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Discover Ghost Lover


Ghost Lover

by Liza O'Connor

Here's the plot in pictures.


the unwanted locust roommate of Senna's steals $400 from her bank account, causing her rent check to bounce
Which results in Senna getting evicted.

With the choice of being homeless or agreeing to marry Brendon IF he really has a half a million in a trust fund, she agrees to become his fiancee, but only with the understanding she'll never have sex with him. Thus, they head off to England where Brendons' brother awaits them at the airport.

Gar Durran is NOT happy with the self=proclaimed gold-digger that Brendon intends to marry. He tries to order the car around to take her back to the airport, but his driver continues on to the Durran Castle.
His driver thinks Senna is a lovely young woman and Gar should give her chance. If he still doesn't like her after a week, the driver will take her back to the airport.

Senna is astounded by their wealth and the discovery that Brendon really does have a half a million. However, Gar must give his permission before they can marry or he won't release the money.

Once in the castle, strange things begin to happen.
A cat appears to climb upon Senna's bed just as she's about to fall asleep, but when she wakes in the morning, she can't find him.

When she discusses the matter with Brendon, he deduces her visitor is Mr. Finch.
Mr. Finch was killed in battle in the 15th century protecting his human, Lassier.

While Senna is reading writings about Mr. Finch and his antics over the centuries as a ghost, Gar is upstairs rummaging through her purse, acquiring all the information he needs to perform a background check on her.

Having no choice, she confesses she's a convicted criminal.

Attempted Manslaughter

Gar has no idea what that means. How do you accidentally attempt to murder someone?
Turns out Senna threw a vase
Which almost hit the lying cheating professor whom she thought was her fiance until she discovers he's married with kids.

However justice can be harsh with the poor and defenseless when they go up against the rich and vindictive.

But Senna is in England now and all should be good, right?

It should, but matters get mucked up.

Thus enters Renoir Lassier, the Ghost Lover. Gar has forbidden him to contact Senna, but he has to intervene or she'll misunderstand Gars actions and return to America. So he does what he does best.
He impersonates Gar and confesses his love since Gar refuses to admits such. 

He then convinces Senna to stay while he sends Gar to America to find a better choice of brides for Brendon.

And he happily consoles Senna in Gar's absence.
(Yes, I mean that happily.)

Gar brings home a talented but out of control artist named Catlain.

She is very strange
but Brendon likes her.
(Yes, I mean REALLY likes her.)

Lassier thought with all the right people in the castle, matters would resolve themselves nicely,

Thus ends the Plot by Pictures.

No, this picture doesn't have a thing to do with the story.
My dog Jess just wanted to be in the blog.

If you're good with $3.99
buy it now!

Otherwise, it will be half price this weekend.
Mar 21-23/

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