Thursday, April 23, 2015

Publish faster they say...

Publish faster they say....
Once every two months.

That's a great idea! 

So what do I need to do that?

Either I need to write really short stories (which seems beyond me) 

I need to already have them written.

Okay, I have a lot of books already written because I spent ten years doing nothing but writing and sharing my work with other critters to improve the stories. 

No publishing, no wasting time submitting to publishers, and no getting depressed by rejections or no response at all.

All I did was write each and every day for most of the day. I could write a rough draft of a novel in a month, then spend months working on it with the help of my critters.

Best ten years of my life!

But two and half years ago I began to publish, and I'll be honest, the first year was hard and difficult, but some very fine authors got me through the early disappointments and since I've gone indie and have complete control of my books, the marketing, the pricing, the promotions, the editing, and the timing of releases, I've been much happier.
For me, self-control was the key.

Right now, I have eleven books published. 

This year I've published two books thus far:
Untamed and Unabashed (Historical spinoff from Pride & Prejdudice-Lydia's story)


Well Kept Secrets, book 4 of the Adventures of Xavier & Vic Late Victorian sleuth series.

However, my upcoming plans for the rest of the year might actually kill me from a brain seizure or death from exhaustion.

Here's my plan:
To celebrate what may be the last book of the series A Long Road to Love, I'm offering book 1, WORST WEEK EVER, which in my opinion is the funniest book I've ever written, for 99 cents between April 28-May4. Over 27,000 of you already possess the book, so I've no idea if there is anyone left in my piece of the internet that hasn't bought it. But if you exist, you should check it out. If you have a sense of humor like mine, you will laugh the whole way through. If you don't have my sense of humor, you will be grumpy. Frankly, I'm shocked at how many people seem have my sense of humor. I worry about them.

Now some of you may be wondering: Is this REALLY the last book of the series?

I understand your doubt. Overtime, I've declared Book 3, then Book 4, and now Book 5 to be the LAST BOOK of the series. But my fans keep demanding more books, and evidently I can't say no.

Book 5, The Hardest Love, which is Sam's story, is releasing May 5th.

The series is a humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance which eventually ends with an HEA for each of the main characters.

In June I had hoped to publish another Xavier & Vic novel, (Late Victorian Sleuth Series) but I got back edits on four books in one week and I'm not sure I can get Book 5 ready in time for a June release, so expect it to pop up when it can, but it will be this year.

In July, I am bringing out the first of Sci Fi books, The Multiverse Series. Book 1, The Gods of Probabilities will come out in early July.

Then the remaining three will follow each month.
August, September and October.

Then I'll re-release Saving Casey, humorous, then traumatic, contemporary romance which I got back from my first publisher. However, I'm going to make it the first of a new series.

And somewhere along the way, you'll get book 5 of the Historical Sleuth Series.

Now let's discuss the problems with my plan.

My Main Concern: I am confusing and splitting my audience by publishing in three widely different genres. I did consider creating two other author names and keep them separate, but then I would have to create accounts for Twitter and Facebook and I can barely handle matters, so all my readers will hear the announcements about my various books. Just pick and choose what you prefer to know about.

I will always let you know when a new book arrives or when I have a price special if you subscribe to my newsletter.

As to my blogs, I've had a sci-fi blog for years, 
so my sci books will be displayed on pages there while my contemps and historical will remain on my main blog.

I've some readers who happily cross genres to read me, while others remain in their preferred space and wait for my next appropriate book. 

And they will get it. I won't abandon any of my readers. You will continue to get your preferred genres. Which is why I'm nearly killing myself to publish so many books this year. EIGHT if I can still count correctly.

Next year I'll start a new contemporary romance series. Continue the Xavier & Vic Sleuth series, and bring forth another sci-fi series that I dearly love, so none of my readers will be abandoned, at least not until I keel over from exhaustion. 

In return, since this schedule leaves me very little time to market and promote my books, if you enjoy the book you read, please tell your friends so they can enjoy it as well. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and would make a big difference in my life of self-induced poverty. 


  1. You sound like me in various ways. First year published and I had six books out. Seemed like everything was happening all at once. I'm currently writing four. And what I mean by currently writing is that I have files started for four different stories but have been doing nothing but marketing lately to focus on any of them. My poor, neglected stories. I really need a duplicate of me. She'll be the only one I trust to delegate to and I know it'll get done the way I want. I know you understand.

    You, my friend, are a blessing both in life and to the literary word. I am thrilled to have more of your books to look forward to this year!

    1. Awwww. That is so sweet! And why I publish, so you and others can read them. Otherwise, I'd probably go back to writing books just for me.


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