Saturday, April 20, 2013

Liza Kidnaps Kary Rader- Queen of Jastain

Welcome Peeps, the kidnapping spree continues. Today we snag an author who vanquishes evil and injustice.

Peep Rep: You kidnapped Batman? Holy Cow!

Liza: I don't think Batman was an author. Besides, the door to his bat cave is locked and has no welcome mat. And he's got a man butler.

Peep Rep: OMG you kidnapped Clark Kent! 

Liza: What? No! Clark Kent is a new reporter, not an author.

Peep Rep: Same thing.

Liza: No, it's not.  Guess again.

Peep Rep: Kary Rader?

Liza: Finally! Let's welcome my latest kidnapped guest: Kary Rader.

Kary: I'd wave hello, but... And by the way, is this garden hose you’ve wrapped me in? Did I not warrant high-grade nylon rope? And where did you learn to tie these knots?....Oh, I forgot. You’re supposed to ask the questions, right? Crap. There was another one.

Liza: You're a bit tied up, we know. So when rummaging through your home office I found
an interesting book. Since it had your name on it, I'm hoping you've read it. Nice cover, by the way.

Kary: Thanks. I've not only read it, but I wrote it…multiple times. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, I probably know this story better than anyone. At the very least, top three percent of all people. So you think I have a nice cover? Nice? Seriously? There is a perfect male specimen shimmering in the Light and all you can say is “nice cover”? Oops, that was another question, wasn’t it? Crap. I’m not used to these interviews yet.

Liza: All right then let's do this up right:

WRITTEN AND READ (multiple times)BY
KARY RADER with a way better than NICE cover.

Kary: You get stranger by the day, which is great because I’m walking that road with you and we can remain friends together (along with the voices).

Liza: I know. It's because my peeps keep telling me I'm funny. It encourages me to push boundaries.

Kary: And a few buttons, I imagine. But please refrain from hitting the eject button for now.

Liza: So tell me about this book you've read and written (multiple times).

Kary: The Light brought her to him, but does he have the faith to make her his queen?

Liza: I don't know. Why are authors asking me questions about their books?

Kary: No, that’s actually a rhetorical question this time. That's the beginning of my blurb. 

Liza: Then we need to label it so my peeps realize you aren't testing them on their reading comprehension.

Peep Reep: Yeah, we don't like tests.

The Light brought her to him, but does he have the faith to make her his queen?

For twenty years, Avant plotted revenge against the dark king, but when a mysterious woman suddenly appears, everything changes. Although his prophetic Gift reveals she's the Seed of Light chosen to restore the Crown, his overwhelming attraction to the women threatens his long-held plan for revenge and two decades of fidelity.
Abby Randall is inexplicably transported from Dallas to the medieval land of Jastain. There she meets Avant, who claims she's the foretold champion of his people. While the hot guy has her hormones pumping, his crazy talk of defeating an evil king leaves questions to his sanity. Through his supernatural Gift, Avant transplants his memories into her, but neither are prepared for how their hearts intertwine.
Together they embark on their quest, but when Abby and Avant come face to face with destiny, will they sacrifice what matters most to provide a happily-ever-after for the people of Jastain?

Liza: Hey! I've read this. It's really good. The hero and heroine couldn't be more different at the start. The story line is engaging and unique, and the character depth of all the characters, not just the hero and heroine are three dimensional and memorable. I can truly recommend this story.

Kary: Thank you. Would you like an excerpt? (Sorry, about the question.)

Liza: Absolutely, but let me label it.

 Kary: You do realize that's not spelled correctly?

Peep Rep: No, but it makes us laugh at Liza.

Liza: Both of you hush and listen to the Xsurp

When Avant climbed back to the cave, his hair was wet. He'd slicked it back from his face and tied it into a little ponytail with a leather string. The sexy shadow of a light beard softened his angular jaw, and the thick waves of his hair shined with chestnut highlights in the morning sun. It was a good look for him, but then again, what wasn’t? Abby ran her fingers through her own tangled tresses and pulled her hair back. What she wouldn't give for a hairclip.

Would you like a thong for your hair?”

She giggled at the word thong, certain that what she pictured was not what he referenced. “Do you have an extra one? I’d like to get it out of my face, and I don’t have anything.” Actually she had her own thong, but she sure as hell wasn't putting it in her hair.

He immediately unlaced the tie at the neck of his shirt and handed it to her.

She gasped and put a hand to her face to hide the heat in her cheeks as his shirt fell open below his breast bone. “You don’t have to do that.”

Her blood coursed wildly at the sight of the smooth muscles of his chest. A soft sprinkling of dark hair beckoned her fingers. She swallowed hard.

 “It’s all right. Please use it. It will be a hard day’s journey with hair in your face.” His words rang in her mind so sincerely she forgot her embarrassment, but her eyes kept flitting to his heavenly chest.

Thank you, Avant, and not only for the lace but for everything you're doing to help me.

Holding her gaze, he nodded once, and her heart fluttered. Was it getting warm in the cave? She wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead.

 “It is time to be off if we are to make it to the next shelter before nightfall.” He picked up his pack and walked to the mouth of the cave. She grabbed her bag and followed.

Climbing down proved to be more difficult than going up. The muscles required to lower herself from one level to the next worked her thighs and butt like no gym equipment she'd ever experienced. It was like doing hours of squats. She trudged down the mountain with the previous day's tumult weighting her down like the “freshman ten.” Avant helped her along on the steeper steps, but, for the most part, she made them on her own, clippity-clopping in those damned Docinis all the way.

When he reached the bottom, he disappeared around an outcropping. Abby took the last little step to the base and hurried after him. As she turned the corner, Avant grabbed her arm and spun her around. Driving her back against the rock, he pressed the length of his rigid body against her. His face, barely three inches from hers, clenched in thin lines of stress. Her heart raced…with fear.

She was pretty sure it was fear.


Peep Rep: Don't stop. Read us more.

Liza: Buy the book and read it yourself, Peep Rep. Kary is tied up, which means she can't turn pages. She would have to recite the book from memory.

Peep Rep: I don't mind.

Liza: Do you have any idea how long this blog will be if she reads her entire book to you? 

Peep Rep: We might win the Guinness World Record for blog length.

Liza: True, and it's such a good book, my viewers would no doubt read to the end, BUT Blogger would probably kick me out for crashing their blogger system.

Peep Rep: Okay, I'll go buy the book. Does Kary have links?

Liza: I couldn't find any in her desk. But frisk her shoes. Ladies are always storing weblinks in their shoes.

Peep Rep: I thought it was their bras.

Liza: No, that's for money, credit cards and fake ids.

Peeps, if you'd like to know more about Kary, I found some interesting information on her.

The Official Bio of Kary Rader, stolen from her desk.:

Kary Rader is a part-time Twitter sage, stay-at-home mother of three, and slave to the characters and worlds inside her head. Always creative, she's drawn to stories with fantastical worlds and creatures. With a little bit of magic and divine guidance, there isn't anything that can't be accomplished with words. It's the power of words that creates and destroys. Vanquishing evil and injustice while finding eternal love in the process is all in a day's work. With the help of her critique partners and master cartographer imaginary places come to life.

You can legally stalk her at: 

Parameters beyond those places could result in a restraining order.

Kary: Can I go home now?

Liza: First you have to compliment my book.

Kary: The book is well written, starts out delightfully humorous, then it turns serious and traumatizes me. And I will add that if said author who traumatizes friends wrote another book about what happens to the real young Casey, all could be forgiven. Until then I’ll have to write a cheap knock-off called Really Saving Casey and post it to some bad fanfic site. (and that’s all I have to say about that.) 

Liza: Yeah, sorry about that, but Life is a mixed bowl of nuts.

Kary: Prepare to laugh, cry, and seek therapy to recover.

Liza: That should be sufficient to justify my expenses to kidnap you to the IRS.

Kary: Glad I could help. Can you untie me now?

Liza: Nope, I'm keeping you for two days, so more of my peeps can visit you. 

Liza: Peeps, leave a comment. Kary and I both love to get comments. 
And follow my blog please. It doesn't take long, and it makes me sooooo happy.

Kary: One final comment, Can you tell me who asked the most questions in this post? If you can, leave a comment and I’ll give you a Sword Charm necklace.


  1. Somebody comment! I'll even take a spammer...

  2. Great interview!!! Sooo funny. Kary I loved your excerpt! Tweeted.

    1. Thank you Ella. Kary can't respond right now. She's tied up. :) I'm sure she'll reply later...when I free her. But that's in 3 days.

  3. Thanks! Great fun, as usual.
    Nice work, Kary, best of luck!

    1. Thanks Tony. I keep posting camping pictures on Kary's site. So nobody knows she's been kidnapped.

  4. I must be behind the times. I didn't know ladies now stored weblinks in their shoes. LOL I learn new and larcenous stuff every time I visit you, Liza. And Kary I think your cover is way better than nice. I think it's AWESOME! But then so is the book.

    Great job, ladies. Hysterical as always. Liza you really must untie Kary before 3 days. You'll cut off the circulation in her hands and they'll turn black and fall off and she won't be able to write any more fantastic books!

  5. It's not often a blog is as entertaining as yours. Let Kary's hands free so she can keep pumping out her great stories!

    1. Thank you for the fine compliment. I'll make certain her hands continue to work.

  6. you know Liza there's only so many times I get you out of trouble for kidnapping. I love the cover, Kary. What could be better than a bare chest and big biceps? I must go get this book!!

    1. Truly, I had no idea 'nice' had become a negative word. Is Sweet still positive?
      God only knows how many peeps I've insulted. Nice car! Nice shoes. Nice haircut...

      I wonder if my blogs pop up at the FBI center, as they search for real crimes. Her again.
      Maybe they enjoy having a laugh during their otherwise hard job.

  7. as usual,an entertaining interview, Liza. Kary your book sounds awesome. love the excerpt. Avant sounds really cool. And Liza, loosen those knots on Kary's hands, she needs them--her hands not the knots :) Tweeted.

    1. I promise, I will not allow any harm come to Kary's hands. As a fellow author I fully understand the need of digits.

  8. Thanks for giving me back my hands, Liza! And for having me on the blog!

    1. I would never harm your hands. It would be same as smashing DeVinci's fingers.

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you for stopping by Maer. Glad you enjoyed it.

  10. LOL. Liza, you are seriously nutty! Kary, great job!

    1. Nawww, I'll lightly nutty. The seriously nutty people in my family do NOT make you laugh. Say hi for me to your horses. They don't write to me anymore. sniff.

  11. I don't think anyone answered your question. I believe I had them so rattled they forgot about the necklace you were offering.

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