Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bobbi Romans gets April Fooled

Today, I've invited Bobbi Romans over to clean my house. It's a total mess.

Bobbi: Hold on! I didn't agree to clean anything. I came to talk about my upcoming books.

Liza: April Fool!

Bobbi: Whew! Your house is such a mess, I wasn't sure.

Liza: It is. I am trying to teach it to clean itself, but so far it hasn't caught on to the concept.

Bobbi: Let me know if you ever succeed. I would like to know that trick.

Liza: Well, I'm off to edit. Have fun with my people.

Bobbi: waves goodbye to Liza, frowns at the messy room, then smiles at the peeps waiting to be entertained and enlightened.

Spring is in the air...no, quit laughing. This isn’t an April Fool’s Joke. I swear.
Proof number one:

 OOPS, seems Mother Nature decided to pull a prank on all the Spring Breakers at Panama City Beach.

Well, here’s something  Spring related within my control. My latest contemporary short...

Montana Spring

Meadow Paxon sought solitude. A peaceful place where she could think about life. What she wanted, where she wanted to be and who she wanted to be with, if she wanted anyone at all.

So here she was, last place she ever expected, doing the oddest thing. Fishing.

Montana Yale fought against his involuntary vacation. Took more than a bullet in the shoulder to make him call out sick. The chief and his primary physician disagreed.

So here he was, fishing up at his buddy cabin in the mountains.

Neither had a clue the catch of a lifetime was one cast away.

Coming Soon to Shara Azod, LLC  http://www.sharaazod.com/index.html

Also, recently released was my paranormal short,
His Lady Leprechaun.

Mathews lived a simple life in a simple town. Work, beer and getting laid.

Yeah, life was good. Until he overheard, “Hide and seek, hide and seek, find the rainbow and earn your treat.”

Ever since he’d heard those words and found the exotic naked beauty singing them, his world had been anything but normal. Uncovering the fact his mysterious woman might be a leprechaun shook his entire being.

Maybe this strange turn in his life isn't about pots of gold at the end of rainbows but treasures far more exquisite...

 Shara Azod  

(Also available B & N, ARe and other fine ebook retailers)

One commenter will win a copy of Montana Spring.

Answer me this...what does Spring mean to you?
For me it means the annual, tedious work on the frog pond. Oh did I say frog pond? My bad,
I meant pool. Yes. Time to take the sucker from swamp green to crystal blue.
Joy. (see the frown?)

Find me all over the place;

Thanks for stopping by and big thank you to Liza for allowing me to swing by for a visit.
Bobbi Romans


  1. I do love the cover, Bobbi. Sound like another great read from you. Congrats and good luck

    1. Thanks Karen. Oh the above "rough surf" photo is actually current. That happened during one of the biggest Spring Break weeks down here. Yikes. Thankfully only tranquil waters run in the river playing a part in Montana Spring.

  2. Great interview! My house refuses to clean itself, too. Sigh.

    1. Oh don't get me started about the house. Oh Lord. Its why I thought about having the cover reveal here. I assumed Liza's stood a better shot at being clean over my place. Um...not. Worse, she wants me to clean. Not a fun April Fools Joke at all. *whines* its okay. I baked her something, with something in it. Just saying. *Wicked Grin*

    2. I'm not touching it with a ten foot pole

    3. When you least expect it, you better expect it. ;)

  3. great cover. cool premise and awesome post!

    1. Thanks Jillian! I LOVE the cover. Makes me think of Skinny Dipping. *cough* with him. *cough-cough*

  4. I love the new cover. I love fishing because I always catch the most! Your story sounds cute. When Liza gets her house to behave and clean, we will all be millionaires.

    1. I don't want to be a millionaire. They aren't happy people But I would love a self cleaning house. and if I can teach it to do that, I fear we'll all be billionaires, which aren't happy people either. I love fishing too, especially fly fishing. I picture the two fly fishing, but given Bobbi is a swamp girl, those two may be spear fishing for all I know. I've actually hooked a couple of guides fly fishing. Why anyone would stand behind me slightly to the right, I've no idea.

    2. I know. I need a self-cleaning house too, because the kids sure don't do it. :(

    3. @Liza...I could be a millionaire and just give a bunch away as to be simple rich and not glutton rich. Although, I would drop some on a bigger house. And a maid. And a pool guy. A very special pool guy. Meadow is fishing old school. Cane pole and bobber. Of course putting the worm on the hook was a problem. Yeah, and so was when she caught a fish. She got it...wasn't sure what to do with it then. #Citygirlproblems


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