Monday, September 9, 2013

Liza plays Guess the Author (Award Winning Author, initials CY)

Welcome peeps, today we play

This lovely person is an award-winning author, and lives in Wisconsin with her husband Patrick. She loves to read, play piano, and spend time with family and friends. She enjoys novels with fast-paced action and steamy romance, protective alpha men and strong heroines.

Peep Rep: I’ve no idea? Mozart?
Liza: I said SHE. Mozart is both dead and a man.

Peep Rep: So we know that for sure? There are many documented cases of women pretending to be men throughout history.

Liza: While I’m not sure he was a he, I am very sure he is DEAD.

Peep Rep: Okay give me some more clues.

Liza: This fabulous author also belongs to several writing groups, and is a member of RWA. She is also an Acquisitions Editor for Soul Mate Publishing. As an Editor, she welcomes Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, and Erotica.

Peep Rep: Still no clue, but she sounds impressive.

Liza: One last hint. She tilts to the right.

Peep Rep: You mean she's a republican?

Liza: No, I meant that literally... never mind. She is thrilled to be able to add author/editor to her resume and would love to hear comments from readers, if only I would tell you who she is.

Peep Rep: So tell me already!

Liza: Oh all, right.
Cheryl Yeko

Peep Rep: I see the tilting problem.

Liza: It's not a problem, it's just different. I like it. And to celebrate her return to my site, I’m bringing back Maniac the Marketing Kitty so you need to go.

Peep Rep: You’re firing me as your sidekick?

Liza: God no! You are a million times nicer than Maniac. I’m just giving you the day off. 

Maniac will react badly at the sight of you. I don’t want you blinded…cats always go for the eyes. Ask any dog.

Peep Rep: I’m out of here.

Liza: And here’s Marketing Kitty. Maniac good to see you.

Maniac: This place is a mess.

Liza: I know. I’m working against a tight deadline to get my book out.

Maniac: want me to add some provocative editing to your book.

Liza: No. I’m having Cheryl Yeko over.

Maniac. I like her.

Liza: I know. Since your latest client appears to be going to jail, I thought you might like to return to your roots.

Maniac: That is a stupid saying, by the way, but yes, I would like to see Cheryl again and here she is now.

Cheryl: Hi, Liza. Thank you for having me here today. It’s always a pleasure visiting with you. And . . . umm, Marketing Kitty. I’m hoping Maniac can help me promote my newest novel, MOUNTAIN HERO. I’ve brought a fresh cup of milk for her.

Liza: Maniac don’t get in …

Maniac: But it’s mine! *Stuffs butt into cup*

Liza: Great now I have milk all over the place.

*big huff*   So tell me about your release.

Cheryl: Tomorrow, September 10th, is the official release day for my novella, MOUNTAIN HERO, although in honor of being on your blog, I have it up on Amazon now.

Here’s a peek at my book cover. Jimmy Thomas is hot, hot, don’t you think?


Here’s the blurb:

Broken Engagement:
Finding her fiancé cheating with her best friend was bad enough, but when Michelle heads up the Rocky Mountains for a little R & R, it goes from bad to worse when her car breaks down during a major snowstorm.

Mountain Hero:
Along a deserted stretch of highway, Jason rescues a beautiful woman who’s being accosted by two men. But can he keep her safe when they’re left stranded during a harsh winter storm?

Love Blossoms:
Sometimes, one finds their Soul Mate in the most unexpected places.

Cheryl: If your readers would pop over and check out my book trailer, I would be thrilled. This is my first attempt at creating the book trailer myself. It was a lot of hard work, I must say. Hopefully, it gets

Here Is A Short Excerpt. The hero, Jason, having saved Michelle from the bad guys, hid her in the woods and went after the men who’d accosted her, trying to keep them from taking his truck and leaving them stranded in a snowstorm. He was unsuccessful, so he goes back for her and finds her nearly hypothermic:

Michelle groaned as she unwound her arms from her knees, pain slicing through her frozen limbs. She pushed off the ground, and stood, but the wind knocked her backward and she braced herself against the tree behind her. Taking a moment to collect her strength, she turned and ran on unsteady legs deeper into the woods. She’d rather take her chances with the storm, than risk being taken by those men.

Her inadequate clothing did nothing to keep the icy cold from cutting through her body. Her wet hair was stiff, the strands coated with ice chunks when she brushed them off her face. The wind stabbed her like a thousand little stinging cuts. Her tennis shoes were worthless as snow gear, her feet frozen, and socks soaked clear through. If she didn’t find shelter soon, she would die for sure.

A pained cry tore from her when she suddenly sank to her knees in ice-cold water, then tripped and pitched forward. Not having seen the little creek in front of her, she managed to throw her arms out and catch herself from going completely under, but most of her body was immersed as it sank through a thin layer of ice. Stumbling to her feet, she turned around and made her way onto solid ground, before collapsing in a heap.

She lay stunned for a long moment, her body racked by shivers that tightened her belly. Tiny pinpricks of pain covered every inch of her. She knew she had to keep moving. But her mind couldn’t convince her body to get up and continue. Rolling into a ball, she closed her eyes. She’d rest for a just a moment . . .

Then someone wrapped an arm around her waist and jerked her to her feet. She opened her eyes and struggled weakly as she was lifted into a pair of strong arms, resting against a solid, broad chest. She lifted heavy lids and dimly recognized her rescuer. The sense of relief that swept through her body stole her last bit of remaining strength.

“Ssh, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.” His deep, low voice promised safety. Then he was running, and she was too exhausted to do anything but lay her head on his shoulder as tremors shook her in painful waves.

Everything blurred together after that. He carried her out of the trees and across the road, toward the foot of the mountain that ran alongside it.

“W-where a-are we g-going?” she managed, her teeth chattering. The storm was picking up, fast and furiously, the swirling snow a blinding force.

“I’m going to find us shelter.” His arms tightened around her as he ran along the side of the cliff wall.

“Oh.” Michelle closed her eyes. She was so tired. Her shivering slowed and warmth crept in to take its place. She snuggled closer, burying her face into the curve of his neck with a tiny sigh.

He swore softly, before giving her a gentle shake. “Stay awake,” he demanded.

The urgent tone of his voice broke through to her fuzzy mind and she tilted her head to peer up at him. Recognizing the fact that she’d probably be dead right now if he hadn’t come back for her, she smiled, blinking against the snowflakes getting in her eyes. “You’re my hero.”

He smiled down at her. “And you’re delirious.”

Like a good, stiff drink, the deep-timbre of his voice filled her center with a tingling warmth.

Where Love Always Wins:

Trailer: A Man To Trust:



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Liza: Cheryl, it’s so nice to have you back here. As a ‘thank you for coming gift’, I’d like to give you Maniac the Marketing Kitty in this very fine cup. But be warned, her latest marketing efforts were with the actress who threw a bong out the window. Turns out she wasn’t trying to evade the police, she was trying to hit Maniac who brought the bong into her apartment, then tipped off the police it was there.

Maniac: Any publicity is good publicity.

Cheryl: I appreciate the offer, but you should keep the marketing kitty. I really have no desire to be arrested right now…or anytime for that matter. It would crimp my otherwise busy schedule.

Liza: Not a problem. Maniac, here’s the name of another celebrity who can’t stand being ignored a second longer. Go help her get some attention.

Maniac: *reads the name* “Oh, this is gonna be fun! *scampers from room*

Liza: You made the right decision. You don’t need Maniac. I happen to know this is a fabulous book and I intend to write a review once my own life settles down a bit. (Oh Stupid Heart is coming out September 15th). Just travel about the world telling people about it. You’ll be fine.


  1. Thank you for having me over today, Liza. It's always so much fun at your place.


  2. Well, I got my morning work out in today! Thanks for the giggles and the spotlight on a great sounding story that I must have. Congrats, Cheryl!

    1. Glad to make you giggle. The book is really good.

  3. Good lord that is one hot cover. Jimmy Thomas is one amazing cover model! Tweeted

  4. LOL, I had no idea Manic had gotten so out of hand. Loved the excerpt, Cheryl!! Tweeted.

    1. Maniac found me too staid. She's moved on to crazier people.

  5. I loved the excerpt and the trailer.

  6. I'm excited to share the news...Mountain Hero will be available at in late November. I was contacted this afternoon by a wonderful narrator who wants to produce it.



  7. Please thank marketing kitty for me...


  8. Congrats on Mountain Hero being on Audible. It sounds like a wonderful story. Who wouldn't love being rescued by someone like Jimmy Thomas. I think if that was an option, we'd all be in the snow!


    1. I can't believe everyone knows your cover model. Am I living under a rock or what?

    2. Jimmy is hot Liza... He's like bigger than Fabio in romance novels. He held his first romance convention in Vegas this year. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it ... but maybe next year!


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