Sunday, August 11, 2013

Liza O'Connor reviews Crimson Lust by Rebecca Royce

Today, I review Crimson Lust by Rebecca Royce

Rebecca Royce is a fabulous creative storyteller, whether it be wolf shifters, super heroes, people with strange talents or in this case, vampires. This is NOT your Bram Stoker’s vampire.

 The story begins in 1615 with a very human desperate young man who steals a jewel intending to buy passage on a ship and start a new life somewhere far away to escape the infamy of his father.

Cian’s escape path is through untraveled woods which only he knows how to navigate…or so he thinks. In those woods, he falls prey to a vampire of pure evil. However, before the vampire can drain his blood, the guards begin a search, causing the vampire to abandon Cian before he’s dead, leaving him to become a vampire himself.

Which brings us to modern day Dublin.

 Cian returns to his apartments to discover a thief has entered while he was out and has stolen the necklace that doomed him to an eternity of hell…a female thief, whose scent tantalizes him. He follows after her, not to retrieve his necklace, but to discover how just the scent of this female can make him feel alive again.

The tangled web Rebecca weaves is a delight and makes her vampire story unique from all others. I would tell you what clever stuff she does, but that would take away the surprises which bring this story full circle. My only complaint is it ends too soon. (61 book pages long). Still for busy people on the run, this book is perfection. It’s unique, entertaining, and can be read in one sitting. Oh it's also spicy. Cian and Felicity do get frisky, eventually to her life's peril.

I give this a 4.95, (.05 deduction for ending too early) which must be rounded up or down. This is a slam dunk rounding up.


  1. Rebecca Royce is a wonderful writer and world builder! I'm so glad she brought a sexy vampire to Emerald Isle Fantasies!

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful review!

    1. Rebecca, did you like my woods picture. That's one of the places Jess and I walk. Creepy, no?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I'm really looking forward to reading Crimson Lust. Love your review, Liza -- I laughed at the 0.05 point deduction for ending too early, are those the best books? The ones we wish could continue forever...

    1. Thanks Lena. I'm trying to be tougher on my reviews.


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