Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Liza gets nominated for the Sunshine Award

Nancy Goodman has nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

And who is Nancy S. Goodman?
Someone you should know.
Nancy's an up and coming author who writes a delightful blog: Rakes Rogues and Romance 
She is one of my fav bloggers. And she is a sunshine to read.

So let's breakdown what Nancy says about me:    Liza is a New Adult, 

I'm not new. I'm sure I've reincarnated many times. Also, those who know me best, feel I have failed to grow up and become an adult at all. 

 But I do write novels that New Adults should like.

slightly paranormal, 
To the best of my knowledge, I have no paranormal attributes.
However, my stories often have a touch of paranormal.

slightly crazy author who was one of the first people I met when I started on my journey. 
Okay, that's entirely accurate. 

She has been invaluable to me with her writing help and her encouragement.
I didn't know that, but I'm glad I could help.

Plus her blog is awesome.  No one, and I mean no one does an interview like Liza.  
That's just sweet. And yes, I try very hard to make you laugh while you learn about new books.

Her book, Saving Casey is terrific.
I think so too. I've 12 fab reviews on Amazon to prove I'm not just a delusional parent. 

Thank you, Nancy, for the Sunshine Award and your partially true, but very kind words. 

Now I have to answer some excrutiatingly difficult questions:

Favorite Color: Green like the color of lily pads.

Favorite Animal: Hmmm, fav animal...

What do you want Jess? Oh, I get it. 
My Fav animal is Jess.

Favorite number: 42  That's the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Now if only we knew the question. Douglas Adams was working on it, but he stopped after his fourth book of a trilogy.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Green tea with lemon grass.

Facebook or Twitter: Restricting my words is actually good for me, otherwise I write poorly typed small novels on facebook. Also facebook is mean to me. So I vote for Twitter. 

Your passion: Seriously? Writing. 

Other things I do: Hiking 

And  Gardening:
Giving or Getting Presents:
Since I quit my job to write full time, I am astoundingly poor. Here's a picture of my fridge taken tonight:
Is that not the saddest thing ever? If I don't buy food soon, I'll starve.  What does this have to do with gifts? Well, I used to love giving them, now I can't afford to, so I'm learning to love receiving them. My sister bought me a flat screen for Christmas. Isn't she the best?
I had to install it myself and cut down my old TV stand to the stand you see. And see the painting at above the TV. I painted that. 

Favorite Day: Tomorrow--it has such potential!

Favorite Flower: Clementis- mine to be exact.

That concludes my tortuous interrogation.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Now I have to figure out who to nominate. 

Hmmmmm, so many choices. So I'm nominating someone who has a multimedia blog. Not just pictures, but videos too. There's always something going on at Karen's blog. (Click her name and see for yourself)

Nominated for the Sunshine Award because her blogs are always interesting and keep me up to date on what's going on in her life. For example, recently I learned her dog is hyper and needs to come hiking with Jess and me so she can calm down.

Disclaimer: Earlier this year, I might have kidnapped Karen and brought her to my blog so she could tell us about her novel. Fortunately, Rusty rescued her. So add to all her other great qualities, she's very forgiving.


  1. Very cool, Liza! Enjoyed learning more about you! And thank you for nominating me! :D

  2. Yay! Can't wait for Karen.
    See. Liza it wasn't so bad!!

  3. I love your blog posts. Great job. Now I know much more about you than I did before. You get to decide is that's a good or bad thing. Love you garden, by the way. Tweeted.


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