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Liza interviews Stacey Brutger- Night Sworn

Hello peeps. Today we are interviewing Stacey Brutger and her book Blood Sworn.

Peep Rep: We're interviewing her book? Does it talk or throw words from the pages at us?

Liza: Seriously, peeps, you need to elect a new representative.

Peep Rep: Or you could just not say silly things...

Liza: Welcome Stacey!

Stacey: Hi Liza, Peep Rep.

Liza: Hold on! No talking to the Peep Rep. You don't want to go there.

Stacey: Sorry. Are there other rules I should know about? 

Liza: No, that should do it. Now let's talk about your special treat for my peeps.  I understand you have a  giveaway going on someplace.

Stacey: Yes, at--

Liza: Don't tell them now. We'll hide the link somewhere in the blog. You don't want them running off without reading your interview do you?

Stacey: I suppose that depends on how the interview goes. I've heard you can be pretty bad.

Liza: Don't worry about it.

Stacey: Then you're planning to go easy on me?

Liza: All I'm saying is worrying does no good. So relax and enjoy life while you still can.

So let's get to the interview, shall we.
How'd you/your muse come up with this story?

Stacey: I don’t have a muse, at least not one that has introduced themself yet. My books usually start with a fully blown scene, characters/setting, everything already formed. My ideas brew in the back of my mind for months if not years. Once I start a story, my characters take off running, and I usually end up scrambling to keep up with them.


Stacey Brutger refuses to give her muse copyright credits. Giant lawsuit in the making once we locate muse. Believed to be held captive and forced to work for free without credit.

Stacey: Liza!

Liza: Ignore those. No one reads them.  Now, describe the hero in five words.         
Stacey: Loyal. Alpha. Fierce. Warrior. Devoted.

Liza: The heroine.
Stacey: Brave. Resourceful. Unrelenting. Determined. Lonely.

Liza: Who's your favorite character in the book & why?
Stacey: Oh, how is that fair? I have more than one favorite character! If I had to choose one in my latest release, I would have to pick Beast. He’s Merrick’s lion and very elusive until the end of the book. I have managed to capture a picture of him on my site if you want to see him… 

Liza: Not necessary. I dangled the scent of Peep Rep and he came right over.

Peep Rep: oooooo, we like! Can I pet him?

Stacey: I wouldn't--

Liza: Of course you can. In fact, when he opens his mouth to say hello, stick your head inside. That way he'll hear you better.

Peep Rep: *disappears in the mouth of the lion*

Stacey: Merrick, spit Peep Rep out right now!

Liza: It's okay Merrick. You were hungry. The peeps can elect a new rep. Don't worry about it.

Merrick opens mouth wide and Peep Rep hops out holding a pointed bone.

Peep Rep: Stacey, you need to check Merrick's teeth ever so often. He had a bone wedged between two back incisors.

Stacey: Thank you for removing it.

Liza: Stacey, how hard can it be to remember one rule: Don't talk to Peep Rep.

Stacey: Sorry, I was just being polite.

Peep Rep: Liza doesn't do politeness. She was raised by feral cats.

Liza: Stacey doesn't need to know that. *turns to Stacey* What's your favorite line in your story?

Stacey: There are a couple of lines that tickle my funny bone, but the one I selected makes me smile each time I read it.

Background: Trina wakes up Merrick, startling him, and he believes they are under attack. He tackles her, covering her with his body to protect her. Only he’s naked.

Favorite line:
Trina didn’t wait for him to stand, but scrambled backwards, her eyes anywhere but on him and his now very happy dangly parts.

Peep Rep: Happy dangly parts...that's funny.

Stacey: *smiles and opens mouth to speak*

Liza: Not a word! Now, back to the interview. 
We all have secrets. Tell us about your characters’ secrets and what will happen if they get out.

Stacey: Both my characters have huge secrets that could get them killed.

Merrick’s secret is revealed in the first chapter, an injury that he’s determined the rest of his pack never discover. For if they knew the truth, that he wasn’t healing, he would lose everything he held dear. The pack won’t tolerate any weakness in their Leo.

Trina’s secret is revealed in chapter two, but it’s not a very well-kept secret as almost everyone in the book knows she’s the last BloodSworn witch. If anyone catches her, she would either die a painful death or be enslaved for the rest of her short life.

Liza: What question do you wish I had asked you but didn’t? 
Stacey: Zombies! Since my book has zombies (of a sort), I thought the classic zombie question should be asked. Would I survive a zombie attack? I’d love to say of course, but I’m just not sure. I’m resourceful. I have access to weapons. If I was by myself, my survival rate would shrink dramatically. I would run out of bullets long before the last zombie. So, would I survive? I think I would survive the zombies, but I’m not sure I would be able to scrounge up enough food to live much beyond that.

Liza: I don't see how lions have anything to do with zombies, so let's move to your blurb and excerpt, so I can possibly make the connection.

Ten years after they bound her powers and banished her, Trina Weyebridge had successfully carved out a new existence in the human world. She put her life as a witch behind her. But, her magic would not be denied, the bindings holding them in check are weakening. Vampires who crave a taste of the powers stored in her blood are hunting her with deadly force and have kidnapped her sister to lure her out. In a desperate bid to free her sister and gain her own freedom, Trina bargains with the all-too-tempting lion shifter who calls out the long forgotten wild side in her...she would be his concubine in return for pack protection. She’d be safe…until they found out the truth.


When Merrick spots a female intruder living on his property, he’s intrigued by her daring. Curious to find out more, he follows her and comes to her aid when she falls prey to an attack. After weeks of unnatural silence, his beast awakens at her touch, and he suspects that she might be the only one able to save his race from a disease killing his kind. Not willing to take the chance of losing her, he binds her to him the only way he knows how…by claiming her as his own. All he has to do to save her is uncover the secrets of her past, stop a pack revolt, convince her that she’s desperately in love with him in return, and prevent a war. 

Trina woke when the mattress touched her back, or maybe it was the lack of Merrick’s arms around her. She instantly missed his warmth.

She struggled to sit, cursing the darkness, but wondered if she should be thanking it. If she could see, she would know where he stood and would be all the more tempted to pull him into bed with her. “We need to work on your back.”

Back, not front, she reminded herself.

“You’re exhausted. We can do that in the morning.”

“We’ll lose progress. It will hurt worse if we wait.” But maybe he was right. In their current mood, one touch would ignite the passion that’d been brewing between them since they’d first met. Neither needed the complication of sex mixed in this mess. “Or you can take a bath in that mini pool you call a tub. Turn on the water as hot as you can stand it and soak for half an hour.”

The lights to the bathroom flicked on. He pursed his lips, something that should’ve made him appear feminine or pouty. Instead, she wondered if they would taste as inviting as they looked. “I’ll make you a deal. You stay in bed and don’t move, and I’ll do as you say.”

Putting action to words, he tugged off his shirt. She quickly drew up her feet, fearing he would stop. She was staring, but she couldn’t help it. There was something mesmerizing about seeing all that muscle in motion.

When her gaze finally wandered up to his, breathing became difficult. She half-expected a leer or a crude pass. All she saw was welcoming heat.

She found herself relaxing against the pillows, silently inviting him closer, itching to get her hands all over him.

As if to prolong the chase, he turned away and headed toward the bathroom, unbuttoning his jeans.

A bit of her mourned that he’d moved before she saw what was revealed. The other part of her breathed a sigh of relief to be spared. She tried to tell herself that she was glad, but the lie wasn’t convincing even to herself.

 Unable to help herself, she curled up on her side and watched him ready the tub. When he straightened, the last thing she expected was for him to strip off his pants.

No underwear.

That was the only thought circling her mind. She couldn’t seem to think past that. He lowered himself in the tub, and she watched the play of muscles in a sort of unbreakable fascination.

He settled deeper into the water, his head back, his eyes closed. She could easily envision him being pleasured. Her gaze was glued on his hand as it disappeared under the surface.

Liza: I'm sure he's just searching for the soap.

Peep Rep: or the happy dangly parts...

Liza: Hush. People want the BUY LINKS NOW.

Peep: They'd might prefer the happy--

Liza:*Stuffs Peep Rep back into Lion's mouth*


Liza: For those of you who want to know more about Stacey: 
The Official FBI's Profile on Stacey Brutger 
Stacey Brutger lives in a small town in Minnesota with her husband and an assortment of animals. When she’s not reading from her thousands of books in her tbr pile, she enjoys creating stories about exotic worlds and grand adventures…then shoving in her characters to see how they’d survive. She enjoys writing anything paranormal from contemporary to historical.
She is also being investigated in the disappearance of her muse, which she claims never existed. 

Stacey: Liza, that last sentence is not part of my official bio. 

Liza: No, this came from my investigator. He's very lazy, so I suspect he got it from FoxLike News, and they just make stuff up. Don't worry, no one reads the bios anyway. 

Peep Rep: What about the link to Stacey's giveaway?

Liza: Good point. Time to cough that link up like a fur ball. 

Liza: And while we're at it, here are the links to stalk Stacey in a legal, non-threatening sort of a way.

Liza: Well that does it. Thanks for being such a good sport.

Stacey: Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I feared.

Liza: See. Worrying doesn't do a bit of good.

And peeps, be sure to leave a comment because Stacey deserves some kudos for coming on my blog. 

And I get cranky without positive reinforcement.
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  1. Thank you so much for having me on your site, Liza! I had a blast.

    I must head off to work, but I'll be back later if anyone has any questions.

    1. And I'll be here through the day to comment on your comments, so leave lots of them.

  2. Great job, ladies. Loved the interview and the excerpt. Stacy, congratulations on your book. I tweeted.

    1. Thanks for tweeting Ella, glad you enjoyed the interview.

    2. Thanks for the tweet, Ella! I'm glad you stopped by!

  3. Funny stuff, girls. I don't have a muse either, Stacey!

  4. Great interview, ladies. I think Liza did take it a little easy, Stacy. It could have been you in the lion's mouth! Loved the happy dangly parts (I always do!).

    1. Thanks for stopping by. For the record: Once the lion showed up, I really had no choice but to behave.

    2. Thanks, Jenna! Beast can be a little unpredictable. I'm lucky he didn't eat us both. lol

  5. Oh wow, story sounds super hot! Great interview!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Robbi! I'm glad you liked the story and interview!

    2. Thanks Bobbi. Hope you found your way back to your swamp after your kidnapping.

  6. Awesome interview, ladies! I'm still laughing! :) Definitely going on my TBR pile!

    1. Thanks, Heather! Liza had some great questions. I hope you enjoy BloodSworn and Beast.

    2. Heather, glad you're laughing. It prolongs your life, giving you time to actually read your TBR pile.

  7. Ha, very funny interview, ladies. :)

    1. Thanks Melissa. I've got a serious interview coming up in March. I want my blog to fairly represent my books, which means I need to be serious on occasion. I appreciate you stopping by.

    2. I'm glad you could make it, Melissa! Nothing like cleaning some vampire bones out of ones teeth to give an interview a little something special! lol

      Liza did a great job with it.


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