Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Liza investigates Cherry Jubilee

In book 3, The Mesmerist, Xavier & Vic fall into a 'battle of the spoons' over a single bowl of Cherry Jubilee which results in their poor driver thinking they'd both been shot.

Cherry Jubilee was a dessert created by Auguste Escoffier for Queen Victoria for one of her Jubilee Events. She had so many events that there is confusion as to which one it was created for. 

The main ingredients is cherry and the liqueur Kirchwasser, which is flambeed. The original is said NOT to have been served over vanilla ice cream. That concept came a bit later but before Vic and Xavier fought to death for the last spoonful in 1894.

Try Rachel Ray's 5 star recipe for creating this masterpiece in 15 minutes.

It sounds much like the original, only you don't have to pit the cherries. Instead you can use a jar of bing, pre-pitted cherries. 

Here's the excerpt from The Mesmerist where Xavier & Vic fight over the dessert.

Once they were both in the carriage, and Davy had his instructions, Vic and Xavier sat side by side, as their spoons battled to death for Mrs. Yarrows’ excruciatingly delicious Cherry Jubilee.
When they arrived at Adelaide’s Lace, neither wished to leave the carriage to retrieve the flyer.
“You go,” Vic offered. “I’ll refrain eating while you are gone.”
“Not likely,” Xavier snorted and leaned out the window. “Davy, grab the flyer off that post.”
“Why can’t you get it?” Davy demanded.
Vic chuckled with delight. Finally, Xavier would experience what she had to put up with all the time from their cantankerous driver. She took advantage of Xavier’s momentary shock and outrage at Davy’s impertinence and spooned a heaping spoonful of cherries and ice cream mostly in her mouth.
“That is not your concern!” Xavier snapped as he discovered half the dessert now missing. “Damnation!”
The carriage wiggled as Davy climbed down and ripped off the flyer. When a second later, he opened the door of the carriage, horror replaced his petulance. “God Above! I’ll get you help at once. Why didn’t you let me know?”
Before Vic or Xavier could make sense of their driver, they were sailing full speed down the pitch-black streets. Xavier ordered him to stop, but he evidently couldn’t hear or had stopped taking orders all together.
Vic pressed her feet against the other seat to prevent from flying forward and her hands gripped the side to prevent flying about. “Maybe we should retire Davy.”
Already in a foul mood at having lost the battle of Cherries Jubilee topped with insubordination, his temper blew. “Davy will not be retired until he wishes it.” His hand flew out and gripped the side as the carriage flew about a corner. “I blame this entirely on you. He never gave me the least bit of trouble until you came and taught him your bad habits.”
“Then I’ll hire a second driver whom we can use when we actually wish to go where we request. Were the bloody hell is he taking us?” She was thankful she’d eaten the last of the dessert, since the bowl flew off her lap and onto the floorboards. Vic wiped her mouth with her sleeve and stared out the window. “We’ll be passing Scotland Yard soon. Shall I jump out and see how the warehouse watching goes?”
“Not at this speed. You’ll just have to gloat from afar.” As they passed beneath a streetlight, Vic noticed bright red cherry juice splattered her sleeve. She was glad she had several new shirts on order. This one would never be white again. As they passed beneath another streetlamp, she saw her chest looked as if she’d taken a gunshot at close range. Glancing at Xavier, she burst into laughter. “I know where we are going.”
“To Dr. Connors.”
As Xavier focused in on her as a passing light shown with the carriage, he understood Davy’s misconception. “For the love of God.” He leaned out the window. “Davy, we are not injured. Leave Dr. Connors alone and take us home.”

If you haven't begun this fabulous series, now is a great time to begin.


  1. How hilarious - you DID do a post on Cherries Jubilee :-)
    I remember the scene well - I wanted some by the end of the scene.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful scene. Now I'm hungry! Thanks!!

    1. I almost when out in search of the ingredients today.


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