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Liza hosts Deanne Wilsted - Untangling the Knot

Welcome peeps. Today we have Deanne Wilsted sharing info about her book: Untangling the Knot

Jess and I like her right off, because she has a dog and looks like she might hike. So pay attention!

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Blog Peep: Yeah! I have a nook and always feel left out. Thank you Deanne.

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Peep: Can you tell me now?
Liza: No, now pay attention.

Deanne Wilsted

“I did what?”

Twenty-eight year old Gabriella Bessu is St. Therese’s meticulous wedding ceremony coordinator. So the fact that she has mistakenly signed her newest couple up for an annulment, rather than a wedding, sends her Catholic guilt into overdrive.

But who can blame her? The groom is gorgeous and his two kids tug at Gabriella’s heart in a way that overcomes all her best intentions. Before long she’s in over her head, fixing her mixed-up plans and helping the children and dad come to terms with their haunting grief for the mother and wife they lost years earlier.

Can Gabriella untangle her own fears and accept the messy life that God has handed them?


 Gabriella heard Mandy’s screech all the way down the corridor. Oh no! That didn’t sound good. She’d sort of thought Mandy appeared wound up when they had first arrived at the office but she couldn’t imagine what would have made her explode like that.

She didn’t have to wait long to find out. Seconds later, Mandy stormed into her office pointing a piece of paper at her like a gun. Within moments, Ryan and Fr. O’Shea followed her through the door, Ryan seeming confused and Fr. O looking apologetic.

“There is no way . . .. I can tell you, NO WAY that Tina would have said I was not ready to get married. This is beyond crazy.” She turned to Fr. O’Shea and waved her arm in Gabriella’s direction.

“Okay, let’s slow down a little, honey.” Ryan tried to calm her. “We need to find out what happened from Gabriella.”

He studied Gabriella questioningly, but she could only stand mute, shaking her head.

“Bri, you took Tina’s statement, right?”

Gabriella nodded her head.

“Did she say anything to you to make you think”—Fr. O. stopped and gently took the paper from Mandy’s manic grasp—“that Mandy might not be prepared for being a wife or mother.”


With an English teacher for a mom, DEANNE WILSTED, grew up reciting conjugation instead of nursery rhymes. Now, forty years later, she's sharing that special skill through her writing and her mothering. Her first book, a contemporary romance called BETTING JESSICA, was released October 2011. Her second Novel, UNTANGLING THE KNOT, is due out in February 2013 from Soul Mate Publishing. She is currently marketing her third book for publication and writing her fourth, fifth and sixth while blogging about the crazy stuff she overhears while writing.



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I love books with unique plots, so this sounds really good to me. 

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  1. Hi Liza (and Jess)... Thanks so much for hosting me today! I love your comments to your peeps, very fun. And you are right, I live in the Northwest and love to hike:>)

    This is also one of my favorite excerpts, so I am glad you landed with it. There are plenty of opportunities in life to get into tangled up knots... and I'm hoping your readers will share some of their experiences. I'll be sure to check back to reply to any comments or questions.

    Thanks again so much.
    I hope everyone enjoys the journey.

  2. Hi Deanne, sounds like a great premise for a book. Love that I am finding all these news authors!

    1. Thanks Nancy... It was a lot of fun to write and it also turned out to be a lovely story. As an author I can only thank my muse for that wonderful combination. Not every book I work on goes so smoothly:>)

      I hope you enjoy the book... let me know what you think once you have finished it. I sincerely appreciate all feedback which you can get to me on goodreads, my website or the purchase site (like amazon). Thanks again.

  3. Liza was really good today! You must have given her a valium! LOL Kidding! Your book sounds great!

    1. Ha! Too funny. I know... I really appreciate that she didn't make me do a dialogue with the Peep:>)

      Thanks for the feedback. It was lots of fun to write and I am enjoying hearing everyone's feedback. Be sure to let me know if you read it and what you thought. I appreciate all comments!


  4. My tangled knots often come in my plots when I'm writing! I'm a pantser through and through and it gets me in trouble sometimes, lol! Your book sounds wonderful!! Thanks for the giveaway!!


    1. OH yes, I can relate to that. I am a pantser too. In fact, in this story when my muse went in the croutons direction, I was like, what? Seriously? Thanksfully it turned out... making me think I may have had some extra inspiration.

      Thanks so much for the comment. It is wonderful to hear everypne's thoughts.


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