Monday, May 27, 2013

Liza Kidnaps Kylie Wolfe- Rayven's Keep

It's been awhile since I kidnapped anyone, so last night I went out shopping and found me an author. 

Peep Rep: Someday you're going to get arrested. *smiles happily*

Liza: And someday you're going to be less annoying. So guess who my guest is.

Peep Rep: I can't. You've placed yellow sticky paper on the top of your computer where the name resides.

Liza: I'll give you a hint:

Peep Rep: Oh God, you're interviewing an extinct dodo bird?

Liza: Never...well not unless they write a novel. It's your hint. My kidnapped victim's picture is rarer than a dodo bird. 

Peep Rep: That is the worst hint ever.

Liza: Guess now:

Pep Reep: Can you tell me your name?

Kidnapped Victim: I'm Kylie Wolfe. Are you here to rescue me?

Liza: No, he's just a useless annoyance my followers have pawned off on me. And if you ever want to be released, you'll have to follow my one rule: Never talk to Peep Rep.

Kylie: Sorry. Can you tell me why I was kidnapped?

Liza: Sure. I was bored and wanted a good book. You seem to have one, so I brought you both home with me.

Kylie: You mean kidnapped me!

Liza: Semantics. Allow me to unveil you, so you can talk about your book.
Kylie: Thank you! I was about to suffocate.

Liza: So here's the book I took. It's yours, right?
Kylie: That's my baby.

Liza: It looks like a full-grown book to me. What's the genre?

Kylie: It's a Sci-Fi Romance.

Liza: Oh, I love those. Tell me all about it.

Kylie: If you insist...

The last thing he needs is the complication of a spoiled heiress.

All Tru Creighton wants is to be taken seriously by her wealthy and powerful family. When she discovers inconsistencies in one of the family holdings, she decides to prove her worth by investigating. After she’s stranded on a foreign planet with no way home and with her life in jeopardy, she puts herself in the questionable care of Nick Rayven.

Nick Rayven knows all about survival. A former soldier and refugee from a world destroyed by war, his focus is solely on carving a new place for himself and his growing business. When he finds himself stuck with Tru Creighton, his life is turned upside down by murder, drugs and an interplanetary conspiracy. To complicate matters more, her presence awakens emotions and feelings he thought long dead.

Nick’s strong sense of duty prevents him from acting on the growing attraction between them, but Tru doesn’t have the same qualms. She willingly follows where her heart leads–straight to the enigmatic, honorable man who is fighting to keep her safe. Will she be able to convince him they belong together? 

Liza: Don't ask me, I haven't read it. But I want to. Can you read me an excerpt by memory?

Kylie: From memory? Seriously? I'll give it a shot.

Copyright 2013, Kylie Wolf
All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.

Liza: Hold on, what with the copyright reminder?

Kylie: Well you did steal me from my home...

Liza: Good point. Okay go on with the Excerpt.

Tru’s breath hitched, and she covered her mouth with her hands. She looked at Nick, appalled she would lose her temper with him after everything he’d been through for her. Until the words had left her mouth she had not realized how much being just a client truly bothered her. Her growing feelings for Nick and the kiss they’d shared earlier had made the niggling doubts resurface.

She was afraid Nick might decide the kiss they’d shared was a mistake and the reason he was in such a hurry to get back in space was to return her home now his duty was done. It was irrational, disconcerting and wholly inappropriate, given the circumstances, and she regretted the words as soon as they left her mouth.

Nick struggled to take a few swallows of water, never taking his gaze off her. His eyes looked slightly unfocused from the pain medication and twin frown lines drew his brows together. She could see he was having trouble grasping what she was upset about.

“You aren’t just a client,” he said, his tone weary.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” Her fingers plucked at the bedding. “I don’t know what came over me.” She moved closer, removed the water cylinder from his lax fingers and placed it on the table, close enough he could reach it in future.

“S’no problem,” Nick said, his words running together. “Need sleep.” His eyes drifted closed only to blink back open as she moved away. 

“No, don’t leave.”

She turned back and returned to the side of his bed, unsure what to do. He barely had the energy to pat the bed to indicate he wanted her to lie down with him.

“You want me to climb into bed with you?” He scooted slowly to the opposite side, leaving enough room for her to lie down. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, Nick. What if I hurt you?”


“But…” she didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence before he frowned, reached for her hand and tugged her down.

Giving in, she stretched out beside him, making sure she didn’t touch any of his injuries. She laid her head on the pillow, and once she settled, he sighed.

“Better,” he mumbled, looking on the edge of sleep.

Tru watched him as his breathing evened out and deepened. His dark lashes made crescent shadows against his pale cheeks, but the swelling on his eye was almost gone. Bruises had rapidly changed color from deep purple to acid yellow. All vied with the shadow of his beard and almost hid the healing cuts. Deep lines fanned out from his eyes and added to his battered look.

Her heart twisted. She was in love with him, deeply and irrevocably. Careful not to wake him, she touched a fingertip to his mouth and brushed his lips before dropping away.

“I love you, Nick Rayven,” she whispered, certain he was asleep and wouldn’t hear her.

Peep Rep: I want to buy this book. Do you have links?

Kylie: My book is available for pre-order through iTunes and the release date is June 3 for Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lyrical. 
ISBN: 9781616504632

Investigative Peep: Sorry I'm late, but I dug up some interesting information about your guest.

Kylie: Do I look like a guest? I'm wrapped in a hundred yards of nylon rope!

Liza: Ignore my guest, what have you got?

IP: Here's the scoop. Since she first discovered books, Kylie Wolfe has had a love affair with the written word.   She freely admits to being a dreamer, first and foremost, and it was a natural progression from there to writing.

Travel to other planets and conversations with sentient computers are all part of a normal day.  She feels she has done her job well as a writer if a reader can feel the weightlessness of space, finds it normal to visit other planets and roots for the hero to win the girl.

Liza: Well, I'm lucky I caught her at home.  

IP: Oh, I should mentions she's got a giant space cat with laser eyes.

Liza: That doesn't sound good.

IP: It's not. You need to wrap this up, because I think he's in the spacecraft hovering over your home.

Liza: Okay Kylie, say something nice about my book and I'll let you go.

Kylie: Your book?

Liza: Yes, either Saving Casey, which is out, or you can compliment Worst Week Ever coming out in July, or Ghost Lover coming out in December. 

Yogi: Pet Kylie, I have come to your rescue. Evil Liza prepare to die.

Liza: Hold on! You can't kill me. I'm a fellow author. 

Kylie: She's right. You can't kill her.

Yogi: Maim her a bit?

Kylie: No, then people will discover you aren't a normal cat and we'll have to leave earth for good.

Yogi: Then untie my pet and I'll take her home.

Liza: Not until she says something nice about my book. Only it looks like I'm going to have to read one of my books to her, because she hasn't read any of them.

Yogi: Hold on. I uploaded all your computer files and assimilated the information. May I speak for her. 

Liza: Go for it.

Yogi: All three books are very well written. Saving Casey will make you laugh, cry, and yell. Worst Week Ever made me laugh until my tummy hurt and Ghost Lover made me laugh and fall in love with humans all over again. There. Will you untie my pet so I can take her home and snuggle away her trauma.

Liza: Okay. Here you go--
And there she's goes. 
Well, that was fun, 
Oh here's what you need to know to stalk Kylie, but do so respectfully. You do not want to run afoul of Yogi.

Kylie lives in the Pacific Northwest.  
You can email her at or visit her website at

Leave a comment. I'm sure Yogi will port off responses to your supportive words.


  1. Great interview. Love the cover and the excerpt.

    1. Thank you Daryl. It does sound like a good book, doesn't it.

  2. Love it! Got to watch out for that space kitty though

    1. I go by the firm rule: look out for any animal with glowing eyes.

  3. Fun interview and beautiful cover. I think my daughters cat is kin to Yogi!

    1. Does your daughter's cat turn annoying dogs into small dust piles?

  4. Clever and fun - and different! Love it!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This is great! It makes me want to buy books you've both written, but I'm too busy rolling on the floor laughing. Oh, and I'm a bit frightened of cats now, too. LOL Thanks for the book ideas, and the entertainment. ~ Viola

    1. That's a great compliment, Miss Viola.I'm glad you had such a good laugh. Hope you didn't get dusty rolling on the floor. And feel free to buy our books, I think I speak for Kylie on this: that will make us very happy.

  7. Oh oh! I wanna meet Yogi! He's sounds absolutely awesome! Can he come over and play with my cats? I'm sure he could teach them a thing or two!

    Love the interview Ladies. And the book! Can't wait to read it!

    1. Margaret, you might want to rethink your playdate invite to Yogi with your cats. He could mate with one of them and in two months they will birth little eye glowing alienkits that will likely burn your house down before they learn to control their laser glares.

  8. LOLOL, loved this interview.

    1. Thank Brenda. I need positive reinforcement. I'm at war with a murdering fiend of a raccoon.

  9. Oh wow...this book sounds good. Love the name of the hero!!

    1. Just want to be certain you know Yogi is her real life alien master/pet (not sure of the relationship there.)

  10. Fun interview! Can't wait to read Rayven's Keep!

    1. I'm worried about my followers thinking kidnappings are fun. I may be leading them in a life of sinisterism. (Not misspelled-just made up)

  11. Love the whole conversation! Sorry I arrived late to the party but I discovered Rayven's Keep has been released by Amazon and ended up reading it instead of dashing over here. I think I'm in love with Nick Rayven! I would willingly go into space to meet him and some of the guys who work with him. Yum!

    Thanks to the scary picture of Yogi I am paying a lot more attention to my feline cohabitants. They have similar deliusions of grandeur.

    Thanks for hosting this lovely "interview."

    1. That's the best excuse ever of WHY I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO VISIT THE BLOG SOONER.
      But for the record, I am not a host. I was raised by feral cats. I couldn't host my way out of kid's tea party. I am a kidnapper. There are some fundamentally differences between hosts and kidnappers. One being thirty feet of rope. So understandably I am insulted by the host comment, but I will forgive you this ONCE.


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