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Daisy Banks shares links to discover Werewolf Lore

Following on from my other post I thought I’d share some of the Werewolf myths and legends I looked at when I was researching for Timeless and To Eternity.

Here are some links to places I used to find information and they are full of Werewolf lore. Some of the legends are centuries old, they cover several continents and range from descriptions of primal fears to latest sightings of supposed Wolf men.

There were lots of other places I looked and some reference books I used too, in my search for what I hope readers will think of as a realistic transformation. I added some ideas of my own. 
The lure of the Werewolf has proved very strong in fiction and romance over generations and I am very proud I am able to offer my tale of the wolf in love.

I based the character of Magnus on the legend of the true Werewolf, the beast that transforms uncontrollably at the full moon. He is the creature who loses all self control and kills indiscriminately. This moon induced terror is what Magnus fears most and is part of his reason for being such a recluse.  But he does have one hope to gain some control over the creature if he is willing to accept it. He must take responsibility for his actions and find someone who has the ability to control him.

Added to all the above was the notion that the man Magnus, strong as he is, would be felled by discovering love.

When Sian arrives at his magnificent house in the first story of the series Timeless, she strides about those polished mahogany floors in six inch, red patent heels and does a smash and grab raid on his heart.

From there the series has developed.
Both books, Timeless and To Eternity, are available in e-book and print.

Blurb for Timeless
Their love will be eternal, the legend says...if they survive.

Lonely and forced into a life of secrecy, four hundred-year-old Magnus finds Sian--the sexy music film producer who’s working in his house--tough to ignore. As she resists his alter ego when he invades her dreams to seduce her, her innate powers astound him and his need only grows. In dreams or reality, he’s determined to make her his. She is meant for him alone.

Independent, hard-working Sian has hopes and plans for the future that include the stately house at Darnwell. Not its aloof owner. She’s there to acquire the home for a video shoot, nothing more. By day, each layer she explores in Magnus’s grand old home with him leads her deeper into love. But by night, he seduces her in her dreams, gives her ecstasy like she’s never known. Then she learns his secret: Come the full moon, she is the only one who can control his wolf curse. First though, she has to survive it.

Blurb for To Eternity.
For four centuries Magnus has lived according to the dictates of the moon, his heart isolated by the domination of his wolf nature. Now fate has brought the beautiful, independent Sian to his house at Darnwell and their irresistible attraction has exploded into a white-hot passion. Yet she is not wolf, and the time has come for her to embrace the change. But once she completes the ritual and claims her place next to Magnus, the rivals will appear on the horizon…

You can read the first chapter of Timeless and To Eternity on my blog. Do visit and check out the My Books section where you will find first chapters.

I am in the process of writing the third book in the series, Out of Time, and hope to have it finished soon.

Thanks for reading.
Daisy Banks

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  1. I love the traditional take on werewolves, my favorite spin on the legend. The attraction between Magnus and Sian sounds dangerous and magnetic. Congrats on the continued success of your series, Daisy!

  2. Thanks so much, Mae. I'm working hard on the next story, it is very exciting to see all the other threads come together to form this prickly kind of twine in the new book. There is lots of sensuality, of course, but lots of deep romance too.


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