Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maniac Kitten shares her new Marketing Plan for Saving Casey

Today I’m having a discussion with my Marketing Maniac kitten.

MM: What? No interview? No kidnapping?

Liza: Nope. I want to discuss our  marketing plan.

MM: You do realize everyone just clicked off when you said that.

Liza: Then let’s have a private discussion.

MM: You want to have a private conversation on a public blog?

Liza: Yes…why are crawling under the couch?

MM: You seem to have lost your mind. I’m just looking for it.

Liza: Funny. Now tell me what you’ve got up your furry little sleeves to increase sales of Saving Casey.

MM: Are you going to keep an open mind and not just shoot them all down for silly reasons?

Liza: Silly reasons like they are illegal and the FBI will haul me in for questioning…again?

MM: I can’t work in a negative environment.

Liza: Just tell me what you’ve got.

MM: You know I made placards of positive statements made about your books from readers, right?

MM: Well, I’m going attach them to the back of a dollar, then drop them with the dollar facing up on the floor of book stores.

Liza: So people will pick up the dollar, tear off the placard and toss it on the floor, then wander about collecting more dollars so they can buy a ski hat or mittens.

MM: Maybe, but they might actually read the placard as they are pulling if off the dollar bill and realize that those who have read Saving Casey think its a great story.

Liza: Honestly, I don’t think I can afford this idea.

MM: Okay, then I’ll use fake money.

Liza: And get me arrested for counter-fitting, no thanks. Is that all you have for marketing efforts?

MM: No…I have engaged an Sales enforcer. It's like a Salesperson, but far more effective.


MM: He travels about digitally threatening everyone to buy your book or get the crap swatted out of them. Except he’s so cute, he never has to follow through.

Liza: I kind of like him, but could we soften his message. I really don’t want to bully people into reading a story against bullying.

MM: I see your point.

Liza: What else?

MM: I want to make a movie with all my promotions set to music.

Liza: Only the legal ones. No NYC buildings.

MM: It’s getting negative in here again.

Liza: As long as they are legal it sounds lovely. However, I believe you’ve already made one movie rather like that.

MM: I did, but no one watches it, so I want to try making the movie again. Remakes are often better than originals.

Liza: Okay, let's see it.

Liza: That is better than the original. Well done, Maniac. Well, that does it for today...

MM: But I have more ideas!

Liza: I’m sure I’ll have space for you to talk again. Gather them up for that.

MM: At least let me add a few things:

Having been diagnosed with cancer, Cass Goldman decides to opt out of any futile medical care and end her life. While she has some thoughts on afterlife, she never expects to reincarnate into the body of a seventeen-year-old girl named Casey Davidson.

When she awakens in a hospital, Cass discovers two disturbing facts: One, she is now inside the body of a troubled teenager, and two, the former owner of this body committed suicide, but only Cass knows that. Everyone else believes Casey has survived, but suffered a complete memory loss. Cass has two choices: to take on Casey’s life and turn it around, or to confess the truth about her reincarnation and end up in a mental asylum. Given this second chance to life, Cass decides to take on the future life of Casey—the frightening ghoul-faced teen with short, black, spiky hair.

Every person around Cass has an ulterior motive and discovering the truth of Old Casey’s life is more complicated than the “new math” she is forced to learn in school. In addition, Cass has to contend with raging teenage hormones and the prior crimes of Old Casey, which she might not remember, but everyone else certainly does. However, her biggest frustration concerns her feelings for her father’s rugged security specialist who sees her only as a teenager and doesn’t want to explore the mutual attraction between them.

As determined as Cass is to turn this life around, Old Casey’s enemies are just as determined to end her life. She has no idea whom she can trust, but she knows she’ll never survive going it alone.


Now stop procrastinating and go out there and buy the book!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Holding Off For a Hero - by Gail MacMillan

Today, I'm spotlighting Gail MacMilan and her book
Holding Off for a Hero.

Gail is offering two $5 Amazon cards and 3 digital copies of her book Ladies and the Beast to randomly drawn commenters of this tour. So have fun and comment all of you!  Oh and if you're new here, follow me. I'll lead you into all sorts of trouble, but you'll have fun...
and possibly a police record.

Holding Off For a Hero
by Gail MacMillan



Beautiful, vivacious Emma Prescott has a love-'em-and-leave-'em reputation.  Fact is, Emma's holding off for a hero.  When she moves to a cabin at wilderness Loon Lake and meets her one neighbor biology professor Frasier MacKenzie, he's still just another guy, even with his killer blue eyes and body that just won't quit...until he rescues her and her Pug from one danger after another.  Then he definitely falls into hero territory.  But the professor has no intention of filling the role of white knight in Emma's life.  All he wants is to be rid of her and her annoying little dog so he can get on with his research. In fact, he's ordered to get rid of them whether he wants to or not.  Looks like Emma may have to go on holding off for a hero...


She floored the gas, and they took off with a squealing of tires.

 “Hey, hey!” he yelled. “Slow down! The speed limit is 100 km. You’re heading to 130!”

“Look, I told you, I’m in a hurry!” she exploded.

“I’ve got a ton of things to do back at the cabin. You see,” she continued, quieting and sounding sly, “I’m having a party tonight. I have to get ready.”

“A party? You’re having a party? At the lake?”

Ah, man, that just about tears it.

“Actually, a bachelorette bash. One of my teacher friends is getting married next week, and a
bunch of us decided we’d give her a real whing-ding of a sendoff…up at my cabin where there’ll be no witnesses. Teachers and the likes of myself have reputations to think of, you realize.”

She cast him a wicked glance.

“So there’ll be music and a lot of noise and…”

The Professor’s blood pressure would skyrocket when he gave him this information.

“Oh, y-e-a-h.” She dragged out the last word.

“Couldn’t you have it somewhere else? Like a male strip joint in town?”

“Didn’t you hear what I just said about teachers and others of that ilk? We can’t be seen parading into one of those places. Our superintendent would suspend every last one of us. Anyway…” She looked over at him. “I don’t see why it should be such a big deal for you. You don’t have to keep banker’s hours. If the noise bothers you, stay up, watch a video, and sleep in on Sunday morning.”

“Okay, okay, but will you please keep your eyes on the road? And slow down! There’s a speed trap somewhere along…”

Behind them a siren wailed.

“Quick!” she ordered, pulling over as the police cruiser rolled alongside. “Hunch over and clutch
your chest!”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Gail MacMillan is a three-time Maxwell Award Winning writer and author of 26 published books.  A graduate of Queen's University, she lives in New Brunswick Canada with her husband and two dogs, Fancy a Little River Duck Dog and Bruiser the cover guy and hero of Holding Off For a Hero.

Gail's Links:

 Holding Off for a Hero is available in both print and e-book  e-book  Print 

For more chances to win the prizes offered, click on this list of blogs hosting Holding Off for a Hero. 
Just page down and you'll see the links. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revenge of the Mad Scientist - Lara Nance

Today, I'm spotlighting and reviewing Lara Nance and her fabulous Steampunk Adventure:
Revenge of the Mad Scientist

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Pirate Rep: but Liza...we need her website to join her newsletter and win the book and 2nd necklace.
Liza: The link is hidden somewhere in this blog. Go find it! (You guys are the worse pirates ever!)

Revenge of the Mad Scientist
by Lara Nance



When Lady Arabella Trunkett’s father, the High Lord Minister of Urbannia is kidnapped, all clues point to the mysterious country of Gandiss and the world is thrown into political upheaval.

Arabella is convinced the more sinister nation of Carabarras is to blame, urged on by a mad scientist seeking revenge. So, she sets out on a perilous airship journey across a variety of exotic locales to save him, and halt the potential world war.

But airship pirates, secret assassins and slave traders aren’t her only trials. The fickle hand of fate has made the captain of the only airship available for charter, the man who left her at the altar. For eight years she's wished him dead. Now he's her only hope. 


Another scream sounded and then another. A group of people blocked her view and she didn’t hesitate in pushing them aside. She gasped when she reached a body sprawled on the floor and noted a trail of red blood tracking from a side room. She recognized the injured man as Conrad Bellows, her father’s assistant. Horrified, her champagne glass slipped from her fingers and shattered on the marble.

She pushed another man out of her way. What the hell was wrong with everyone standing around like statues while a man needed help? She knelt at Conrad's side. A knife protruded from his back but when she put her fingers on his neck she found him still alive, thank God. He struggled to his side and blinked as he looked up at her.

“Gone,” he whispered. “So…sorry, My Lady…gone.”
“Who is gone, Conrad?” She put a hand on his shoulder as panic shot through her.

“You’re, fa, fa, father…they took him.”

“What? Who took him?”

“Ahh, all in black, don’t know…” He closed his eyes and then slumped on the floor, unconscious.

Belle sucked in a sharp breath. She jumped to her feet and spun around. “Someone call for a doctor and help Mr. Bellows. Where’s my father?”

Never mind that I work 18 hours a day, I still asked to read and review this novel. It sounded too fun to let go by, and you know how I love having fun...

Liza's Review:

Revenge of the Mad Scientist is a non-stop action adventure steam punk from beginning to end. The strong resilient Lady Annabelle and her odd assortment of compatriots attempt to find and rescue her father and prevent a world war. However, some of their efforts come with a cost, so have tissues nearby when you read this book. All Lara's heroic characters are three dimensional and easy for a reader to love. The story plot is clever, and believable in a steam punk world. However, be warned. You should be prepared to buy another book, since instead of wrapping everything up in a nice tidy bow, the abduction of a main character right before the conclusion of this book pretty well guarantees the purchase of the next book.  I give it 4.5 stars, which in my world rounds to 5.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Lara Nance grew up and lived in many cites throughout the South. She loves to write in a variety of genres, but the basis of all of her stories is a great tale that will take you on an adventure of imagination.

If you want to escape and lose yourself in a novel, you've come to the right place. Choose your genre and settle in to be entertained. From thrilling mysteries and steampunk tales, to paranormal romance and adventure, she's willing to explore a variety of compelling stories full of danger and suspense, along with a touch of romance.

Having been on the fencing team in college and now living on a sailboat convinces her that she was a pirate in another life, or possibly kin to Errol Flynn… However, due to the unfortunate demise of the romantic pirates of the past, she lives out her fantasies, thrills and adventures in her stories. Lara loves to weave interesting true historical tidbits into her fiction which invite the reader to explore further after the novel is finished.

Currently docked in Norfolk, Virginia (until the wind changes) Lara enjoys living on her sailboat and spends time reading, of course writing, indulging a variety of artistic endeavors, cooking and sailing with her husband, Joe and their Yorkie, Rio.


(Hint to pirates: You should have found the link to the website by now)

Buy link

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Liza Interview Jessica Subject - Accidental Romance

Today we have the prolific and fabulous Jessica Subject.  

Liza: Let me get to a hard hitting question I’ve wondered ever since I’ve known of Jessica’s existence. Are you an alien who has gotten marooned on Earth and like Ford Prefix, fails to properly name yourself? Although to be fair, Jessica is a perfectly reasonable name.  So you did better than Ford Prefix.

Jess: Thanks for having me on your blog today, Liza! As for whether I’m an alien, I’ll never tell. Wouldn’t want to end up in a lab. Or worse. *shudders*

Liza: How does the reality of being a writer compare to Castle’s, the TV writer/crime solver.

Jess: I’d say it’s not even a close portrayal. At least for me. I spend my days rushing kids off to where they’re supposed to be, doing every day housework, and trying to get some time for writing and other stuff in between. Some days are easier than others. But I don’t have time to run around with cops rather than write. Sure, I’ve had to email the police, military, and doctors for research information, but I’m not tagging along with them. If only…

Liza: I know just how you feel. I was all ready to spend a few hours daily with the local police force, solving crimes, then come home to healthy meal mysteriously cooked by some unknown person while I write my day’s escapades into a fabulous novel.

Jess: Yeah, reality is harder, but it’s still all I want to do.

Liza: *nods in agreement* What's your favorite part of writing? 

Jess: The escape of it. Sometimes it’s nice to forget about everyday life and visit the characters in my head for an hour or two. Does that make me crazy?

Liza: No, of course not. It’s called escapism. It’s why I have imaginary kittens doing my marketing. Perfectly rational way to escape the unpleasantness of reality.

Jess: Okay, now I’m worried…

Liza: Don’t be. It’s not like your secondary character ever threatened to take over your book?

Jess: Oh, Jake definitely wanted his side of the story to be told, too, but I had to reassure him things would work out in the end.

Liza: So you reassure your characters? That’s a bit weird. I just threaten mine.
So if your main character had been allowed to write the novel rather than you, how would the story have been different?

Jess: There would have been some holes in the story. She would have left out the scene where she breaks up with her boyfriend, Scott, right before her accident. Plus, since she doesn’t remember much of the accident, details would have been sparse. Oh, and she would have turned out the lights on the scene where her and Jake are intimate for the first time.

Liza: Have you ever needed intervention with your muse?

Jess: Oh, we get along very well right now. With two new releases, muse is on vacay for a bit, but we’ll be working together again soon. J

Liza: Mine calls 911 every other week. The cops say if I don’t stop wasting their time they are going to start fining me.

Jess: And again you are worrying me.

Liza: Speaking of worrisome matters: If you met an alien from outer space, how would you explain what you do.

Jess: Oh gosh, I have no idea. I guess I would have them read my books, if possible. If not, I guess I’d just have to demonstrate some of the stories I write about sexy aliens. That is, if I was single.

Jessica Subject attacks aliens with bound thin layers of wood pulp, then jumps their bones, cartilage, or whatever holds them upright. 
World citizens split as to if this was an act of bravery or insanity.

Jess: Liza, I’m still here. None of that happened.

Liza: *wipes brow* I was really worried.

Jess: Can we just get through this interview?

Liza:  Sure. What part of your book took you most out of your comfort zone?

Jess: Surprisingly, it’s writing action scenes. While I love to read and watch these scenes, I don’t normally think about every single aspect of what happens during them. You really have to watch everything in slow motion when you’re writing them.

Liza: What part was the hardest to write?

Jess: In Accidental Romance, it was the accident scene. Not only did I have to research and have a basic understanding of the equipment used, but I had to make sure everything was feasible. Plus, it’s a little gruesome.

Liza: A little? I went queasy just reading your excerpt.

Jess: Well if you want to end the interview and lie down—

Liza: No I’m tough. Who's your favorite character in the book?

Jess: That would have to be the heroine, Leanne. She is very courageous with the challenges she must overcome. Though she is easily frustrated in life right after her accident, she remains determined to learn to live as an amputee.

Liza: What's your favorite line in the story?

Jess: This is Jake’s dialogue. He comes to visit Leanne in the hospital after her accident. He asks her how she’s doing, and she responds sarcastically that she’s just peachy. This is his response:
“Great, then get the hell out of bed.”
Obviously, he’s not going to let her feel sorry for herself.

Jessica Subject, pregnant with Alien, 
seen chasing the cartoon Road Runner 
dressed in peacock suit.

Jess: *grips head* Can we end this now?

Liza: Just one more question. How'd your muse come up with this story?

Jess: My muse had a tough time with this story. When I was asked to be one of the launch authors for this series, I was super excited. But my muse drew a blank. I had a lot of ideas, but they just didn’t work. Then my husband mentioned something about a farmer he knew who lost fingers after being stepped on by a bull. That got my muse working, and I asked my husband what other types of accidents can happen on a farm. And voila! I had an idea that would work. J

Liza: So what’s this series about? Why no one wants to farm anymore?  I know the answer to that. Farms are one of the most dangerous places to work. Even more so than crab fishing. They should do a reality show on farmers, before they go extinct.

Jess: extinct?

Liza: Yep. Farming is hard 40 hours a day work. And you have to deal with all sorts of stupid stuff, like running over giant snakes with your harvesting equipments that gunks it all up. And then while you are fixing and cleaning the blades up along comes a giant flood destroying your crops. 

And while you stare at the devastation, a three sister tornado sweeps in like a runaway tripod. You barely make it to the storm shelter before your house explodes into flying shrapnel. Once inside the shelter, you collapse to the floor and a rattlesnake, which has made its home in the cool shelter, lets you know you’re not welcomed by sinking its fangs into your ass.  

Finally, you have something you can fight and you rip the snake to pieces, getting bit again in the process. Realizing you need medical care, you climb out in search of your truck, but the tornado has taken it—

Jess: *hands Liza a pill and glass of water*

Liza: What’s this?

Jess: Something to calm you down.

Liza: *swallows pill*  I feel calmer now. Uh Oh—*Liza falls over*

Peep Rep: Did you kill her?

Jess: No. It’s a drug the aliens gave me. Normally, it’s used in a spray form to quell riotous mobs.

Peep Rep: But she’ll wake up, right?

Jess: Soon. Yes, so let me tell you about The Challenge series from Decadent Publishing. In every life, there are challenges, boulders in the flowing stream of existence. From the physical, to the psychological or emotional, nobody is immune. No one gets through life intact, but the challenge is not to avoid damage, but to work through, past or around the things that make life so difficult. The Challenge series focuses on characters who do just this—and the people who love them.

And here’s the blurb and an excerpt while Liza is still quiet.

Accidental Romance Blurb:
At twenty-two, Leanne Declan has graduated from college and hopes to take over the family farm until a tragic accident changes her life forever. Unable to do the simplest everyday chores, she must depend on her family and friends as she learns to face life’s challenges. But when her fears threaten to destroy her future, can an unexpected love be strong enough to help her dreams come true?

A million needles pierced her wrist. She had to get away from the fire. Leanne flicked open her eyes, screaming, longing for the agony to stop.
White walls surrounded her. Machines beeped. Taking in the new scenery, she closed her mouth, the pain forgotten. Bags filled with clear liquids as well as blood hung from a metal pole. She followed the tubes from the bags into her left hand. Was that where the burn came from? She glanced at the other arm, the end of which was wrapped in thick bandages. The image of spinning blades and her mangled flesh flashed before her eyes. She screamed again, tears falling down her cheeks. This can’t be happening.
Bodies rushed into the room, many in scrubs. With her vision blurred, she didn’t recognize anyone. All strangers. She was in the foreign place by herself. A nightmare. Has to be.
“Shh, calm down, sweetie. You’ll be okay.”
A familiar voice. She glanced to her other side to see her mom standing beside her, her eyes glassy. She held her hand, but Leanne couldn’t feel it, only the throbbing which had returned to her other one, the one that was…gone? She groaned, turning on her side, and pulled her knees up to her chest.
“Mom, is it really…?”
She brushed her fingers over her forehead. “Don’t worry about it right now. You need to rest.”
“It hurts so bad.”
“I know.” Her mother stroked her face again. “But the nurses will help it go away.”
“Leanne,” one of the nurses hovering around her said. “I want you to take deep breaths and count backward from ten.”
“Ten.” She sucked in air and cried out in agony.
Between clenched teeth, she continued. Anything to stop the pain. “Nine.”
Ice traveled through her veins. “Eight.”
The throbbing slowly ebbed away. Seven.
Darkness swept over her and pulled her down with it.
Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from her readers.
Buy Links:

Jess: I’d like to thank everyone for coming today. Liza will be fine I promise you.  For your chance to WIN Accidental Romance swag, leave a comment telling me a good joke. I really need some. Contest is international. Winner will be notified by email on January 31, 2013.
Good luck!

Liza: *wakes up*  Wow, what a strange dream I’d just had. It had giant snakes, decapitation of arms, and aliens bubble-wrapping Jessica Subject. How weird is that?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Melissa Kendell- She Devil-Free Today

Hey, Peeps! A fab book is
Available FREE for the 25th & 26th of January

She Devil
Melissa Kendell

Constance is a Vampire with a heavy appetite, who works as a stripper to find her meals. She is wanton, luscious and wicked—she craves more than just blood.

Benjamin and Jonathon are vampire outcasts who exist by pretending to be as human as possible in order to remain hidden among humanity. When the town they live in starts to report that men are disappearing? They go on the hunt for the Vampire intruder.

Little do they know, the Intruder is one sexy-delicious Vamp. Connie will offer them more than just a hunt… she will pull them into a tryst of sensual heat and naughty thrills.

Don't miss out on this great offer.
Get it at:

About The Author:
Melissa is a 37 year-old stay at home mum and part-time Software Support Consultant. She lives in Perth Western Australia the most isolated capital city in the world. 
She’s always loved to read and write and spent most of her teens scribbling poetry and short stories on any scrap of paper she could get her hands on. Over the years as daily life pressures got in the way, she lost the passion for it. After her son was born, she discovered online books and her interest in writing was rekindled. It has been a large part of her life ever since.

Twitter: @mkendallauthor