Monday, June 24, 2013

The Craziest Blog Tour Ever is Coming.

Very Soon the Craziest Blog Tour Ever Arrives
You will recognize it by it's Banner really is the craziest blog tour ever. I wasn't just exaggerating. 

It begins on June 26th. That is 1 or 2 days away, depending upon when you read this.
I am hyperventilating with happiness.
I'm sure by now, you've all figured out I'm a:

cracked nut

So you can and should expect some odd guest blogs, interviews, and picture stories over the Craziest Blog Tour Ever, if for no other reason, because of it's name.

The book I'm promoting, WORST WEEK EVER is coming out midway through the tour. So this is a pre-release, release date and post release event all in one, because I'm busy don't have time to do three separate tours. And more to the point: YOU'RE BUSY AND DON'T HAVE TIME to visit three of my crazy tours.

So I'm testing this 3 in 1 tour as my most efficient way to tell you about my  book, make you laugh, and get you to buy Worst Week Ever.

To encourage you to visit all my sites I've done the following:

Coughed up $$$
For those of you too tired to add, that $55 dollars.
Which is a lot for a starving author, let me assure you.

I've spent weeks painting pictures and creating amusing blogs for your entertainment. So don't be surprised when I send you to my guest blog to get your day's laugh from me. 

Here are some of the paintings I've done for the upcoming blogs:
Who is this creepy guy?

Who is this pretty woman and Blue-eyed guy? Will they get together?

Who is this wealthy snooty looking guy and this sweet young woman?

This is a cop. Is he a good cop or a bad cop?
And who is the old sleepy guy, and who's the fierce guy who looks like he want my shoot someone. Those are scary eyes.

And who is the really tall  and really tiny guy?
And why do we care about a limo?
This guy is Tiny, let's name him Tiny. 
I bet he's weird.
Is this a good pimp boss or bad pimp boss?

And this is the Tall guy. Let's call him Tiiny
He looks so weird, he's probably normal.
Eat me! You'll like me....a whole bunch.

You might notice, my artwork declines when I reached the narcotic turtles. What can I's a narcotic turtle. 

To find out about these strange people, you will either need to follow the...what's it's name again...oh yes
 Or you could buy and read my book when it comes out on July 15th.

 And there will be a test come July 30th, so pay attention along the way.

(It's a fun test and you get a prize if you win it)
I hope to make this the most fun you've ever had during a blog tour. So stop by and see if I succeed.


  1. Why would we care about a limo??? Are you kidding? someone picks me up in a limo and I am in love. Well, maybe there has to be a little more to it than that, but still...
    Can't wait for the book


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