Friday, December 12, 2014

The Kingdom Lights by Steven VS

Today, we have The Kingdom Lights by Steven VS.

Peep Rep: Steven versus what?

Liza: No. Steven's last name is VS.

Peep Rep: Does he have a prize, because otherwise I'm declaring his last name pugilistic.

Liza: Steven will be giving away a $50 Amazon or B/N giftcard to one lucky person that enters the rafflecopter. 

Peep Rep: Well then, he's a fine fellow and his name is quite nice.

The Kingdom Lights
Steven VS


In a world where cities float, airships sail the skies and mythical creatures are summoned in a pinch, Celes Vale is distinctly average. Living in the shadow of his talented cousin and his powerful aunt and uncle, Celes is resigned to a future of soot, factories and well, more soot.

But on the night of his twelfth birthday everything changes. A blinding light, a whispered voice and in an instant Celes becomes the first ordinary child in history to develop magic, sending him on a fast-track ticket to the greatest of the floating cities, Gardarel. Boasting grand, elegant buildings wrought from shimmering white stone, the entire city appears as though it has been built from light, and so it has come to be called the Kingdom Lights.

Though some welcome Celes, others want the dirt-ridden up-start off their city preferably head first. Nowhere is this clearer than in the attitude and actions of the beautiful and haughty Lady Ban and her sneering nephew, Marcus Blackwood. But Blackwood, with his gang of goons and unimaginative one-liners, is soon the least of Celes s problems.
With a little magic and a lot of detective work, Celes and his group of Scurriers and Wisps unravel the dark truth behind Lady Ban s prim, perfect smile an alliance to the villainous Wardens and the masked man who leads them. However, in his attempt to expose Lady Ban, Celes unwittingly stumbles onto an even darker conspiracy a plan that could lead to the complete destruction of Gardarel itself.

With his immaculately polished shoes, carefully preened suit and even more carefully preened moustache Jaime Milton was the last person one would expect in the sooty factory city of Midgard. His father, Lord Milton, Sr., a great wobbly man with fat flapping fingers like purple bananas was a close second.

It was a brilliant June morning and the city of Floating City of Midgard was alight with life. Jaime walked through the weathered cobblestone streets and watched as houses flung their windows and doors open, lapping in the sunlight. Jaime had not been here for two years and yet the City of Factories was exactly as he had remembered; there were rows of homes huddled together, tightly packed into the little street as high rising billows of smoke sailed into the sky. The cobblestones of rose-tinged granite underfoot were boisterous and uneven and Jaime had to be extra careful so as not to fall over as racing children zoomed past, chasing one another furiously through the street. Some were covered in soot whilst others were rosy clean but, he noted, all were breathless.

Jaime Milton couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you smirking about?” barked Lord Milton, Sr. as his son pushed him through the streets in a beautiful silvery wheelchair.

“Just thinking about the first time I came to Midgard,” replied Jaime. “It was a…”

“I didn’t ask!” announced Lord Milton, Sr., brandishing his polished walking cane. “Always answering questions I didn’t ask! And stop your smiling! There’s no reason to smile!”

If you loved Harry Potter, you should love The Kingdom Lights

The Kingdom Lights is not a redo of Harry Potter, it is different, but the underlying plot is similar. A young boy with poor self esteem comes into his own powers and saves everyone through the use of sleuthing, magic, and the help of friends.

The story kept me entertained the whole way through.  Sometimes the myriad of characters threatened to overwhelm me, but oddly, even if I couldn’t remember who/what the person was, I could still follow the story line, so it didn’t really bother me much. 

Now to the plot: There are a great deal of surprises along the way, especially in the last quarter of the book and twists you won’t anticipate.  While at times it wasn't as tight and cohesive as I would have liked, I remained glued to the page until the very end.

You'll come upon lots of conjured creatures to entertain your kids, but nothing to give them nightmares. All in all, a great read and I recommend it to any parent looking for an entertaining book to fill the void of their Harry Potter addicted children.  I also recommend it for adults who never quite grew up…like me.
I give this book 4.5 stars rounding up to a 5.

A resident of the sleepy coastal town of Bexhill, East Sussex, England. Steven graduated in the summer of 2013 from the University of Southampton with a Bachelor of Medicine Degree and a Master’s Degree in Global Health from Sussex University – where he spent the majority of his time in Shawcross writing this novel!

In between writing and dreaming Steven is a medical doctor and has worked at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire and the Princess Royal where he fights the system with quirky lanyards.

Steven’s debut novel steampunk fantasy The Kingdom Lights is out on October 17th published by Neverland Publishing.

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  1. Have to admit, I always think it's "Versus," too! Thanks so much for the review!

    Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(Dot)com

  2. Thank you for the expert. I look forward to reading the story. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone.

  3. I'm excited to see more books to entertain the children or children at heart.


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