Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday fav posts for Climbing Out of Hell thus far.

In case you missed these they are some of my favorite posts:

Nancy Goodman insisted I give Trent a redemption, but it doesn't mean she wasn't upset with his bad behavior in book 3, so she takes him to task in her interview with him.

Since the priest helps Trent off the sidewalk and leads him to St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, I did a lot of research on the place. In Kayelle's blog I tell of the long span of time it took to build, so long that it needed repairs before it was actually completed, and the incredible costs the church incurs to get this beautiful building function and pristine.  Then in Alana Loren's blog I give Trent's thoughts about it all.

Stop by and check them out, enter to win $50 and don't forget to ask for a free ebook in the comments with your email address.

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