Saturday, March 2, 2013

Liza Interviews a Real Person: Serenity

While I love to write humorous blogs, 
At times, I need to reconnect with Reality.
So today I’m interviewing a real person,
a young lady selected from my twitter followers.

 Her name is Serenity. When I ask her if I could interview her, she offered at once to help, but then worried because she “is not special.”

How wrong she is.  As you will soon discover.

Serenity shares a personal, potential life changing event in this interview. Thus to protect her, I am not using her picture and I have altered her name.  I can tell you this. She is a beautiful young woman with an angelic face. You cannot help but like her on sight.

Liza: Serenity, welcome to my blog
Serenity: Thank you for inviting me.

Liza: Tell us a little about yourself.
Serenity: I am 27 years old and live in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. 

It is a pretty place, a very exotic island. If you visit my country, you must visit me too. I will take you around my city.

Liza: If I ever go to Makassar, I will certainly let you know. I'd love having you show me the sites. You'll know all the good places to go. We would have such fun. However, I'll probably get lost while you are at work and I'm left to wander about on my own. I'm assuming you have a job.
Serenity: Yes. I work at a firm in the accounting department.

Liza: Can you tell my peeps how many languages you speak?
Serenity: My first language is Indonesian. I also know Arabic, Japanese, Makassar (my local language), and English, which I taught myself :) 

Liza: How long have you been teaching yourself English.
Serenity: In high school, we learned 3 times a week, but just 45minute/day which is not enough. I like English, so I collect my money to buy a dictionary and learn from that. I listen to English songs too, so I learn from songs and movies. If I do not know what a word means and cannot find it in the dictionary then I will ask my English teacher when we study in class. It works. I have studied for 1 years, two months :)

Liza: Well, I’m impressed. I’ve tried to learn French, Dutch and Spanish along the way, but nothing stuck. You are clearly very smart.

As you know, I’m always sending you dogs and kitten pictures as a thanks for retweeting me. Do you have any real dogs or cats?

Serenity: I have no cats and dogs, but I have a swan, rabbit, and cow :)  My favorite is the swan. I have 3 at my mum’s house.

Liza:  When I was in Nederlands, I had to walk over a bridge protected by a large male swan. He was very mean. I hope yours are nicer.

Serenity:  My swans are very friendly to me, but to strangers the male is very fierce. Sometimes my swans chase people ;) 

Liza: You are a great help to me and other authors, retweeting our tweets and I for one greatly appreciate it. I went on your profile and discovered you retweet for a lot of people. Why?
Serenity:  I retweet coz I like it. I think that maybe it helps my friends (even I have a bit of followers hahahaa...)and I like to share stuff. That make me happy or maybe I only know how to retweet *lol*

Liza: Anyone who can speak five languages can figure out how to tweet. Nope, you just like helping others. 

Now, for the tough questions. Can you share with me the best and worst moments that have occurred in your life?

Serenity: My best moment was when my mum said I’m the best daughter she has. (Oh yeah...coz I'm the only one she has.)

But that was not the reason she said it. She said it when I tell her my boyfriend forced himself on me. I lost my virginity at that time. I try to fight him, but he is a big man. That’s hard to tell your mom— you lost your virginity. Now, no man will take me to be his bride. (Here, men like virgin brides) 

I have trauma after that, but I’m a survivor. I tell my mom, and she smiles and cry. Then she said "You still my daughter, the best I have, I am proud of you."  Then she hugs me and we both cry. 

That is the best thing that happened to me and the saddest moment I have. I know she’s disappointed, but she still hugs me so tight and gives me spirit to move on. And she said, "You will find your happiness with a man who loves you."

Liza: Wow…And this is yet another reason why you are so special. You did not let this horrible event change the goodness in you. This shows incredible strength and depth of character.
You are a strong, generous, kind, young woman, who has gone through fire, yet retained all your good qualities. 

I agree with your mother. Some man will see beyond the irrelevance of a torn piece of skin and love you because you are very special, and he will be very lucky to have you.

Do you have advice for others in your situation?

Serenity:  For my friends who have the same thing happen: We do not know what will happen in our lives. We can not fight our fate. We can only accept and move on. I'm like I am because of my past. I thank God for what happened to me, I can learn and become a better human being even if at first it's hard and we blame God. "Why did this happen to me?" That's wrong coz God wants the best for us. So accept and move on. And because I have a wonderful family, especially my mother who loves me, I did.

Life is too short to be filled with regret. Just be assured something beautiful/wonderful is waiting for you. So be brave and move forward :)

Liza: This concludes my first Real Person interview. 
Thank you, Serenity, for being so open and sharing in this interview. 
Thank you readers for taking the time to learn about Serenity. 

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Serenity’s facebook status at the time I wrote this:

Every girl needs a good guy who can help her laugh when she think she'll never smile again

Serenity’s response when I asked her what she wanted to be:
If I could be anything, I just want to be myself now :)

Advice shared by Serenity to her friends

It's time to rise above those negative circumtances and believe what God say about you. You are blessed, favored, loved...


  1. Serenity, you are truly an inspiration. I admire your courage and strength. I wish you the very best in life. :)

  2. Wow, Liza what a wonderful interview. This girl is very special to not bitterness take over. Makes me grateful for the country I live in.

  3. Serenity - you said - Life is too short to be filled with regret. Just be assured something beautiful/wonderful is waiting for you. So be brave and move forward :)

    Keep that in your heart and you will be ifne.

    Awesome post ladies.

    1. I agree with you, Daryl. A person this lovable will find her special someone.

  4. I think this is your best interview yet Liza. Serenity is a very special person. I think in the US we have forgotten what it means to have our choice limited by culture. Serenity, you will find that one man who is right for you. Thanks for all your RTs.

  5. Hi Liza and Serenity, a wonderful and inspiring post.

    1. Thank you Georgia. Serenity touched me as well with her resilience and gentle positive spirit.

  6. Liza this awesome <3 my mum love it and cry ;)

  7. Great post, Liza and Serenity. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Great interview! I met Serenity on FB, where she is one of my friends. The beautiful pictures and wisdoms she posts always brighten up my day and yes, you're a very special person, Serenity!


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