Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Troublesome Apprentice with be 99 cents Mar 4-10

Don't buy the Troublesome Apprentice just yet. It's going on sale for 99 cent Mar 4-10.

Unless you just want to support a starving author.

Then by all means, buy it now.

Before you think me the most generous person in the world, I have to be honest. I'm selling it at such a low price so you'll become addicted and read the whole series. 

I've lots of reviewers who declare the series addictive. And to be honest, it is my favorite series I've ever written, which is probably why it keeps going and going.

True story: I once killed off Tubs, but his death sent me into real mourning and I couldn't write anything. After two months, I woke up realizing unlike real deaths, I could undo this. I was in charge. I ran downstairs and rewrote the ending so while severely injured, Tubs survives.

And just like that, I was happy again. But that book isn't published yet.

Today, I'm talking about the first book, The Troublesome Apprentice.  

Little known fact: The original title to this book was The Adventures of Xavier Thorn and his Troublesome Assistant.  But the title alone would have taken up all my allotted characters for a tweet. So I needed to shorten it.

Also, "assistant" wasn't a commonly used term back then. Vic would either be an apprentice or a secretary. (Secretaries were still mostly male back then. That didn't really change until the world wars began.)

My young woman of the late Victorian Era wanted to do something of importance with her life, thus she dresses and pretends to be a young man. 

This happened more than England likes to admit. James Berry, a real person of the era, was a young woman who became a surgeon who then joined the army and became the highest ranking doctor in the entire army. Her female gender was discovered only upon her death, and that fact was kept a secret for over 100 years.  

My young woman has dressed like a boy since she was 13, and was attending Oxford when her aunt is murdered. Vic engages the greatest sleuth in Britain to help her solve the murder. No, not Sherlock Holmes. He is a fictitious character created by Mr. Doyle. The real man whom inspired Doyle in his writings was Xavier Thorn. (Not really, of course).

Xavier has no reason to doubt Vic's male persona. And while he finds the fellow cheeky and oft troublesome, Vic is a natural sleuth with intuitive skills par none. In short time, Xavier falls in love with him, which is odd, since he has never been attracted to men before. But while Vic is clearly attracted to Xavier, the pup refuses to allow anything to occur. 

It takes Xavier a great deal of time to figure out the problem while they solve a myriad of mysteries. 

Come March 4, you can join the fun for only 99 cents.

And for those of you already addicted. Book 4, Well Kept Secrets will come out on or before March 11. My editor claims it her new favorite of the series. 
That's L'il Pete's mom on the cover. I'm sorry to say, she doesn't make it. She dies because she discovers a secret and shares it with someone she thinks can be trusted. Sadly, she was wrong about that.

She leaves behind the cutest little fellow. Meet L'il Pete. He's 9, but small for his age. In truth, most seven-year-olds can take him in a fair fight--not that anyone from the docks fights fair. He's the youngest employee on Xavier and Vic's staff. He's hired on in book two. You'll fall in the love with charmer.

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  1. Congrats! I love the little guy! I can't wait to read book 4!!


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