Monday, April 15, 2013

Liza Hosts Ten Yen True by Christina St. Clair & Amanda Armstrong

Konnichiwa my peeps! (That's Japanese for Hello.)

Today we have 

Christina St. Clair and Amanda Armstrong

 and their book 

Ten Yen True.

They are offering one lucky commenter an unusual gift:

An 8x8 inch framed tile of the Japanese Garden in Seattle Washington.

Peep Rep: That sounds really pretty. Can I see a picture of it?

Liza: I didn't get one.

Peep Rep: You aren't very good at this. Hold on. *dials phone*
Investigator Peep, I need you to find the Seattle Japanese Garden on a tile and bring me a picture.
*hangs up* 
You'll have a picture in just a moment.

Liza: And how do you know it will be the correct picture?

Peep Rep: We won't, but hopefully it will be pretty.

Liza: Is this the same investigative peep I had to fire last week for not checking his facts?

Peep Rep: The one and only.

Liza: Great!

Investigator Peep: I found the tile! It's really pretty.

Liza: Do you have any evidence this is the tile being offered today?

Investigative Peep: Yes. I traced the purchase back to it's site. This is the Japanese Garden tile up for grabs.   

Peep Rep: It's really pretty.

Liza: Well Peeps, you know what you have to do to win it. 

Peep Rep: Leave my email address at every stop on her tour...

Liza: And...

Peep: Leave a heart felt and meaningful comment.

Liza: Very good, Peep Rep. You are learning.

Investigative Peep: What about me?

Liza: You can come back, but you're on probation so don't start cutting investigative corners again. Now let's focus on the book at hand.

Ten Yen True
by Christine St. Claire and Amanda Armstrong



When four ten yen coins are mysteriously received, who knows where the journey will lead and what miracles may occur along the way.

For many years, the monk sat beside the Ajiike pond as he did today in the early morning, breathing in the peaceful settings of the Pure Land gardens........He was angry at the awful atrocities so recently bestowed upon his people....

Caitlin was ambitious to the point of ruthlessness.........

JJ was counting on getting a job at Johns Hopkins......he had to get out of Ashland KY and his fathers house before he blew his stack......

Little Tommy....He glanced again at the coin beside his hospital bed and felt suddenly peaceful.....Like maybe everything would be ok.......

Paul Somerville....Tommys father, former Hollywood actor, wannabe political star.......

Four people....four ten yen coins....

and a miracle.........?


Surely Caitlin Morgan's day couldn't get any worse? When she stepped out of the offices of Gorman Hardy Investment Bank on Moorgate, the heavens opened and the rain poured down. Cursing wearily under her breath, Caitlin delved in her new Birkin bag for her umbrella; pulling out keys, purse, make up and tissues (thankfully un-used), but to her dismay, no umbrella.

"Blast," she muttered, beginning to run to the empty bus shelter just outside her office building. Unlike her, most people had, at ten pm on a Friday night, gone home to enjoy the weekend. Or else they were crammed into the many bars around the city of London, enjoying a well-earned drink at the end of a tough working week.

Not me though, she mused, opening her purse to look for change for the bus. No, she would be heading straight home with just the prospect of a hot bath and a good book as her only bed companion. Not that she minded. She actually had no time for any kind of socializing anyway, and besides, why would she want to spend time with work colleagues on a Friday evening? Didn't she see enough of those idiots during the week?


AUTHORS Bio and Links:

Christina St. Clair

Award winning author, former shop-girl, chemist, and pastor, is currently a spiritual director, Reiki Master (don't read too much into the title master!), wife, animal lover, and writer.

She says, "Boring life? Let's not do duty. Let's do awe! Take a look at your own complexity? You might be amazed. Life leads us into so many interesting and sometimes difficult crossroads where we get to choose what now, what next? As a student of mysticism and spirituality in all its incarnations both religious, secular, and new age, I want to understand what life is about, what is truth? I am still seeking, but I am offering to those who are interested my insights weaved throughout my essays and stories. I hope my writings might add to your already surprising lives."



Amanda Armstrong

As author of Rose, this is my second published novel. They say everybody has at least one book in them. I have thousands, just screaming to get out!

A former banker turned wife and mother, I've been given the privilege to do just that and I am having so much fun.

Check out my author page on Amazon, read my blogs and book excerpts at or tweet me @mandymia

Liza: Okay Peeps. You know the drill. Leave a meaningful comment and YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Neither of these authors claim they are clairvoyant in their bios, so they need you to leave your email so they can find you if you win the lovely tile.

And to improve your chances, once you've commented here, click on the attached link to find the other blog sites on their tour.

When you reach Goddess Fish blogsite, page down 3 times and you'll find all sites participating 


  1. Wonderful interview, Liza. It boggles my mind that two people can write a book together. Congratulations, ladies. I tweeted.

    1. I know. I can barely get along with myself.

    2. It was a lot of fun and very strange too. Thanks for tweeting.

  2. Love this book. I hope you guys have a great tour.

    1. thanks, Christine. It's fun!

  3. I have been too busy to read my book received yet - but am ready to delve into it now that time permits as anything Christine has to say stirs my imagination. My admiration for my amazing friend and her talented writings continues to grow. Try her book and become her fan - you will not regret the time spent!

    1. Thanks, Julett. I hope you'll enjoy the book. Let me know!

  4. Nice interview

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. creative person is Liza with a great sense of humor! Christina


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