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Peep Rep interviews Cheryl Yeko about The Notary

Today, I have the fabulous Cheryl Yeko over sharing her latest book, The Notary.

Peep Rep: Seriously?  A Notary? Could there be any job more boring?

Liza: You may be right normally, but this is Notary on wheels. She comes to you...or in this case, straight into danger. There is nothing dull about this romantic suspense thriller. I'll let Cheryl tell you about it.

Cheryl: Hi, Liza. Thank you for having me here today, it’s always a pleasure to visit.

Peep Rep: Hi Cheryl. Liza says you'll tell me all about your new release and why being a notary isn't boring.

Cheryl: I’d love to tell you about my newest release, THE NOTARY and about being a mobile notary.

Peep Rep: Well start with the story. Did you enjoy writing it?

Cheryl: This story was great fun to write. It had been percolating in the back of mind since I wrote my first novel, Protecting Rose. 

Peep Rep: Now let's get to her your heroine's occupation. A notary? Seriously?

Cheryl: I worked as a Mobile Notary for over ten years, conducting real estate closings for title companies in people’s homes and business, coffee shops, and other totally off the wall places. Wherever the borrower needed me. Once I even conducted a loan closing at a tavern with the bar owner because he couldn’t meet me at the original appointment due to a work issue. The loan had to close by midnight or the loan terms would have expired. And no, I did not have a drink. 

Since I was one of the first mobile notaries in my area I didn’t have much competition for the work, and for the first couple years I closed up to five loans a day. I worked twelve-hour days and put on like a gazillion miles on my car. It was crazy.

Peep Rep: I have to admit that sounds much more interesting than what I thought.

Cheryl: I conducted other types of projects besides real estate closings, although that was the majority of my business. On occasion, I’d perform fingerprinting for people who were moving to other states for a job that required it, or even closed a loan at a car dealership when they’d receive new inventory in. I still take an occasional assignment, although I’d much rather be home writing, so I’m very choosy. But, it’s been interesting.

Peep Rep: I'm glad you are being choosy, because you were without question born to write.

Cheryl: Thank you, Peep Rep.

Peep Rep: Did you put any real life notary stuff in the story?

Cheryl: The Notary's premise, where the heroine is given an incorrect address for a closing appointment and shows up at the wrong home, actually happened to me. Of course, I didn't walk into the middle of an undercover operation with a sexy cop to save me. LOL

Peep Rep: I'm glad...about not running into a dangerous situation, although perhaps you would have liked to have the sexy cop.

Cheryl: Right now, I’d like to share the cover and Blurb for The Notary with you. And for one lucky commentor I'll give a copy of my romantic suspense eBook Abducting Casey.

Peep Rep: What's Abducting Casey about?

Held captive somewhere in the mountains by men intent on blackmail, Casey Gillette soon discovers her only chance to survive is to trust the one man among her captors who seems different from the rest.

Undercover Cop:
As an undercover cop, Matt Sash has had made plenty of tough calls in the field before, but this may be his toughest yet. Only days away from stopping a terrorist attack in Chicago, he’s thrust into the role of protector to the beautiful woman being used as a pawn in the deadly game.

With Time Running Out:
A desperate race ensues to stop an act of terror and save the woman he loves. 

Peep Rep: That sounds really good too. Can I have it? 

Cheryl: How about if I let you choose the winner?

Peep Rep. Okay, but listen up commentors. You have to leave your email address in your comment or I'm keeping the book for myself.

Liza: Peep, stop threatening the guests, or this will be your last interview.

Peep Rep: Oh, look at this gorgeous cover!

The Notary
Cheryl Yeko

Adrianna Morgan's life takes a dangerous turn when she's given an incorrect address for a notary assignment, ending up in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Attempting to take down a local drug ring, Lucas Hunter's cover is blown when he goes to the aid of a beautiful woman during an undercover operation.

But the bad guys better watch out, because this sexy cop will do anything to protect the woman he loves, no matter how high the body count.

Peep Rep: Where’s the excerpt? I love excerpts.

Cheryl: Whoops, it is:

Lucas watched as Adrianna gave her head another vigorous shake, glaring at the paramedic. He instinctively moved toward her to see what was wrong. She’d been through enough and he didn’t want this guy making her more upset.

What am I doing? She’s not my responsibility. That thought didn’t slow him down for an instant. He came to a stop in front of the paramedic, narrowing his eyes on the man. “Is there a problem here?”

The paramedic scowled, not appearing intimidated by Lucas’ surly attitude in the slightest. Pretty damn brave of him, Lucas admitted with grudging respect, given that the guy was no taller than Adrianna, and almost as skinny.

“She refuses to go to the hospital to get checked for a concussion,” the paramedic complained. “Maybe you can talk some sense into her.”

Lucas frowned at Adrianna and her stubborn chin jutted forward, a kiss-worthy pout pursing her mouth. Did the woman have no sense whatsoever? First, she shows up at a strange house late at night, then stuck around when she should have been hauling her fine ass out of there. Although there was a good chance he’d be dead if she hadn’t, which ticked him off further. It was his fault she’d been injured, and dammit, she was going to the hospital to get checked out if he had to carry her there.

“I’ll take her.”

She gave him a look of exasperation. “I’m not going.”

“Yes . . . you are,” he returned, his annoyance rising. What the hell was wrong with this woman? Stubborn didn’t even come close to her attitude.

She crossed her arms and tapped her slender bare foot, irritation marring her pretty features. Her alluring eyes flashed a deep shade of green. “No. I’m not.”

She shifted her gaze to the paramedic in a look of reproach, then spun around and headed for a blue Ford Focus parked in front of the house.

“She can’t drive,” the paramedic snapped.

“Right,” Lucas agreed, sprinting after her. “I’ve got this.”

He came up behind her just as she neared the Focus, her steps slowed, then came to a complete stop by the driver’s side door. But she didn’t open it. Instead, her shoulders drooped and her head fell forward as she tugged the blanket more tightly around her. When a tremor shook her shoulders, the need to comfort her nearly undid him. She was due for a meltdown after what she’d been through.

His annoyance fell away at the sight of her distress. “You okay?”

“My car’s broken,” she said, her voice no more than a whisper. A chill nipped the air as a slight misting rain fell on them.

He reached for her and slowly turned her around, placing a finger under her chin and tilting her face up. Her eyes were glassy with tears. “What?” he asked softly.

She blinked moisture from her lashes and squinted up at him. “I had an accident”—sniffle—“on the way here and now it won’t start.” Her bottom lip trembled.

His gaze fell to her mouth and an urge to press her back against her car and taste those full pouty lips coiled inside him. He swallowed hard and forced the image out of his mind, but it was harder to force the desire from his body. “You weren’t hurt?”

She hadn’t appeared injured when he’d seen her peering inside the dirty window. His eyes dropped back over her body, accessing her injuries. His body tightened, noting the way her conservative outfit, still damp, clung to her soft curves.

His mouth pressed tight. Since Susan’s death, he’d taken less than a handful of women to bed to scratch his itch. All one-nighters who knew the score. This woman had ‘long-term’ written all over her. Lucas didn’t do long term.

Adrianna continued. “I just need my purse.” Her voice shook and two fat tears leaked from her eyes. “And I—I lost my glasses when that man hit me,” she ended on a wail.

The thought of Ellis touching her, hurting her, made Lucas want to do some damage to the guy. His nostrils flared and his spine stiffened. Too bad the bastard was already dead. The anguish he heard in her voice bothered him. On pure instinct, Lucas found himself leaning in to comfort her. Inhaling her sweet floral scent reminded him of everything good in the world and the reason men like him fought to protect innocence.

Two more tears rolled down her face, one dripping off the end of her cute nose. An emotion that could only be described as tenderness flickered to life inside him. An emotion he’d sworn never to feel again. An emotion he sure as hell didn’t want. One he did his best to tamp back down, as the need to claim and protect her smoldered, like a low burning fire. Then she sniffled again, the sound soft and feminine, as two more tears fell.

Like throwing gasoline onto a flame, the emotion exploded, raging out of control.

Ah, hell!

Peep Rep: Oh I want this book! Do you have a book trailer?

Cheryl: I created the book trailer for The Notary myself. I love how it turned out. It helps that I had such an awesome book cover!

Cheryl Yeko is a multi-published, award-winning author, and lives in Wisconsin with her husband Patrick. She loves to read, play piano, and spend time with family and friends. She enjoys novels with fast-paced action and steamy romance, protective alpha men and strong heroines. She belongs to several writing groups, and is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), as well as the Wisconsin Chapter.

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Peep Rep: And don't forget to leave your email address if you wish to win Cheryl's book Abducting Casey.


  1. Hi, Liza. Thank you for having me over today to discuss my newest release, The Notary. It's always a good time!


  2. Great interview! Cheryl, both books sound awesome. **raises hand** pick me, pick me! :)
    kimblesophia (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. Hi, Sophia. Liza does great interviews, they are always very....interesting. LOL.

      Thanks for stopping in and good luck!


    2. I didn't do this interview, Peep Rep did. Just because he's imaginary doesn't mean he doesn't exist.

    3. lol...give my apologies to Peep Rep.

  3. Romantic suspense, that's my absolute favourite! I want to be a Notary now. Cheryl, your hero is too gorgeous, and the interview was pretty decent too. I don't need to wish you luck with sales because I can tell already that you will do well.

    1. The book is fabulous (I've read it) but I still don't want to be a notary. lol

    2. Hi, Elizabeth. Yes. I love romantic suspense, then paranormal. I'm working on a paranormal that is coming along, we'll see. :)


  4. A notary would be a fun job. Think of all the visiting other places around town, the hunky guys you might run into, and the trouble you could get into!

    I love that you let Peep do the interview. :)

    daringzoey at

    1. Hi, Melissa. Yes. I really enjoyed it for a while. I still hold my notary status, and may or may not keep it up, into retirement. A nice part-time job.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    2. Yes, I was sleepy and wanted to rest.

  5. Great interview. Love the trailer too. Shared via google+

    1. Thank you Andrea. I was really happy with how the trailer turned out. I learn a little bit more, and get a little bit better, with each trailer I create.



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