dam, we should probably end this interview.

MM: Well just so you know, I’m available for seminars and guest blogs. 

Liza: Are you promoting yourself on my blog?

MM: Promoting is my life.

Liza: Well then promote my a legal way.

MM: I gave you a wonderful promotion twenty feet high--

Liza: A legal promotion.

MM: You already have a wonderful promotion for your book. It's captivating, less than 2 minutes long, and does an excellent job in explaining what your book is about.

Liza: My trailer?

MM: Exactly. Cue Music and Action!

MM: Fabulous right? The book is even better. You will laugh, cry and scream at characters. So don't read this at work.

Here's the links to buy this fabulous book: 

Since it's Christmas time, you should buy a book for everyone on your Christmas list...except for small children who can't read.

Liza: Mature teens and adults will enjoy this story. Casey has to deal with some serious stuff.

MM: Hush, let me do this. Turns out Liza is actually an interesting person. Discover more about her at the ABOUT LIZA tab on the top of this page

Liza: Thank you. I'm sorry I yelled at you before.

MM: Well, I did ruin your tea...

Liza: And my cup.

MM: My cup. You gave it to me, remember.

Liza: I do. Please take it with you.

MM: You aren't going to wrap it up?

Liza: I'm not touching that cup ever again. So take it as is. Thanks for the interview Maniac--

MM: Kitty kitty.

Liza: Kitty kitty. If you want to come back again, I'd love to hear more 'out of the box' ideas on marketing. 

If there are topics that our viewers would like Maniac--

MM: Kitty kitty.

Liza: -to discuss on her next visit, just list them in the comment box.


  1. I'm not sure about interviewing cats but would love to be interviewed by Kitty Kitty. What pizazz, what charm, what cute whiskers.
    Loved this

  2. I'm not sure that kitty kitty interviews so much as tells you what to do and gets you in trouble, but if you want an interview, I'm sure kitty would like to assist your marketing endeavors.

  3. I like Kitty, Kitty, though I'm still partial to Fraidy. I hope Fraidy has overcome his/her fear of interviews and is moving on.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. oh this was just hilarious. and I am a dog person through and through. So to admit that a cat, of all things, made me laugh is rather shameful. lol. I hope MM behaves himself and comes up with some marketing schemes that do not involve damage to public property. naught kitty. :/ just naughty.

  5. Thoroughly entertaining...And Original. Great idea. I will be sharing your blog.(and maybe stealing your idea)


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