Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Interesting Tidbits to make you live longer by laughing

Today, I want you to get more intune with nature while extending your life with laughter. 

There's only one way to do this. We need to learn more about the Tapir.

There's really nothing more to say...
Now go away and spend your added life wisely!

And for those of you who don't want to live longer, but would prefer to die sooner while eating delicious fake food, here's some fabulous news for you:
 Twinkies did not disappear into a smoke of bankruptcy. Nope. At the last minute, a private equity group stepped in and saved you all from good health and longevity.

So pull out those Twinkie Recipes and kill off your annoying relatives at Thanksgiving. 

You know the recipes I'm talking about:

Twinkie Turkey stuffing
Sweet potatoes and Twinkies
Twinking dressing
Twinkie dipped in dark chocolate
And my fav Twinkie Pecan pie


  1. I don't have any annoying relatives (that I see at Thanksgiving, anyway), so I guess I don't need those Twinkee recipes. Not sure I'd want to sample any of them, either (shudder). But thank you for information about the Tapir. If anything, I now know how to pronounce Tapir. :)


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