Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Liza O'Connor is a HAPPY CAMPER

I've fabulous news!
Lyrical Press is to published my novel 

This New Adult sweet double-romance is full of humor, bad behaviors, a lascivious ghost, and a charming ghost cat that will entertain readers from teens to adults. 

Ghost Lover

With an emptied checking account, Senna Smith is one day from being evicted from her apartment and living on the street. Brendon, an irascible young Brit suggests she marry him and manage his fortune. With no viable alternatives, she agrees to the proposal with the understanding she’ll never, ever have sex with him. He’s free to bed whoever he likes, just as long as it’s not her.

When they arrive in England, Brendon’s older brother, Gar, is infuriated by Senna’s open admission she doesn’t love Brendon and has agreed to marry him only if his trust fund has a half-million  in it.

As determined as Gar is to dislike this self-professed 'gold digger', in a short time he falls hopelessly in love with her. However, he can’t act on his feelings. To do so would destroy his brother.

Recognizing the McCulloch family line is doomed to extinction unless he intervenes, the ancestral ghost, Lassier, impersonates Gar to keep Senna from giving up when matters appear hopeless. The ghost ocelot Mr. Finch does his part by giving Senna comfort, by lying on her chest and purring. Lassier locates the perfect girl for Brendon and sends Gar back to America to retrieve her. Once, all the players are under the same roof, Lassier and Gar hope matters will straighten out. Unfortunately, Brendon, knowing his brother wants Senna, is determined to keep her as his wife and Catlain as his mistress. However, nothing is going as he plans and if he doesn’t come to his senses soon, no one will have a happy ever after and the McCulloch line will end.


That's all I've got write now, this is hot off the press. The ink is still wet on the contracts.

Peep Rep:  That sounds good. When's it coming out.

I'm guessing the release date (And I say this with NO input from Lyrical Press) will be in the first half of 2014.  If it's sooner, I'll be thrilled, but I try to be realistic in my wild-ass guesses. 

Just to be clear, Lyrical Press didn't refuse to tell me, I refuse to ask, because it is not reasonable to ask for a release date the day of signing the contract. 

I may be silly, but I'm not that silly.

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