Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jacko's love story has arrived: A Right to Love

Everyone has the right to love,
Even murdering, thieving, handsome gypsy pirates.

Even a compromised young woman determined to manage her estate on her own.

Jacko has tried to love before and only got his heart crushed.
This is Lady Anne,
the woman who broke Jacko's heart by marrying another man.

But the Tarot Cards always said Lady Anne was not the true love in his future.

One day Jacko rescues an old gal from Bedlam and  takes her to her daughter's country estate. There he falls immediately for her daughter, Alice. And she is everything he has ever wanted in a woman. From the first moments, the attraction between them sparked fires in their souls.

Only he's a gypsy and she's a very fine lady but their attraction is so intense, that despite his brain warning him this is a disaster, he goes for the gold ring.

But there is so much to overcome!

Even more than you could imagine.

People die. Others almost die. Some might have died, but defended themselves. Lots of people are threatened with harm.

Someone goes blind, Someone causes a riot, Two people become pregnant, Lots of people believe things that are simply not true, 

Four doctors are called upon, one good, one not so good, one terrible and one quite excellent, 

A great deal of laws are broken and bent.

Three ghosts weigh in on a private conversation.

And that's just a taste of all that goes on. 

While this is a romance, it's like none you've ever read. But when you want to read more, have no fear, The Adventures of Xavier & Vic will fulfill your addiction.

If you have any say in the matter, you should read this book after book 2. That's why I numbered it book 2.5

Here's an excerpt from Alice's view when they first meet:

Alice watched the carriage pull away. She waited to see if Jacko would turn for one last glance. He did not.

She replayed the last minutes of their conversation. What had she done to frighten him off? They had been getting along so well, as if they had known each other all their lives. And the sparks. Dear God, her body had never felt so alive and hungry.

Why had he bolted?

Was it because she said that sometimes females liked to lead?

She sighed in disappointment. He seemed so confident and strong. She had not imagined the idea of a woman leading would frighten him off. 
Well, better she discovered his failing now before she fell in love with the deliciously handsome and brave fellow.

She stared down the long empty drive. He had been so close to perfect. Why did he have to fear strong women? He should want an emboldened partner with a sense of humor. Who else would bring out his rich baritone laugh?

And here is Jacko's POV:

His thoughts returned to Alice. Why had he flirted? Why had he allowed his feeling to progress so quickly? He knew better. This is exactly what he had done with Lady Anne.

In many ways, Alice Collins was like Anne Rothchild. While he doubted Alice had the nightmare past of Anne, she had unquestionably endured hardship and abuse from her stepfather. Yet, like Anne, she had risen from her fire brighter and stronger than ever.

And while her house was every bit as fine as Anne’s, she seemed very comfortable in the kitchen and affectionate with the servants. Anne had not loosened her grip on propriety until she went to America.

Their looks were not so similar. Anne always wore her hair up and away from her face. Alice’s thick hair flowed in soft waves down her shoulders, or at least it had in the wee hours of the morning. 
He smiled. He had no idea how she normally looked. He had met her under exceptional circumstances. He couldn’t wait to discover her looks on a typical day.

 “You are doing it again!” he scolded himself. “Rein your feelings in. Focus on her bad points, rather than her good.”

He mentally searched, trying to recall anything remotely negative she had said or done.

When his mind discovered it, his heart sunk in despair. Her name was Collins. Her mother’s name was Carson. Which meant she had a husband. 


Jacko the pirate awaits your attention.


  1. Congrats on another wonderful book. I like that ghosts show up in this book too... Are they as hot as your Ghost Lover??

    1. Not hot. But very supportive of Jacko. He is surprised, never anticipating Alice's father, grandfather and great grandfather would approve of him. He'd very glad they do. Otherwise they would have made his life hell.


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