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Liza O'Connor compares Trent's Brain to Real Brains.

Today, I'd like to address a common misconception about CEOs. 

They are not all the same.
Many of them are completely clueless 
George Bush: Harvard MBA
Founder/Owner of Abusto Energy 

and some have tempers that could be classified as nuclear.

So Trent is not beyond the parameters of reality.

Some of his ignorance can be blamed on his father.
Trent's Dead Dad

The man wanted him to fail, so practically everything he taught Trent was wrong.

Encourage survival of the Fittest among employees.
Nothing matters but the bottom line.
The greatest motivator is to threaten their jobs.

Hold on! How did he even get into Harvard? They have standards!

Yes and No.

If you donate enough $$$ to any college, they will let your progeny in. That is a financial reality. Every college has 'discretionary' points they can apply to help donor progeny over bar.

So Trent got into Harvard as all Lancaster men before him. 

Trent enjoyed his college years, especially being away from his parents. He spent most of his time with coeds, starlets & models. After six years he finally graduated with a bachelor's degree. 

Why did it take him so long to graduate?
If he thought he was about to fail a class, he'd drop it. On certain tests, where he needed a decent grade to pass, he'd pay someone to take it for him. He rarely attended his classes and when he did, he never paid attention.

However, and this is important, he did NOT major in business. He majored in art history. And he graduated last in his class.

His father claimed he knew all Trent would ever need to know about running a company so the man purposely steered Trent away from the business courses, claiming all the new ideas like teamwork and cash flow analysis were nonsense.

Finally, you ask: Is Trent truly brain dead?  

No. But he's never had to task his brain cells too much. He can always find people to work things out for him. Yet, except for Carrie, no one else tries to teach him anything. In fact, most people firmly do NOT want him involved.

Thus, no one knows how smart or stupid Trent actually is. We know there's a great deal he doesn't know, but is that because he has no interest in retaining the information, or because he cannot retain the information?

What do you think?
Is Trent an idiot, or just under-tasked?

Oh Stupid Heart

Book Two of: A Long Road To Love
Humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance
Liza O’Connor

Carrie Hanson is in love with a different species: Trent, a pampered, uber-rich socialite who’s also her boss. Everyone keeps telling her it’s a train wreck looking to happen, but her heart wants what it wants. So despite the billion and one reasons not to, Carrie commits to this inter-species relationship. But while she's off being trained for her new job responsibilities, a beautiful ex fiancĂ©e is working hard to get Trent back and Carrie fired.


Carrie Hanson couldn’t believe it. Her four year sex-drought was about to end. She shivered in anticipation until a sinking dread over came her. Oh God, what if I’ve forgotten what to do?
Please God, let this be like riding a bike.
Trent pulled back from their kiss and studied her, his brow furrowed. “Are you cold?” He reached across her bed and tugged the edge of the comforter over her, tucking the fabric beneath her body so she became a human corndog.
She wiggled out of captivity and scooted across the bed, closer to him. “I’m fine. I’m just happy our horrible week is over and we can start anew. This time not as boss and an employee, but best friends who love each other.
Trent pulled her to his chest and kissed her. She opened her mouth to his and met his tongue with her own, determined to give as good as she got. His soft groan inspired her to do more.
She unbuttoned the waistband of his suit pants and slipped her hand beneath his boxers, determined to move matters along and end her drought forever. He broke their kiss and his hands captured hers.
He didn’t want her?
She turned away, mortified with shame…and confused. Why the hell had he kissed so provocatively if he didn’t want to make love to her? She tucked her head, so he wouldn’t read all the emotions bouncing about her confused head right now, but he forced her chin upward, his dark eyes somber and concerned.
“Carrie, I have screwed up every relationship I’ve ever been in. I think part of the problem is I gravitated to glamour girls with no brain and no personality, but I would have realized that if I had just taken a moment to talk to them first.”
This was the stupidest excuse she’d ever heard. “We’ve known each other for two years, in which time I’ve certainly established I’m not a glamour girl.”
He chuckled and nodded.
Her eyes narrowed and a low growl emitted from her chest. “You don’t have to be so quick to agree.”
“But you aren’t. You’re not an image of beauty, you’re the real thing. While I have no complaints about your small, but perfect body, silky long brown hair, and gorgeous green eyes, your real beauty comes from inside. When you smile I feel like I’m standing before an angel of joy.”
Now she saw where his thoughts headed. He didn’t want to make love to an angel. She recalled Elvis Presley did something this crazy. He refused to touch his wife after she bore him a child because he couldn’t make love to a mother.
She pulled her hand from his and gripped his shirt as she stared sternly into his eyes. “Do not go Elvis Presley on me. I am not an angel. I’m a small, catastrophe-prone woman who wants to make love to you.”

A Long Road to Love
Book Two
Oh Stupid Heart

Book One
Worst Week Ever

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Oh Stupid Heart

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  1. I think Trent is trainable, and in order to have survived so far, he has to have some intelligence.

    1. Yes, I think it's growing up in a vacuum of wrong and useless knowledge that has impaired him.


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