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Liza Interviews Jennifer Lowery - Murphy's Law

Today, we interview an experienced criminal...I mean author. She's clearly been trained in the art of brevity and limited answers by high-price lawyers. Her answers are abnormally concise, with little room to misinterpret. 

So unless a miracle occurs Good Liza will have no choice but to do this interview. Bad Liza is not happy, and has not given up hope, so don't count her out yet, but I have to say, matters looks bleak.

Without further warnings, I give you 

Jennifer Lowery

 talking about her recently released novel

 Murphy's Law.

Peep Rep: Oh come on. You've got to be able to do something with that title.

Liza: Like what?

Peep Rep: I have a joke about Murphy's Law, will that help?

Liza: Maybe. Let's hear it.

Peep Rep: Unemployed, recently divorced, homeless guy is sitting on a bench drinking away his misery while bemoaning his life.

Liza: That's not funny.

Peep Rep: Hush. A guy in an expensive suit walks by and tosses him a coin only it hits the lid of the bottle and slams into his teeth, chipping one of them half way off.

Liza: Still not laughing

Peep Rep: And the guy say say, "Cheer up. Things could be worse."

The bum stars at the coin and realizes it's a rare 1873 - CC Seated Liberty Quarter with motto. Only 5 are thought to exist and it's worth $125,000.  The bum, named Harold, smiles. This coin could turn his life around, give him the money to create a new life...even buy a new front tooth.

So the Harold Blagowitz cheers up and sure enough Things Get Worse.
A meteorite slashes through the atmosphere and obliterates him and his silly coin into ash. 

Liza: Okay, that is officially the worst joke ever!  

Peep Rep: Don't you get it? Cheer up, things could be worse. So he cheers up and sure enough, things get worse.

Liza: That's neither funny nor Murphy's Law. Murphy Law says Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

Peep Rep: Ha! Shows how observant you are. That joke could and did go totally wrong. A Murphy's Law Slam dunk. High Five me! *holds up hand*

Liza: *ignores Peep Rep* Jennifer please come out now and distract me so I don't kill Peep Rep.

Jen: Well, we wouldn't want that.

Liza: It's a pleasure to have you on my blog again. Welcome, welcome, welcome! Are you crying with happiness at being back?

Jen: No, I'm crying over Peep Rep's very sad story.

Liza: I know, but it was only a joke gone awry. Clearly, not Peep's skill. So let's talk about your skill. What is your favorite part of writing? 

Jen: The journey my characters take me on.

Liza: I thought it might be making your heroes bare their chests. I still remember your last hero.

Liza: Is there anything you don’t like about being a writer?

Jen: Writing a synopsis!

Liza: Me too. Why do we need to write a short story about our past tense novel...in present tense. Honestly, I'd rather they ask me to compose a musical ballad about my novel.

Jen: That's a scary thought.

Liza: How does your family feel about your writing and you being an author?

Jen: I’m so lucky to have a supportive, understanding family! They rock! And I love them all for being there for me as I follow my dream.

Liza: What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever offered you about writing?

Jen: Perseverance is the secret handshake-Cherry Adair. She wrote that to me in an email when I was an aspiring writer and I’ve never forgotten it!

Liza: Describe the hero in five words.

Jen: Tormented. Taciturn. Stoic. Gruff. Loyal.

Liza: The heroine?
Jen: Nurturing. Strong. Compassionate. Naïve. Passionate.

Liza: Who's your favorite character in the book & why?
Jen: Murphy. He’s my wounded warrior. So tormented. I just had to write his happy ending.

Liza: If your main character had been allowed to write the novel rather than you, how would the story have been different?
Jen: If Murphy had written this story Sara never would have been put in any danger and she never would have discovered her inner strength. It would have been so wrong, lol.

Liza: How would you describe your relationship with your muse?  Have you ever needed intervention?
Jen: My muse and I don’t always see eye to eye. Sometimes we aren’t even on speaking terms, lol. I’m often writing without my muse, since she can be a stubborn one and leaves me in the cold more times than not! I’ve learned to write without her. If I waited for inspiration or my muse I’d never get anything done, lol.
Bad Liza: Thank you God!


Jennifer Lowery and her longtime muse are on the outs. Rumors say they aren't speaking after muse locked Jennifer out of the house, leaving her in the cold.  While brokenhearted, Jennifer insists she's moved on and has learned to write without Muse. 

Jennifer: And you wonder why I watch what I say?

Liza: If you had to live on a deserted island with one author, who would it be?
Jen: Bear Grylls. I’d certainly survive, lol. 

Liza: Survive yes, but you won't be happy. This guy eats crap like slugs that gives him the runs while he's climbing dangerous cliffs.

And NEVER accept yellow liquids from the guy. 

See the following humorous video for further explanation why Bear was probably the worst choice you could have made. http://youtu.be/hRBD26CS4wU

Liza: Now let's get to the reason Jennifer agreed to come on my site again. 

Liza: She knows I love bare chested men.

 Nowhere to go. No place to hide.

Home is the last place Jon Murphy can go. After being held captive in Tazbekistan, he returns to the States only to find he can’t face his mom and sisters with what he did while he was a prisoner, so he retreats to the mountains.

Widow Sara Sheldon has made a lifetime of mistakes and is now running scared from her husband’s powerful family, who are determined to take her daughter away from her. When her little girl goes missing in the Rockies, Sara enlists the only help she can find: a gruff recluse with tracking skills to admire and a body to covet.

A storm strands Sara and her daughter at Murphy’s cabin, leaving her no choice but to hope her in-laws don’t catch up while she plans where to run next. Murphy resents the invasion of his privacy, but can’t seem to keep his mind--or his hands--off Sara. How can she stand to look at him, with all his scars? He’s not nearly as honorable as she might think…only enough to make sure she’s safe, and then he’ll go back to being alone, the way he should be.

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual content
A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance

Copyright 2013, Jennifer Lowery
All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.

Murphy sat at the kitchen table, half in the shadows created by the soft light glowing above the stove, hair tousled from sleep. Naked to the waist. A bottle of amber liquid sat in front of him, an empty glass in his hand. Her gaze landed on his muscled shoulders and trailed across his tanned chest. So much for getting him out of her mind. Now she had the real thing to dream about. Looking at the dark hairs that veed down his chest and disappeared behind the table, she decided he’d been right. He was a dangerous man.

She tore her gaze away from temptation and looked at the granite lines of his face. Beneath the hardness of his expression, something haunting lingered. Drawn, she circled the table to the opposite end.

Murphy met her eyes with coldness that should have sent her running for the safety of her room, but she remained standing in place. He wanted to chase her away. This time she wasn’t running.

“Mind if I join you?” She grabbed a glass and from the cupboard and reached over his shoulder for the bottle.

His hand snaked out and wrapped around hers, preventing her from pouring a drink.
“I mind,” he growled.

“Well, get over it. I need a drink.”

Scowling, he let go of her hand and allowed her to pour a glass for herself. She refilled his glass next, set the bottle on the table, moved to the chair beside him and sat, lifting her glass.

“Cheers.” She brought the glass to her lips. His gaze as she drained the glass made her fight the urge to cough as the fiery liquid burned its way down her throat. Seconds later she felt the familiar warming sensation as it numbed her insides. Her eyes filled with tears. She blinked them away and reached for the bottle.

Murphy held it away from her. “What are you doing?”

“Having a drink. I’m not in the mood for warm milk tonight.”

His eyes darkened and narrowed. “You don’t strike me as the drinking type.”

She wasn’t, but tonight it sounded good. Maybe it would soothe away her problems and make her forget how screwed-up her life was. Talking about Kent earlier had brought back painful memories. She didn’t want to feel that misery anymore.

“Maybe you don’t know my type,” she said.

He studied her closely for a moment before rubbing a hand over his face. “Go back to bed, Sara. Sleep it off.”

“I don’t want to sleep it off. I’m tired of thinking about it.”

Maybe it was the whisky, or his naked chest, or the part of her that had been dormant for six years coming back to life. More than anything she wanted to discover it with Murphy, her strong, scarred hero.

She rose to her feet. He watched warily as she stepped in front of him and positioned herself between him and the table. He leaned back in his chair and sent her a thunderous look.

“You and I are alike in many ways, Murphy,” she said softly. “We’ve both lost pieces of ourselves we can’t ever get back and it has forced us into a life of loneliness and solitude. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being alone.”

He pinned her with a hard glare. “I’m not what you want. Go back to your room before I do something we’ll both regret in the morning.”
His harshly spoken words sent little electrical shocks through her body.

“I’m tired of people telling me what I want.” 

Liza: That's a fabulous excerpt. Makes me want to buy the book. So let's get those Links up.


In case some of you don't know about the fabulous Jennifer Lowery here's her bio:

Jennifer Lowery grew up reading romance novels in the back of her math book and on the bus to school, and never wanted to be anything but a writer.  Her summers were spent sitting at the kitchen table with her sisters spinning tales of romance and intrigue and always with a tall glass of ice tea at their side. 

Today, Jennifer is living that dream and she couldn’t be happier to share her passion with her readers.  She loves everything there is about romance.  Her stories feature alpha heroes who meet their match with strong, independent heroines.  She believes that happily ever after is only the beginning of her stories. And the road to that happy ending is paved with action, adventure, and romance. As her characters find out when they face danger, overcome fears, and are forced to look deep within themselves to discover love.  

 Jennifer lives in Michigan with her husband and two children.  When she isn’t writing she enjoys reading and spending time with her family. 

Find Jennifer:

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