Sunday, June 2, 2013

Help Liza choose a Banner for her Blog Tour

I am creating a fabulous tour for my funny disaster romance: Worst Week Ever, and I need my peep's help in deciding which Tour banner to use.

Here are your choices (in no particular order):

1) The Best Blog Ever--
Might be considered a bit arrogant on my part, but I've worked really hard on my blogs so that this could be true. Each one is unique and interesting.

2) The Coolest Blog Tour Ever-- 
Less arrogant and more cool, unless you think claiming to be cool is so uncool. 

3) The Craziest Blog Tour Ever--
Now this one might be the most accurate, because I really color outside of the lines on some of these blogs.

4)The Most Amazing Blog Tour--
I considered this because I amazed even myself at how many different and unique ways I manage to talk or visualize about this book.

So there are your choices. Now if you really hate them all equally, feel free to suggest something different. 

I am open to creative ideas right now, so don't be shy.

You may either leave your choice in the comments or use the voter thingy on the right column.


  1. I think I'll throw in my 2 cents for the third one. That would be the blog tour I'd follow anyhow. Good Luck!

  2. I'll add a second vote for No. 3. A "worst" week seems like it would have tons of crazy hijinks in it, in the proud tradition of off-the-wall comedy movies.

  3. Yep, number 3 grabs my attention most! makes me want to check your tour out just to read some 'crazy' stuff :)

  4. I've read your very funny and enjoyable blog - I think No. 3 is applicable. I'm sure the tour will live up to the title. Good luck with the tour.

  5. The Best Blog Tour Ever bookends/calls back to the book title, Worst Weekend Ever. So that one.

  6. Voted for you in the voter thingy on the right there Liza! I went with Craziest, because, well, I'm only slightly insane, at least that's what the voices tell me...*winks* Good luck with it!

  7. I agree with the rest - Crazy it is!

  8. I vote 1st, as it plays off Worst Week Ever. ;)


  9. I have to agree that number 3 is seriously cool, but from a purely marketing perspective (my day job), I'm partial to #1. It's bold, brassy and the polar opposite of best/worst is what gives it memorable impact.

  10. I'm dragging in late, but I choose #3. I'm all for crazy when it comes to romance! :)

  11. Because you're crazy (in a good way), I vote for a crazy blog tour!

  12. My Peeps have voted and Crazy it is.

  13. Yay!! Crazy was gonna be my vote too! :D


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