Saturday, May 18, 2013

Liza O'Connor Interviews the book An Unwilling Husband by Tera Shanley

Howdy, peeps!  We got us a genuine cowboy book today. If that don't tickle your feathers, I don't know what will.

Peep Rep: Do cowboys really talk like that?

Liza: Probably not, but let's ask the book. Hey, An Unwilling Husband, shuffled yourself on in and take a load off.

Peep Rep: That's a beautiful book cover.

Liza: It's clearly a male book, call it handsome. So An Unwilling Husband, mind if I call you Hubby?

Book: Wow, you're talking to me?

Liza: Yes I am good looking.

Peep Rep: I think she's hitting on you. You should probably run for the hills.

Book: Easier said than done, partner. We books are a slow moving lot.

Liza: Hubby! Don't talk to Peep Rep. That's my only rule.

Book: Already with the rules. Most ladies wait until they get a ring on their finger before cracking the whip. And if it's all the same to you, I'd rather you not call me Hubby.

Peep Rep: It gives you the willies don't it?

Liza: Don't answer that.

Book: Well I have to address the misunderstanding. The reason I don't want you calling me Hubby has nothing to do with you. You're a fine healthy looking woman. Good teeth and strong back and everything. However, the cowboy in my book promised his friend he'd marry his daughter Maggie, and he's a man of his word. So you can't be going around calling me Hubby. People will get the wrong idea and think Garret done run off with another woman. And while he has a great desire to run off, it ain't for another woman.

Liza: Thank you for explaining that. What would you like to be called?

Book: Well my creator refers to me as Twister Billy on account of the twists and turns in my story but you can just call me Billy for short.

Liza: So Billy, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Billy: Sure enough. The female in my book, Maggie Flemming--

Liza: Any relation to Dorothy Fleming, the former ice skater?

Billy: No ma'am I don't think so.  But if you'd stop interrupting me, I'm sure this will go quicker.

Peep Rep: Good luck on that.

Billy: Anyways, she moves back to the up and coming cattle town of her youth just in time for a tragic turn of events that will leave her destitute. 

Liza: That sounds like sorry timing.

Billy: Yes ma'am it was. Out of family and out of options, her childhood friend, Garret Shaw, proposes an out to her dire situation. But the hardened man he has become doesn’t match her memories of the sweet boy from childhood. 

Liza: But she's a tough cowgirl. She'll kick his ass if he causes her trouble.

Billy: No ma'am. She was raised a high falutin’ lady, London bred and Boston raised, and is new to the dangers of the wild west.

Liza: That doesn't sound good.

Billy: There ain't nothing good about her situation.
She's gotta face scarred friendships, surprise weddings, kidnappings, drama infused barn raisings, danger filled cattle drives and a pissed off townie or two in order to find her place in the arduous land she’s determined to call home. 

To be honest, she's a wee bit overwhelmed. You should see Mrs. Maggie in a saloon full of rootin’-tootin’ tobacco spittin’ good old boys. Quite a sight. But she's as stubborn as a mule and she turns me into a slow simmering love story to last the ages.

Liza: Unless she gives up and lets her reluctant cowboy go.

Billy: I sure do hope not because I got my heart set on being a love story.

Liza: Well let's see.

Billy: See what?

Liza: *rolls her eyes* Let's open your handsome cover and take a peek inside.

Billy: Ma'am we just met.

Liza: Don't get all girlish with me. You're a book. Open up your pages so we can read an excerpt. 

Billy: All righty, but just one peek. No touching.

The vows were simple enough, but Maggie fumbled as she tried not to think of what she was saying. She tried her hardest to ignore the nagging voice that said ‘this is your wedding day -- you are marrying Garret Shaw,’ which would only send her pulse racing faster than it already was. It wasn’t at all like she imagined this day would be like. The entire time she and Garret repeated their simple vows they glared at each other and when the preacher announced he may now kiss his bride, they both gave a wide-eyed look to the portly missionary.

“That’s all right,” Garret spoke up. “I think Miss. Flemming and I would like to forgo that one.”

“Mrs. Shaw,” the preacher corrected. “Now kiss her so we can go,” he said sternly.

Garret stared at the preacher just long enough to make it awkward and sighed. He turned that steely blue gaze back to Maggie and her breath caught in her throat. She had never kissed anyone before. Though Maggie was quite accepting in her own inexperience, she didn’t doubt for a moment that a man like Garret Shaw had experienced intimacy by the wagon load.

She closed her eyes and waited, unable to look at his angry face another second for fear of losing her courage. She felt gentle hands on her arms and the softest, barest brush of his lips. Garret held his ground for a moment before he pressed his mouth more firmly onto hers. Maggie unconsciously leaned into his body and the fabric on his chest caressed her bare skin. A warm sensation deep inside of her pressed downward and a need to feel closer to such a powerful creature was staggering. Garret pulled away but left his hands on her arms for a moment longer. By the time she opened her eyes, the menacing glower was back on his face and he pulled his hands away from her. Maggie stumbled forward at the absence of Garret’s strong arms. 

He said a terse, “Load up!” and headed back into the house. He didn’t look back at her as he disappeared inside. She waited and watched to see if he would. Maggie placed a trembling hand over the exposed skin of her chest as if it would stifle the acute disappointment of Garret’s willing absence.

Liza: Yeah, that looks like the slowest simmer in the world. But on the bright side, you've got nowhere to go but up from here.

Peep Rep: I like slow simmers. When is this book coming out? I want to buy it.

Billy: In December.

Liza: Hey, that's when my book Ghost Lover is coming out. We'll have to trade notes on how we're doing. 

BillyI know Ghost Lover. He fluttered my pages when we passed in contracts. Called it a ‘fist bump.’ Well give him my salutations and come December I’ll send him a jug of rotgut whiskey to celebrate our releases. That’ll put some hair on any book’s spine. Back cover too probably. Peep Rep, I’d bet my boots you’d like the rotgut.

Peep Rep: *grins and waggles eyebrows beseechingly*

Liza: Not a chance. You’re hairy enough and Billy! No talking to Peep Rep, remember? Well that ends my interview. Anything you'd like to say before I send my peeps off to write meaningful comments?

Billy: If you don't mind I'd like to take a moment and thank my wonderful author who made me the book I am. 

Liza: Sure, give it a whirl. I always love hearing about my fellow authors.

Billy: Well Tera Shanley, that's her name. Real nice lady. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, two young’uns and two miniature dogs that keep the skunks out of the yard. 

Liza: Yeah a dog can do that, but it comes back smelling so bad, that now you gotta keep the dog out of the house.

Peep Rep: Or pour tomato paste all over it.

Liza: Bad idea, because it will shake and now you are covered with tomato paste.

Billy: Back to my author, she’s been writing poetry and songs for years and telling stories since she was knee high to a grasshopper, but is relatively new to writing novels.

Seven novels in a year and a half have her sometimes not-so-secretly wishing out loud for writer’s block. Six of those books have gone to contract within the last seven months.

Liza: What? That's insane. SIX books at the publishers at the same time. The elder ones not released before the young ones come out?

Billy: If you'll stop butcherizing Jane Austen, I'll continue with her saga. She is happily swimming in edits.

Liza: Must be a masochist. 

Billy: She's also gotta chase her kids and husband/third child around. Let's see, what else? From the chip crumb showers I get, I assume she likes pringles.

 I’ve also caught her googling miniature horse pictures and muttering in her sleep about buying a bunch of land and living in a tiny house in the wilderness. 

When she ain’t working on a book, she’s with her family and friends, and they are probably out in the woods somewhere attracting new story ideas and ticks.

Liza: How the bloody hell does she have time to get ticks? I'm publishing 2 book at the same time and I barely get six hours sleep a night. Yes I have a dog that expects to be walked minimally 3 hours a day, but still. What special powers does Tera have? Investigator Peep, I need you!

IP: You called?

Liza: Yes. Track down all of Tera's social sites and determine if she's really publishing 6 books at once.

IP: I've already done so. Here are her links and her 6 books to claim fame is true. Thus I'm sending a medic unit bearing oxygen to Texas. They'll secretly follow her about to ensure she doesn't faint from this impossible challenge.

Liza: Well done Investigator Peep. You've impressed me.  So here are Tera Shanley's links.
Stop by and check out bionic author Tera and help the medics keep her alive. This is no minor challenge she has taken upon herself.


Now if you can't think of a comment after this book a view, you're just brain dead. lol.

Peep Rep: You shouldn't call your followers 'brain dead.'

Liza: I was teasing, I love you guys. I'm just feeling insecure because I can barely handle two books in the hopper at once. I must be doing stuff wrong.

Peep Rep: I can pretty well guarantee you are. 

Liza: Followers, I beg you, elect a new peep rep. Please!


  1. Thanks so much for having Billy over for an interview, Liza! I bribed him to behave ;)

  2. What an entertaining interview. I believe I'll be speaking with a Texas-style drawl all day long, thank you very much, Billy. Loved the excerpt and An Unwilling Husband will definitely be added to my to-be-read list. Congrats, Tera on your productivity. I'm jealous, and tired at the same time.

    1. Makes me feel like a sloth in comparison.

    2. haha, i definitely won't be sleeping for the next year ;) or exercising, eating, or taking bathroom breaks...

  3. I agree with Gemma on all counts! :) Congrats Tera, all the way around. That's amazing productivity, I don't know how you find the time.

    I loved the excerpt and will be adding An Unwilling Husband to my TBR list!

    1. I think she may have found a way to stretch time.

    2. It's not so bad when your editor has five of the books. Makes most of my deadlines nice and staggered :) I'm only dealing with two sets of editing deadline overlaps instead of six. thank goodness! when it comes promotion time though, i will be a wild woman. calm and collected now, taping my eyelids open and chugging gallon tubs of coffee in six months or so ;)

      Thanks for stopping by Mae!

  4. Tera, I have multiple books each year too, and I agree--always best when your editor's working on them!! One more thing of your own plate. :) Best luck with your book!(s)

    1. Definitely Lyndi! I would be drowning if it were six books with six different publishers. just thinking about that gives me hives, haha. But because one editor has the majority of my books, i actually have some down time between edits to write, which i'm really grateful for. congrats on your publishing multiple books at once and to Liza too! You ladies are my heroes!

    2. Thanks Tera. Not sure how I got to hero status, but I always accept compliments with great appreciation.

    3. hero status because you have two books in the pipe and your blog is awesome! mine is a pitiful little thing that only gets a post from me once or twice a week. poor lonely likely wishes it was yours instead of mine ;)

    4. And my blog wishes I would be serious more often. I try to be serious once a month to balance matters off, but I'm finding it difficult to get people to come on for Real Life issues. I suppose it's like going on Stephen Colbert to talk about serious topics.


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