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15th Century- Men in Tights

15th Century 
Men in Tights
Skirts and long dresses
(Pretty much anything goes)
But I'm not here to discuss why the guy on the bottom row second to the left has a stick between his legs. Whatever I suggested would be mere speculation.

But seriously, what was the artist trying to say?

But those outfits make me understand why they wore iron suits to battle. None of the menswear says "I'm going to defeat you. Prepare to Die!"

They seem to say,  'Hello pretty lady, would you like to dance?'  'I wish to show off my well formed legs and other parts'
I'm guessing the stick guy doesn't get many dances with the ladies, no matter how much leg he shows off.

So why my interest in the 15th century?

It's when Lassier actually lived a mortal life. I wanted to see what he wore. At least this explains why he walks around in a bath towel all the time.

Lassier left his family and his wife when he was 17 and went to France where he studied under the masters and eventually became a great artist in his own right. 

To be honest, he began the career just to convince women to remove their clothes, but it turned out  he possessed true talent. 

All too soon, his father called him back, no longer feeling himself strong enough to protect their lands and people. The time had come for Lassier to put down his brush, say goodbye to his many ladies and take charge of the castle.

Back then the Durran castle looked more like a fort than a home:

Note the small windows in the stone tower. They would be filled with archers if you came a calling. This is the pugilistic era of the 100 year war. (Seriously, who can fight that long?) and poor Joan of Arc got torched. Everyone seems in a perpetual bad mood and battles were such a constant that a good suit of armor was needed to survive.

I rather pity the armored horse. Can you imagine the weight the poor thing had to carry!

And the heat!

For the local skirmishes that Lassier had to deal with, horses were rarely armored, but the riders were and their intent was to kill Lassier and take his fine land.

 However, Lassier had a secret weapon in battle. His wild ocelot, Mr. Finch, would perch on the leather protected rump of his horse and scare the bejesus out of the enemy and his horse.

Mr. Finch died while saving Lassier's life in battle.
To reward the cat for heroic efforts, Lassier buried the ocelot in the family cemetery so Mr. Finch could return as a ghost.

And return he did. While invisible to the eye, he returned with mass, claws, and teeth. 

Brigands ceased to attack Lassier's lands as word spread that Lassier had invisible demons under his command that would slash you to pieces.

So unlike most men of the times, Lassier could safely modify his castle for comfort rather than war.
Thus, he closed off all those draft portals of death and put in some lovely windows so he could have sufficient light to paint.

And with each generation after him, the Durran castle continued to be built upon and modified until now, it is a work of art.
The tower to the right is all that remains of the original castle. Lassier prefers to stay in the tower on the left. The light is better and he still enjoys to paint.

Here's some of his paintings:

Gar doesn't like this painting because Lassier painted ghosts into the background.

This is Mr. Finch as a kitten and later in his battle peak of 40 pounds of pure chaos.

I hoped you enjoyed this step back into time.
And feel free to share your thoughts on what the guy second to the left is doing with that stick between his legs?

And if you want to know more about Lassier and Mr. Finch, they are prominently featured in the charming, humorous romance Ghost Lover by Liza O'Connor.


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Joanne Wadsworth brings her Witness Pursuit characters to England (while Liza and her characters head off to New Zealand.)

One life.

Twenty-one-year-old New Zealander Lydia Sands witnessed the hit-and-run of a powerful man’s son. Her bodyguard is shot when the killer returns to dispose of her and The Program puts her in hiding. A year later, the case remains unsolved and her handler needs to get her further from the killer’s reach. Lydia detests the thought of being close enough to endanger the man who nearly died protecting her, even if it’s aboard a super-yacht traveling the South Pacific.

Tyler whithall’s shooting stole weeks from his memory. Physically recovered, he oversees security for Whitehall Shipping. While on a family holiday, Tyler is suspicious of the woman accompanying them without notice or security clearance, as his nephew’s caregiver. Stronger than suspicion is his incomprehensible attraction to her, and his instinct to protect her.

Once sensitive information is leaked, Lydia undergoes re-identification to evade a killer and protect the man who’d die to save her. Her bodyguard has just begun his pursuit, and she may have underestimated his abilities.

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual content

A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance



Hi, and thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Liza.

Liza: Not a problem. I look forward to taking my troublesome group down to my favorite place on Earth: New Zealand, while you shiver your butt off in the Durran Castle in Merry Old England. 
Liza: Have fun!

WITNESS PURSUIT is book one in my Bodyguards series, a heart-pounding line in which each story will bring you a bodyguard and the woman he protects. I brought Tyler and Lydia with me from WITNESS PURSUIT to answer all the hard questions. Here they are.

How did you first meet your writer, Tyler? Can you give me some inside scoop?

Tyler: Absolutely. That would be a couple of years ago when Joanne was writing about one of my fellow bodyguards and knew I’d be just the one to come to Lydia’s aid after she witnessed the hit-and-run of a powerful man’s son. I had no complaints. I couldn’t even get there fast enough.

What about you, Lydia. Did you ever think your life would end up being in a book?

Lydia: Not in the context Joanne orchestrated it. I had a career all mapped out as a caregiver. That’s a safe and fun job. I love being around kids. I certainly never expected to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then end up being placed in The Program. She’s got one wicked imagination that just can’t be held back. Talk about twists and turns, and heart-pounding moments. I experienced everything in this story.

Back to you, Tyler. What has you ducking for cover?

Tyler: *grins* Ducking for cover isn’t a game I play. Where I’m needed, I’ll be.

Lydia: And he’s relentless at it too. *tweaks his chin*

Lydia, do you have one favorite scene in your book that you just adored?

Lydia: Do I ever. I loved watching the Smurf Movie with Tyler’s four-year-old nephew.

Tyler: What? *mouth gapes* My brother and nephew should never have come barreling in on a moment when I had you all to myself. I couldn’t believe Nico wanted to watch the smurfs, when all I wanted was you, and preferably without any clothes on. We’d just sealed that deal too. Do you remember?

Lydia: *chuckling* I’ll never forget that deal. And that’s why watching the smurfs was my favorite moment. The anticipation of what was to come had me getting all hot.

If either of you could rewrite anything in your book, what would it be?

Tyler: That’s a no-brainer. Not suffering any memory loss from the shooting. A year later when I met Lydia on board my family’s super-yacht, I just couldn’t figure out why I had such strong feelings for her.

Lydia: I wish Tyler hadn’t got shot at all. No one’s life should mean more than another’s simply because of the job they’ve chosen.

Tyler: *takes Lydia’s hand* You would say that, but it’s my job to protect you, and I’d take as many shots as that takes to ensure you never came to any harm.

Do you two like the way the things worked out?

Lydia: Most definitely. I’m so glad Joanne adores happy endings, even though she also adored making us jump through hoop after hoop to get there.

Tyler: The ending was a shock for me. There was one spanner being thrown into the works after another. I don’t care for surprises, although I’m not going to complain too much, not when I got the girl. *squeezes Lydia’s hand* And talking about surprises. I certainly have several up my sleeve for my girl once I get her home. Which means there will be no smurfs, and no little nephews barreling in.


Here’s an excerpt to tempt you:

Down the super-yacht’s hallway, Lydia walked toward Tyler then slowed as her gaze dropped to her case in his hands. “What am I going to do with you?” She shook her head, tut-tutting under her breath.

“You’d already packed.” He slid a hand around her waist and led her to his room. “I’m simply moving your belongings from one room to another, and I’ll show you exactly what you can do with me.” He closed his bedroom door and flicked the lock.

She set her hands on her hips. “Ah, is that to keep me in, or others out?”

“Both.” He dumped her bag beside his drawers and unzipped it. “What did Saria say?”

“We had a long talk, and she said yes. She’ll let me go through re-identification first, and follow as soon as she sits her finals. They’re in just a few weeks.” She stepped up to him. “Ben will place my application tomorrow, although he said it might take a few days for all the arrangements to be made. He told me to hold tight and wait.”

Gritting his teeth, he opened his bottom drawer and piled her clothing in. “He approved of it all, this fast?” He’d have words with Ben. She should be with him.

“Of course. It was his idea to start with.” She gripped his arm. “I never said I’d move in with you, and now you’re unpacking for me?”

“Lee.” He dragged her into his arms. “I want you here, no matter the length of time.” He lifted her and laid her on his bed. Stealthily, he moved in to lie over top.

“I know you do. Oh, do you feel that? The ship’s moving.” Cranking her head to the side, she peered out the windows where the lights of the resort flickered.

“We’re sailing to the far side of the island. There’s a quiet cove, and it’ll be the safest place for you.”

“I hadn’t forgotten.” She slid her hand down his chest and played her fingers over the ridges of his abs under his shirt. “As long as we’re all safe, I can deal with it, for a short while.”

He lowered his forehead to hers. “Since you insist on going through re-identification, I need to be able to track you once you go under. I’m giving you fair warning now.”

“Ah, excuse me. That sounds highly illegal. The whole point of re-identification is so no one can find me.”

“Yes, but I’m not a threat to you, and only you and I will know what I’ve done.”

“And what will that be? Ex-act-ly?”

“By track, I mean I’ll place under your skin a very small tagged chip. It’s like a GPS system, but it’ll have a direct signal to me.”

“And…” Her gaze narrowed.

He rubbed his cheek against hers. “I’ll be able to check in with you, no matter where you are in the world. We can hardly have an exclusive relationship without there being some form of relationship.”

“Sooo, you’re asking me to go against the rules of re-identification?” She gave him a look that said she wasn’t going to agree.

“You’re very stubborn, but I happen to be twice as bad. Whether you agree or not, I’m going ahead with it.”

No one would take her from him. Not ever again.

He’d make certain of it.



Where Romance Meets Fantasy and Adventure…
Reading romance books captivated Joanne Wadsworth as a teenager, particularly when she tucked herself into bed at night and continued to dream those stories as she slept. She'd visualize the direction, taking the hero and heroine on an adventure unparalleled to what she'd read. Today she is devoted to writing romance, bringing her imagination to life within the lines of young adult, contemporary, and historical Highlander.
Born in New Zealand, Joanne works both as a writer and a financial controller, all while keeping up with her four energetic children and dreamy husband.
Visit Joanne Wadsworth at

Be sure to visit the other half of this blog swap. I'm in New Zealand with my characters. After our interview, we go rafting down a 21 ft waterfall.
Stop by and check us out. 

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Winners of the Ghost Lover Blog Tour Hosted by Goddess Fish are announced

I am thrilled to announce the winners of The Ghost Lover Blog & Review Tours hosted by Goddess Fish.

The grand prize

Goes to 
Cynthia Borgmeyer Clubbs

She won on the blog stop

Here are the
Winners of my best selling book:
Worst Week Ever
Are as follows:

Andra Lynn
Claudia N
Karen n NC
Kimberly Mayberry
Rita Wray
Shelley Summers
Charla Hinkle
Debbie Carney
Melinda Campbell
Eva Millien
Sebella Blue
Heather Hand
Nancy Dentler
Michelle Hofacker
Catherine Lee
Ke-Shaunta Forsaken

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by my blog stops during this tour.

You guys were superb!

Liza O'Connor

Two sexy English brothers. 
One irresistible ghost. 
Who would you choose as your lover?

Completely broke and with a criminal record to boot, Senna Smith is one day from eviction from her apartment when Brendon, her promiscuous roommate from London, suggests she go to England, marry him, and manage his fortune. With few other options, she agrees to an open marriage. But she’ll never, ever, have sex with him, knowing if she falls in love with him, he’ll break her heart.

As trustee of Brendon’s family fortune, there is no way Brendon’s older brother, Garrison Durran, is going to let him marry a self-professed American gold-digger. As Senna tries to embrace castle life and English society for Brendon’s sake, Gar discovers Senna is the perfect woman for him--beautiful and intelligent, kind and caring. Now, if she wasn’t already engaged to his brother…

The ancestral ghost of Durran Castle has to intervene if the Durran brothers have any chance of an heir. He can’t leave them to fix matters on their own. They are useless buggers when it comes to love. As counselor to Gar, matchmaker for Brendon, and lover to Senna, a ghost’s work is never done.

CONTENT WARNING: Allergy warning: Ghost cat in book.   


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Interview of Alana Lorens' characters from Voodoo Dreams.

 Are you ready for VOODOO DREAMS?

Linda Jennings here for KDKA-2 in Pittsburgh, sitting with two local lawyers, Brianna Ward and Evan Farrell, who have recently returned from a visit to New Orleans—I’d say vacation, but it sounds like more of a nightmare!  Isn’t that right, Brianna?

Brianna: I don’t know if I’d say it was a nightmare, exactly, but—”

Evan, breaking in: I sure as hell would. Have you ever been in a swamp? I don’t mean a soaked back yard out in Indiana Township, I mean a swamp, with mosquitos the size of hummingbirds and long, twisty vines hanging everywhere. And gators…”

Brianna, in an odd voice: Yeah. Gators.  *she takes a deep breath*

Linda:  But I thought you went to go to Mardi Gras. You know, Bourbon Street, parades, bling, parties, that kind of thing. Worst you can get from all that is a hangover. Sometimes a really bad, bad painful hangover. *rueful grin* No swamps in town. So, how did that come about?

Evan *looks at Brianna* : Because some people are stubborn as a big old rock.

Brianna:  It’s true we went to enjoy Mardi Gras. Well, we weren’t even “we” then. I went down and he went down, but we weren’t together.

Evan: Not till we got to the bed and breakfast.

Brianna: Right. The last person I wanted to see.

Linda: I understand you’d just lost a big case to Evan’s law firm, isn’t that right, Brianna?

Brianna *glares*: Thanks so much for announcing that to the general public.

Linda:  Sorry. Just looking for context. But Evan, you ran into her at the B&B and thought she needed a date?

Evan: What? No! She just kept getting herself in trouble! First she met this sleazy guy at the airport—”

Brianna: Copper wasn’t sleazy!

Evan: Yeah? Fine. He was worse. He was a voodoo priest.

Linda *with a disbelieving laugh* Voodoo. Really? In the 21st century? Surely that doesn’t exist any more. If it ever did.

Evan: They’ve got a whole museum there all about it, with snakes and stuffed dead animals and zombis and everything. Check it out if you don’t believe it. And this Copper Delacroix was one hundred percent for real.  *eyes Brianna* He caught her with a riddle and dragged her in.

Linda:  And you had to follow her. A real knight in shining armor. *wide smile*

Brianna:  *rolls her eyes* He’s a meddling fool, you mean. Just because he used to be a cop…

Evan: Oh, really? That’s what you think? Next time I’ll let the gator eat you.

Linda: *completely oblivious to the undercurrent* Next time? Well that’s great that you’re planning a return visit to the Crescent City. I remember the year I went there for Mardi Gras…well, now that I think of it, there’s a lot I don’t remember about that visit. I had a couple of those Vieux Carre cocktails, and then suddenly it was Monday. Huh.  *gets control of her little memorial walkabout there* Right, but we’re here now. No one died, right?

*neither one of them reply*

Linda *a little surprised* :  Oh. Well. Moving on. Lawyers in love? Who’d believe they even have hearts? Am I right?

Evan *getting up* We’re done here.

Brianna: So done. Come on.  *they walk off the set*

Linda: *fumbling a little* Well, wasn’t that special? Traveling anywhere to get away from the Pittsburgh winter is something on many people’s to-do list—stay tuned for a round up of quick weekend getaways with Barbi St. James. Back in five!”

VOODOO DREAMS by Alana Lorens

When her big trial goes bad, corporate attorney Brianna Ward can’t wait to get out of Pittsburgh. The Big Easy seems like the perfect place to rest, relax, and forget about the legal business. Too bad an obnoxious—but handsome—lawyer from a rival firm is checking into the same bed and breakfast.

 Attorney Evan Farrell has Mardi Gras vacation plans too. When he encounters fiery and attractive Brianna, however, he puts the Bourbon Street party on hold. He’d much rather devote himself to her—especially when a mysterious riddle appears in her bag, seeming to threaten danger.

Strangely compelled to follow the riddle’s clues, Brianna is pulled deeper into the twisted schemes of a voodoo priest bent on revenge. To escape his poisonous web, she must work with Evan to solve the curse. But is the growing love they feel for each other real? Or just a voodoo dream?


Brianna snatched a triangle-folded paper from her bag and dropped it onto the table between them. It sat there, looking fairly harmless. Evan studied it from the top, from the side, not seeing any sort of wire or other device that could cause a shock.

“It stung me. Like a jolt of electricity.”

 “You said you ‘saw’ something. Was that when you touched it?”

 “Look, it clearly wasn’t real. I don’t want to think about it.”

Frustrated, he took matters into his own hands, literally. He reached for it, ready to draw back when it zapped him. But it didn’t. He cocked an eyebrow at her.

 “Just throw it in the trash,” she said.

Thickly-inked black letters jumped out at him.

“What the hell kind of crap is this? Where did you get it?” Mystified, he read it again. But the words didn’t make any more sense the second time. Or the third.

VOODOO DREAMS is FREE!!! December 17-21 

Alana Lorens dreamed for many years of being a spaceship captain, but settled instead for inspired excursions into fictional places with fascinating companions from her imagination that she likes to share with others. She has been a published writer for over thirty years, including seven years as a reporter and editor at a newspaper in Homestead, Florida, with a list of eclectic publications from horror to tech reporting to television reviews. She writes urban fantasy and science fiction under the name of Lyndi Alexander. The Elf Queen, her first novel, was released by Dragonfly Publishing in July 2010; the series continued with The Elf Child, The Elf Mage and The Elf Guardian. She’s now working on the space opera Horizon Crossover series, and a YA trilogy, The Color of Fear—the first book, WINDMILLS, was published by Zumaya Publications this summer.  Writing as Alana Lorens, she produces romance and romantic suspense, including the Pittsburgh Lady Lawyer series, CONVICTION OF THE HEART, SECOND CHANCES, and the latest, VOODOO DREAMS, released by The Wild Rose Press in October 2013.

She is a single mother of seven, with two special needs children at home with her in Pennsylvania, and she volunteers at her local shelter for domestic violence victims, believing in every person’s right to be safe.

For more information, see Alana’s website and check out her Facebook page to become a friend!  Happy holidays to you and enjoy!

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Liza O'Connor is at Sharing Links and Wisdom

Welcome to my Goddess Fish Tour for
Ghost  Lover

Today I'm at:  

Sharing Links & Wisdom
Where I'm interviewed and receive a fab review.
Last stop on my blog!

I  hope you'll follow along. 
Discover a great book and have a chance to win Great prizes:


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The Plot of Ghost Lover in Pictures


Ghost Lover

by Liza O'Connor

Here's the plot in pictures.


the unwanted locust roommate of Senna's steals $400 from her bank account, causing her rent check to bounce
Which results in Senna getting evicted.

With the choice of being homeless or agreeing to marry Brendon IF he really has a half a million in a trust fund, she agrees to become his fiancee, but only with the understanding she'll never have sex with him. Thus, they head off to England where Brendons' brother awaits them at the airport.

Gar Durran is NOT happy with the self proclaimed gold-digger that Brendon intends to marry. He tries to order the car around to take her back to the airport, but his driver continues on to the Durran Castle.
His driver thinks her a lovely young woman and Gar should give her chance. If he still doesn't like her after a week, the driver will take her back to the airport.

Senna is astounded by their wealth and the discovery that Brendon really does have a half a million. However, Gar must give his permission before they can marry or he won't release the money.

Once in the castle, strange things begin to happen.
A cat appears to climb upon her bed just as she's about to fall asleep, but when she wakes in the morning, she can't find him.

When she discusses the matter with Brendon, he deduces her visitor is Mr. Finch.
Mr. Finch was killed in battle in the 15th century protecting his human, Lassier.

While Senna is reading writings about Mr. Finch and his antics over the centuries as a ghost, Gar is upstairs rummaging through her purse, acquiring data needed to perform a background check on her.

Having no choice, she confesses she's a convicted criminal.

Attempted Manslaughter

Gar has no idea what that means. How do you accidentally attempt to murder someone?
Turns out Senna threw a vase
Which almost hit the lying cheating professor whom she thought was her fiance until she discovers he's married with kids.

However justice can be harsh with the poor and defenseless when up against the rich and vindictive.

But Senna is in England now and all should be good, right?

It should, but matters get mucked up.

Thus enters Renoir Lassier, the Ghost Lover. Gar has forbidden him to contact Senna, but he has to intervene or Senna will misunderstand Gars actions and return to America. So he does what he does best.
He impersonates Gar and confesses his love since Gar refuses to admits such. 

He then convinces Senna to stay while he sends Gar to America to find a better choice of brides for Brendon.

And he happily consoles Senna in Gar's absence.

Gar brings home a talented but out of control artist named Catlain.

She is very strange
but Brendon likes her.

Lassier thought with all the right people in the castle, matters would resolve themselves nicely,

Ways you can learn more:
If you follow my blog tour you might win