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Liza Kidnaps Georgia Lyn Hunter - Absolute Surrender

Marhaban مرحبا my peeps. That's welcome in Arabic.  (At least I hope it is. It's what the doormat said.)

Peep Rep: Why were you in Qatar?

Liza: Kidnapping an author.

Peep Rep: Oh good. Those are always fun. Did you tie her up with mounds of blue rope?

Liza: No, I had to be more subtle since I wouldn't be able to talk my way out of trouble if they stopped me at the airport.  

Peep Rep: What'd you do?

Liza: I handcuffed one of her arms to her earring and the other to her ankle. Turned her into a twisted pretzel. Then I put her in a wheel chair and called out "Hdar-mn-lywbard" which means 'beware of the leper.'  People gave us wide berth.

Peep Rep: According my dictionary you actually said 'Beware of the in wild cat.' 

Liza: Then why did they give us a wide berth?

Peep Rep: I don't know: Crazy American has handcuffed person twisted like a pretzel, yelling beware of the leopard...

Liza: I see your point. I was lucky to get her out at all.

Peep Rep: Can we meet her now? 

Liza: First, let me give you a few hints. She's very beautiful, she lives in Qatar with her husband and 2 children, but she originally came from South Africa. Like most authors, she's got characters screaming in her head to get out.

Peep Rep: You mean she's crazy?

Liza: No. We only go crazy if we can't write. Otherwise, we are creative authors.

Peep Rep: And has she written anything, because I'm not familiar with the name Georgia Lyn Hunter.

Liza: That's because this is her debut novel. But trust me, she's written it. 

Peep Rep: How do you know that?

Liza: Because she has a book cover, blurb and excerpt and the book will be released soon. They don't just appear overnight you know.

Peep Rep: Can you stop lecturing me and bring in Georgia Lyn Hunter please.

Liza: Let me roll her in.

Liza: Welcome Georgia.

Georgia: Ca...remo...bag

Liza: *removes bag* Sorry, I couldn't understand a word you said. Were you speaking Arabic?

Georgia:  No, I said...nevermind, it doesn't matter. Can you uncuff my earlobe?

Liza: No, but you've seemed to have twisted yourself up in a comfy manner. How do you like the pink fuzzy handcuffs.

Georgia: Not at all!

Liza: Should I tie you up instead?

Georgia: I'll stick with the fuzzy handcuffs. So why did you kidnap me?

Liza: Because I wanted to know about your upcoming book. As a new author, I wish to help other new authors. So tell me about Absolute Surrender

Absolute Surrender
Georgia Lyn Hunter 

Born in the flames of Heaven’s wrath, he’s all things sinful…and too dangerous to love.
An immortal guardian, Aethan’s walked alone for millennia, trapped in a hell of his own, until a feisty mortal crosses his path—a female he shouldn’t even look at, one who shakes the precarious foundations of all that he is—and one who’s determined to walk the edge of danger.

She only wants to be normal…
All her life, Echo Carter wanted “normal,” an impossible feat given that she can see demons. Now she’s determined to hunt down the demonii responsible for the death of her friend—and no man, no matter how sexy, will stop her—until she discovers a horrifying truth about herself, forcing her to turn to Aethan. But when two stubborn wills collide, a dangerous passion ignites…

As evil closes in, will this warrior overcome his darkest fears and claim her as his—or lose her to a far more sinister fate.

Liza: That sounds really good. Can you cite by memory a portion of your book?

Georgia: Here's an excerpt… after Echo gets into a dangerous all-out fight with a horde of demoniis who are after her.  Yep, Aethan’s not happy at all…

“You should have never left the safety of the house, Echo. And now, you should have stayed away until I calmed down. I’m seconds away from making good on my promise.”
Her back stiffened. “I’m not some possession to be packed away because you fear it breaking. You want a relationship with me, you need to accept me for who I am.”
“At the expense of putting your life in danger? Don’t push me on this. You won’t like the trade-off.”
She bit back on the deluge that would have spewed out at his threat and said, “I don’t like you very much, right now.”
At her words, something shifted in his stance, his gaze. The chill in his eyes went into a slow burn, reminding her of a dangerous predator. He flung his T-shirt aside and prowled closer.
Hastily, she backed away. She wasn’t a fool. Whatever he planned wouldn’t be good for her. Then she met his eyes and fear gave way to anticipation. Breathing became harder, aware she’d unleashed this dangerous side of him.
“You don’t like me, do you?” He stalked her, until her back hit the wall. Hands planted on either side of her head, he locked her in. “Let’s see about that, shall we?” His eyes glowed fiercely, filled with possession. He bent his head. His nose trailed lightly down her jaw to her neck.
Echo stilled, unprepared for the sensual feeling of his lips lightly grazing her skin. The heady scent of rainstorms, his masculine heat and raw sex surrounded her. She could almost taste him on her tongue.
“Aethan,” she whispered, desire surging in her veins. If he could do that without even touching her, she truly was in trouble. But she didn’t care. She only knew if he didn’t kiss her, she would burn up from her own heat and die, and then he’d be sorry. She angled her face toward his, seeking his lips.
Soft laughter reached her ears as though he heard her thoughts. “Still don’t like me, do you?”
“Aethan, please,” she moaned, her hands sliding up the heated skin of his chest. His body was too hard, too big to tug closer. So, she grabbed his hair, wrapped the silky strands around her hand and drew his head to hers.
© Georgia Lyn Hunter

Liza: All right, cold showers for everybody! That was really a sensuous excerpt. No wonder you could remember it by memory. Well done, Georgia!

I know you'll all want to buy this book, so here are the buy links:

Georgia: Thanks.

Liza: So Peep Rep--do you still think Georgia hasn't let her characters out of her head?

Peep Rep: No, I think she's an outstanding new author now.

Liza: Wow! We are for once in agreement.
Here's a short bio and about Georgia.

Georgia Lyn Hunter 
She’s happiest with a book in her hand and never thought about writing, too busy devouring the books out there, then she read her first paranormal romance several years ago the writing bug bit. She loves creating strong, alpha heroes who think they need no one and the heroines come along and knock them on their gorgeous asses.
She enjoys brainstorming with her daughter over new ideas and have several book ideas plotted out for the story Arc. Now she just wants an extra pair of hands to get it out, because she complains her brain is like a hive, her characters voices too loud, and they all want out. J
She’s excited to finally live her dream with the release of her first book.

Liza: Thanks for coming Georgia.
Georgia: I didn't really have a choice.
Liza: Details. Speaking of which, I need you to say something nice about my Young Adult Suspense Thriller, Saving Casey, so I can take your kidnapping expenses off my taxes.
Georgia: Cass's tattoo kind of reminds me of Athean's.
Liza: Really, let's see.  Well they are both black line art.  But if I had to choose, I'd go for the tattoo on the arm.
I think they both have a general dissatisfaction with their lives.  Maybe we should get them kittens. What do you think?
Georgia: That it's time to release me so I can go home. 
Liza: Ah...well I've bad and good news there. Bad news is that I'm keeping you for 2 days. Good new is that Cass and Aethan have bonded over their tats and he's agreed to get you home in some manner that doesn't require paying for a one way ticket to Qatar. Your kids, husband, and wallet will be thrilled with that news.
Georgia: Thank God!   'Ma'a salama' (Goodbye).          
Liza: Peeps, be sure to leave a comment. It will make both mine and Georgia's day.


  1. Hi Liza, thank you for having me. And for this fun interview :)
    will pop by later again.

  2. I'll handcuff the visitors so they remain here.

  3. LOL, I'll come without the handcuffs please, I don't know how to pick them. Great interview. Wonderful to meet Georgia and this sounds like an awesome read.

  4. Karen, I don't want you picking the handcuffs, but I can always tie you up instead, although consensus is it's uncomfortable to be tied for two days. (I normally keep victims two days.) I'm glad to bring Georgia to everyone's attention. Her book does sound great, doesn't it.

  5. Ooh, love the names of the characters! Congrats on the release, Georgia--and, er, surviving that kidnapping! It must be fun brainstorming with your daughter!

    1. thank you, Maeclair, it sure is fun brainstorming with my daughter, always enjoy our sessions :)

  6. What a funny abduction. Poor Georgia. Congratulations on Absolute Surrender. I can't wait to read it.

  7. I think I'm in love with Aethan!! And I'm clearly jealous of Echo, that lucky lady. Thanks for such a good read, and congratulations on your first novel!!

  8. Liza, thanks again and I enjoyed spending time with you :)

    1. Still keeping you until 1 am this morning. And don't ask for food. I haven't grocery shopped for a month. Cupboards are bare.

  9. Thanks, Liza and Georgia Lyn, for an entertaining post and two wonderful novels!

    1. Tony, you commented! All I had to do is remove the spam filters.

    2. thanks Tony, I had fun with Liza :)

  10. Wow, what a great interview! Georgia, glad you survived and I love this book! Awesome concept and can't wait to add it to my TBR pile...:D

    1. Thanks Margaret. Georgia's been gnawing at her handcuff for hours now. I worry her teeth won't survive so well. But who needs to chew anyway? Glad you stopped by. Hope you'll stop by again. I had such fun, I'm kidnapping another author tomorrow.


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