Saturday, January 12, 2013

Liza Kidnaps Nancy Goodman

Liza decides to kidnap an author to interview

Hi peeps. I have two empty weeks in my blog. However, everyone keeps saying they can’t guest blog on such short notice. So they’ve left me no resort, but to kidnap them. There’s really not a lot of prep work for the victim in a kidnapping. It all falls on the hardworking kidnapper.

However, kidnapping is illegal most places, so I thought I should contact my lawyer first, when it hit me. Genius! My lawyer is an author. I’ll kidnap her and as long as I give her a dollar, it’s a consult, not legally a kidnapping.

So let’s go get my extremely nice and good natured lawyer…

Nancy: Whoever you are, you should know this kidnapping is a class 2 Federal crime punishable up to 12.5 years of incarceration.

Liza: Right, let’s remove the bag so you can see you’re in friendly hands and have been paid for this consultation.

Nancy: Liza! You scared me half to death. If you needed to ask me a question, why didn’t you just email me?

Liza: Because my blog followers don’t get to read my emails. But it turns out they don’t want to read about my dog for fifteen days, which means I needed to find someone to interview.

Nancy: And this resulted in you kidnapping me?

Liza: I would never! You’re my friend. I just invited you over for a consult.

Nancy: Fine, untie me and you’ll get your dollar’s worth.

Liza: *touches the rope then pulls hand back.*

Nancy: Liza, untie me!

Liza: I’m pretty sure you plan to smack me on the head and leave if I do.

Nancy: That’s a chance you’ll have to take. Now untie me!

Liza: Let’s have the interview first, then I’ll untie you.

Nancy: *growls*

Liza: Unless you’ve taken up writing Regency werewolf stories, stop growling.

Nancy: What do you want to talk about?

Liza: Tell me about the book you’ve written.

Nancy: On one condition. You leave it alone and take nothing out of context.

Liza: *sighs* Okay. Here's the first kidnapped reveal of Nancy's fabulous novel:


(Working Title--works for me)

Tristan Moore, the 6th Duke of Avery awoke one morning when he was 16 to find he was the only surviving member of his family.  Both his parents, his brother, who was the heir the Dukedom, and his two younger sisters had succumbed to the fever that raged through their village.

For the past 12 years he has lived with survivor’s guilt. He has wandered aimlessly through life, squandering his fortune and acting the rogue, along with his three childhood friends. His two loving, but meddling aunts believe he needs to find a wife and settle down to produce an heir.
He and his friends have no desire to give up their freedom to settle down with only one woman. But when he meets Lady Victoria Aldridge, he is touched by her beauty and the aura of sorrow and fear that surrounds her.  He wants to protect her and he can’t stop thinking about her. Not to mention that she is in trouble, and he wouldn’t be a gentleman, nor a rogue of he didn’t help a beautiful lady in distress.

     Lady Victoria Aldridge, daughter of the Earl of Starrington, has endured years of physical abuse by her father.  She bears the scars of his fists on her face, and her knee, which she believes makes her unmarriageable in the eyes of the perfectionist Ton.  She has been plagued by nightmares of her  mother’s suspicious death and is frustrated by her inability to remember what happened that fateful night.

      Her father has now given her an ultimatum at the start of her second Season.  Find a husband who has the fortune he needs, or he is marrying her off to Viscount Grentham, son of his friend, the deviant Earl of Langley.  Langley knows his son is not interested in women and will never sire him an heir, but that won’t stop him from bedding Victoria himself, after she is his daughter-in-law, to keep the Earldom alive.   
Will the two of them be able to move beyond their own inner conflicts and obstacles that Victoria’s cruel father has placed before them, to trust and love each other?

Liza: That sounds very interesting. When does it comes out?

Nancy: There is no set date, but sometime in the spring.

Liza: Oh good, spring is just around the corner. Do you have a book cover?

Nancy: Not yet.

Liza: Can I make a temporary book cover for you.

Nancy: No.

Liza: Here’s my book cover for you.

Nancy: When you do nice things like that, I find it very hard to stay mad at you.

Liza: I learned that from Marketing Maniac Kitten. So you like the book cover?

Nancy: It’s a lovely sentiment, albeit a bit generic.

Liza: It is. I didn’t have any information about your book when I made it.

Nancy: It doesn’t even have my name on it.

Liza: *grimaces* That’s because when I made it, all I knew was that I intended to kidnap an author and said author would probably be mad at me.
Then I thought of calling you to get advice how I could NOT go to jail for kidnapping, when I realized you were the perfect person to kidnap.

Nancy: You do realize your wacky ideas are worse than your crazy marketing kitten’s. But thankfully, you chose me and I like you too much to press charges.

Liza: Does that mean I can safely untie you?

Nancy: It does.

Liza: *unties Nancy*

Nancy: *Stands and smacks Liza on the head.*

Liza: But you said—

Nancy: I said you could ‘safely untie me’. I made no promise I wasn’t going to reprimand you for scaring the hell out of me and leaving me tied up for a half hour.

Liza: *rubs head* Lesson learned. Don’t untie the victims—ever.

Nancy: That is not the lesson you should have learned. *stares up* You try the patience of a saint. *storms off*

Liza: *smiles* What a great idea. 

Peep Rep: Oh no! Not another idea!

Liza: I can kidnap a saint and interview him or her…and say my lawyer advised me to do so.

Excellent, can’t wait to find a saint.

Where exactly do Saints hang out?

Any ideas, leave me a comment.

And buy Nancy’s book when it comes out this spring. It’s the least you can do after helping me kidnap Nancy.

Peep Rep: Liza, we didn’t help you do that.

Liza: You were here and watched me do it. That’s the same as the guy driving the getaway car.

So let’s all buy Nancy’s book when it comes out. And if we are really good, maybe she’ll come back when she gets her real cover.

Peep Rep: But I have money now and it's burning a whole in my pocket.

Liza: Can't have that. I know. You can buy Saving Casey right now, and buy Nancy's book come spring.


Nancy Goodman has a delightful blog you should follow:

And would it kill you to follow me too? I'm just saying...


  1. Liza I had a great time being kidnapped....hmmm I don't know if that came out right. Ok I enjoyed being tied up on your wait that doesn't sound too good either.
    Ok Thanks for having me! Eveyone should read Saving Casey because if Liza is this creaive on her blog, imagine how good her book is?
    It's great!

    1. You really are the nicest person. See I didn't get that wrong. It's probably a good thing you decided not to press charges because then you'd be both the accuser and my lawyer, and that's a direct conflict if there ever was one, so the judge would have to dismiss the case. Marketing Maniac explained it all to me. Who knew a kitten could study law.

  2. Well, I'm just glad no one got hurt.

    Liza, I'm sure if you asked real nicely in the future, one of your friends, or possibly a critique partners, *clears voice* would love to help you out.

    Just sayin''s never a good thing to resort to violence.

    Nancy, I'm glad you're not pressing charges against Liza...her heart is in the right place, it's just her tactics that are sometimes....questionable.


    1. Expect your invitation soon. I'll be interested in seeing if this works. Marketing Maniac had me convinced it was better to kidnap you, rather than to ask, because all too often the answer is no.
      Could my little Maniac be wrong in this matter?

  3. Nice work here ladies, and I must say that as far as kidnappings go it seemed kind of harmless and fun:)

    1. Thank you Val. But just for the record, I'm calling it a paid consultation.

  4. Such a fun interview!!! Liza, you have a wonderful way of hooking people! Loved the kidnapped idea! teehee Glad no one was injured! :P Nancy, congrats on your upcoming release!! Excited to see the cover! Even tho the one Liza made is quite lovely! :)

    1. I suspect the real cover will be a little less generic. No doubt a rakish gentleman and a very pretty image with a slight marring to represent her disfigurement. Then in clear print the name of the book by Nancy Goodman. I'm looking forward to it as well.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. This was fun, and Nancy it looks like a great book. I'll keep my eye out for it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and having some fun. Don't worry, I'll kidnap Nancy again when her book comes out.

  6. Hilarious interview, and the book sounds delightful!

    1. Thank you Miss Viola. I can't wait for the book to come out to read it.

  7. You know Liza just cause you are nice to me doesn't mean a judge would go easy on you! but no worries. I would neve press charges. Who would take care of Jess?

  8. That was a lot of fun!! Great job, both of you.

  9. Thanks Ella. Kidnapping Nancy was so much fun, I'm going to do this again.


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