Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tamra Lassiter presents Something to Lose

Today, I have Tamra Lassiter  and her book, Something to Lose.

Peep Rep: Nope not there.  Not there either.

Liza: Peep Rep, what are you looking for?

Peep Rep: Something to Lose.  *falls to floor and belly laughs*

Liza: Get up and stop dusting the floor. 

Peep Rep: Okay. Is there a prize?

Liza: Yes. Tamra will be giving away a $50 gift card (Amazon or B&N) to one randomly selected commenter for this Tour.

Peep Rep: Me, let it be me!

Liza: Settle down and lets learn a bit more about our generous author's life.

 A day with Tamra behind the scenes
My day can take many forms, but one thing that all my days have in common: multi-tasking. I’m an early riser, so my day starts around five. I stumble to the coffee pot and take my first cup with me to my computer. By the time I’ve checked my email, I’m awake enough to begin writing. I’ve found that the early morning is my most prolific writing time so I don’t want to waste a moment of it. I have about an hour to write before it’s time to get daughter #1 up and off to school. Once her bus comes, it’s time for daughter #2 to get up and out the door. In between wake-up calls and making lunch, I’m checking email again and looking into what needs to be done for my part-time job.

It’s nine a.m. now. My kids are at school and my husband is at work. I have six hours to get everything done that I need to get done today. That includes errands, housework and my job-job, which luckily is done from home. It sounds like a lot of time, but it sure never feels like it. I dig in with whatever needs to get done. I always try to carve out some dedicated time for writing or other writing activities like marketing, etc. There’s so much do in the writing world that isn’t actually writing and it all takes time.

At three-thirty I’m in car line waiting for daughter #2. I use this time to finish up some writing or actually read a book for pleasure, one of my favorite things to do. Once we’re home, the craziness of homework and dinner prep begins. That’s on an easy night. Do I need to play Mom Taxi and drive my daughters to an activity? Is there a meeting that I need to attend?

Dinner is whenever my husband gets home. We try hard to have a family dinner every night. I know that’s a little Leave it to Beaver these days, but it’s important to me and my family. Then it’s time to clean the kitchen and get the kids showered and ready for the next day.

I may watch a little TV, but if I have any time in the evening, I usually use it for reading instead. I much prefer a good book to any television show. Since I get up so early in the morning, I’m pretty early to bed. I’m usually asleep by ten unless a really good book keeps me up later. It’s always great to have a good book.

 Liza: Well, I'm exhausted. I've no idea how authors can do so much in so little time.

Peep Rep: You barely get anything done and you don't have kids nor husband, and you rarely make any effort to clean.

Liza: And yet I work 17 hours a day. I don't get it. But that issue won't be solved today. Let's check out Something to Lose.

Something to Lose
by Tamra Lassiter


Everyone has something to lose.

Camden Piotrowski is justifiably upset to find her boyfriend in the arms of another woman. But it’s not the end of her world and definitely not something that a bubble bath, good wine, and cookie dough won’t help. Her pity party is interrupted when handsome Seth Vendetti bursts into her bathroom. She soon discovers that her world and those in it are not as they seem. Can she trust Seth’s version of the truth and make him realize that even he has something to lose?


His hands form fists that rest on his hips. “Are you threatening an FBI agent?”

I hadn’t really thought of it like that, but I’m not backing down. I put my hands on my hips as well and stand on my tippy toes so that my face is close to his. I could use those three-inch heels right about now, but I hold my ground. His body is tight. I see his pulse beating in his neck.

“Call it what you want. Just get out of my house.”

His hands move behind my neck. He pulls me to him and before I even know what’s happening, he’s kissing me and even more surprising, I’m kissing him, too. His strong fingers move up and down my back as his lips work their magic on mine. I thought I’d been kissed before, but never have I been kissed like this. I still don’t see fireworks, instead I am the firework. Heat explodes from my lips down my throat and to the rest of my body. This isn’t the warmth of fairy tales where the prince and princess kiss their happily-ever-after. This is the battle of the dragon and I don’t know what because my brain is no longer working.

His stubble scratches my chin and the sensation kindles the fire even more. My stomach lurches and I feel weightless, light as a feather now, falling from high in the sky. His hands move to my hips and he pulls me to him tightly. He kisses my chin and then my neck and down to the opening of my robe.

It’s like I wake up from some out-of-body experience to find myself full of lust and clinging to a complete stranger. His hand slips into my robe. I startle and jump back, hugging myself with one hand, the other covering my mouth as my eyes go wide in complete disbelief.

Tamra Lassiter lives in Northern Virginia with her supportive husband, two lovely daughters, elegant Great Dane and not-so-elegant, but very sweet, English Bulldog. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and of course, writing.






  1. I think that it would surprise most people how much they do in a day. I'm not a morning person, but alas, I am most productive first thing.


  2. I totally agree Mary. You don't realize how much you do in a day until you sit down and think about it.

  3. Love the interview especially the Peep Rep's answer. Love how mothers always seem to get so many things done. I'm not a morning person so by the time I wake up and start doing things, it seems like it's almost time for dinner. Lol!! Great sounding book by the way. Definitely caught my attention.

  4. I think it's like everything else, you do what you have to. :)

  5. Wow..I'm tired just reading that! I can't imagine all that you do... but then again, when I look at my day... I'm tired too!!

    All the best!

    daringzoey at yahoo.com

    1. I don't seem to get anything done, and I'm utterly exhausted at the end of my 17-18 hour day.

  6. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  7. I'm exhausted just reading that!


  8. And three cheers to you for trying to have a nightly family dinner! It may be a little Leave it to Beaver or Donna Reed, but it keeps families together and kids a sense of worth and purpose that is missing in a lot of kids lives today!

    Now a writing question for you: Have you ever written a villain who later became the hero in his own book?

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  9. Interesting Karen. The villain who becomes the hero. I haven't written anything like that, but the thought definitely has me thinking.

    And I love our family dinners!!! :)

  10. Thanks so much for hosting me today!

  11. you sounds busy

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. yeah, I got exhausted and needed a nap just reading it.

  12. Looks good! Thank for the info and giveaway! kamclauc AT gmail DOT com


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