Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Carrie Teaches how to Pre-schedule a blog and find the Permalink in WordPress

Hi, I'm Carrie Hanson, from the series A Long Road to Love. 

I want to help those using Word Press who are tired of staying up all night to post blogs and can never provide Permalinks, because they cannot find them. 

For us Bloggers, it's simple. We just have to go to the column on the right. (Click on Schedule to schedule and Permalink to find the Permalink. Just remember, if you want your blog to begin at midnight, then click on the time box and choose the first 12:00 A.M.)

WordPress is a wee bit more complicated but still very easy once someone shows you how. So let me do than now.
Hopefully, this page will look familiar to you. It's what you should see when you hit DASHBOARD,  
From here you click POST (on the left) and then, if you are creating a new blog, click ADD NEW.
Here, I've created a blog of my book cover which I want to go live on September 15th.
To achieve that, I'll to the right column and hover the curser around the white circle area. That will cause a small black triangle to appear. Click on the black triangle and the Publishing options will open.
Next to where it says PUBLISH IMMEDIATELY is the word EDIT. 

Click Edit, because you don't want to publish immediately. In my case, I want to publish on Sept 15th.
Clicking Edit opens a date scheduler. 

09 Sept does not mean September the ninth. For some reason, WordPress doesn't think we know September is the ninth month of the year, so it says both. 

The tiny little box after the month box is for the date. Then comes the year, and finally, and this is bit ironic, while they do not believe you know your months, they do think you know Military Time.
So if you want it to arrive at midnight, type 00:01.
Then hit OK
Then hit PUBLISH (It might change to SCHEDULE, which makes more sense)
It will reload your page so you now have a permalink, which you can find right above the post in the area I've highlighted in red.

Easy as that. It even has a Shrink to create a less long version of the link.

Thus, you can upload your blogs weeks in advance, and send the person their direct link to their blog early in case they like to set up their promotions in advance.

This can allow both of you to get more sleep. 

I can only speak for Liza, but she definitely needs more sleep.

I hope that was helpful, and to find out how Trent and I are getting along, pick up Oh Stupid Heart, once it comes out. (On September 15th)


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