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Jenna Jaxon shares how Beloveds came to be.

I am pleased have Jenna Jaxon share how this menage came to be. I, for one, cannot wait until Beloved is released.

The idea for Beloveds began before I had even finished Beleaguered, Book 3 in the Time Enough to Love trilogy. A friend and fellow author asked if the main characters of Beleaguered were going to end up in a ménage a trois. I laughed, because the two men in the relationship, Geoffrey and Thomas, had already demonstrated very jealous natures toward Alyse, the love interest of both.

And then I began to wonder if that might not be a fun little side-bar to the relationships in the book. Was there a way to bring the three of them together for some (hopefully) mind-blowing sex and a stronger relationship between all three but without all the male testosterone jealous vibes? So I built in a little section of Beleaguered where I could insert such a story if I wished to at a later date.

Well, the later date is now here. Beloveds, to be released now at the end of May, is a passionate interlude between Alyse and both her beloved men.

In real life, things might be a bit different. Experts in sexual chemistry say that it can be a big mistake for a married couple to invite a friend or former lover into their bed. There are all sorts of issues that might arise not only during the encounter itself, but afterwards (that awkward meeting afterwards, for instance). If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you might remember Meredith’s fantasy of having both Derrick and Finn in her bed, but in reality she never let it happen (thank goodness). And sexual therapist Peter Saddington suggests bringing the fantasy into the bedroom first, talking about it and what an actual threesome encounter might entail before jumping in feet first. The fantasy might just be as far as you want the idea to go.

Beloveds plays out several of the characters’ fantasies, which made this short novella both difficult and easy to write. I wanted to give it a more erotic twist—there are three people in the bed at one time—but I also wanted to stay true to the characters’ feelings and relationships. So the book is a delicate balance of hot sex between people who love each other.

If you’ve already read the Time Enough to Love trilogy, then you’ll understand these relationships and the circumstances under which Beloveds takes place.  If you haven’t read the three books yet, then Beloveds will still be enjoyable for you, however you won’t get the full benefit of the characters’ interactions and there will be spoilers for the other three books.

In any case, I hope you enjoy any and all of my medieval romances, but keep in mind—this last one is meant to singe the bed curtains. :)

Jenna Jaxon

Passion never dies.

Lady Alyse Braedon frets over her renewed passion for Sir Geoffrey Longford, her first love. They have pledged their hearts to one another, despite the fact that both are recently widowed. Alyse worries that she has not properly mourned Thomas and cannot think herself as true wife to Geoffrey until she puts her feelings for her first husband to rest.

And then Thomas unaccountably appears in her bedroom. She is stunned and confused. When he begins to make love to her, however, she joyfully surrenders herself to his familiar caresses and expert ministrations...until Geoffrey arrives.

Faced with the dilemma of wanting two lovers, Alyse simply cannot choose--until Thomas suggests she doesn’t have to.  Instead he and Geoffrey will share her. The scandalous proposition awakens new hungers within her. Can she allow herself to abandon all she's been taught a proper woman should resist, and find pleasure with both her beloveds?


      The familiar voice tugged at the edges of wakefulness. Had Geoffrey returned so soon? The sound did not have his deep tone. Yet ’twas a voice she knew well, rich and sensual.

      “Do not fret, sweet. ’Twill be all right.”

      Alyse struggled to open her eyes, though the heavy lids fought against her.

      The bed dipped as someone sat beside her. Good. Thank the Lord. Geoffrey had returned. Although she would swear it had not been he who had spoken.

A soft hand cupped her face, and she pressed her cheek against it, luxuriating in its warmth. She smiled and her eyes fluttered open at last.

      The man seated on the bed had shoulder-length honey-blond hair and warm, beguiling brown eyes. He also defied fashion and wore a thin mustache and beard. His eyes brightened when he noticed she was awake and his mouth turned up in the lazy smile she had come to know so very well.

      “Thomas.” The name came out a croak. Holy Father, had she conjured him with her guilt and longing? She shrank back into the pillows.

      His smile widened and he caressed her, running one long finger along her jaw. “Aye, sweet Alyse. ’Tis I. Do you feel better now, my love?”

      “Better?” She must be dying to see such an apparition. Or mayhap she was already dead and in heaven.

      “Aye. You do not shiver as you did a moment ago. I hoped that meant you felt warmer.” He picked up her hand and kissed the knuckles.

      Warmth flowed through her, soothing her, making her body tingle with that single touch of his lips.

      “Is it really you?” Strength welled within her and she struggled to sit up.

      “As ever I was.” He smiled, his gaze sweeping down her body. His eyes darkened with the desire she remembered well.

      “Oh, Thomas.” She threw her arms around him, sighing when they embraced the hard-muscled chest she had lain upon so often. “I thought you dead, my love. Did I but dream?”

      “Shhh, my sweet. I am here now.” He stroked her head then pulled it back to peer into her face. “I will always be with you, love.” He sank his mouth onto hers, and she melted at the touch of his insistent lips.

      Like coming home.

 Liza: Oh Jenna, we are all waiting to be singed!


Liza: Oh Look! I now have possession of an except of the singeing variety. 
Thomas urged his tongue through her lips to plunder her, and fires kindled in her depths.

She could never get enough of this man.

Opening her mouth wider, she plunged her tongue into him, tasting a delicious sweetness she could scarce bear for the joy it brought. He was honey and sweetmeats combined, a temptation almost too good to eat.

They fell onto the soft mattress, his weight a welcomed burden. When he raised his head, his eyes burned with passion. “I have missed you sorely, love.” A pause while he simply stared at her, as though he could not drink his fill of her. At last, he placed a gentle kiss on each eyelid, dropped down to nuzzle her neck then slid his tongue around the rim of her ear, his breath raspy and loud in the stillness.

Goose flesh broke out all over her, and she shivered, though from a fever of a different kind. When he sucked on her earlobe, she moaned and clutched him to her. “I have missed you too, Thomas. I could barely stand the pain when you were gone.”

“Hush. Think not on it, sweet Alyse.” He sat up suddenly, and pulled his tunic over his head in a sleek gesture that made her want to touch every inch of his beautiful body. His sleek chest, muscles rippling with every movement, sent a pang of longing to her core. “I am here now. And I shall make you burn as never before.” He tossed the garment to the floor then gathered her to him.

She rubbed her cheek against his warm, silky flesh, wondering at his presence but not daring to question it. Determined to simply revel in each precious moment with him.

“I have longed for the feel of you in my arms, my sweet.” He tightened his grip on her. “I will never tire of holding you.”

She nestled closer to him, resting against him as if he were a pillar that could shelter her all her life. As if she had all the time in the world, she idly drew her fingers down his hard abdomen, following the curve of his waist to stroke his sleek back. His skin was delicious to the touch. With a light hand, she then raked her nails across the expanse and smiled at his shudder. She had ever teased him thus, knowing full well where he could be tickled.

“You will cease, vixen, or ’tis you will rue this encounter.” Thomas squirmed, trying to get away from her fingers as they skittered down his side. She persisted, laughing as she chased him to the edge of the mattress.

“Enough.” In one liquid movement, he spun off the bed and landed on his feet.

“No, Thomas.” Alyse reached out for him, but he stood just beyond her grasp. “I cry pardon, my love. Come back. I do crave your touch above all else.”

“Indeed, madam.” He raised a lascivious eyebrow, and raked down his chausses. “And what would you touch?”
Liza: Oh my...I'm sizzled. Thank you. Jenna!


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  2. I loved this series and can't wait to read this novella! Yea!!

    1. I should dedicate it to you, Melissa. You're the one who gave me the idea! :) Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Thank you so much, Liza, for hosting me today! It's always fun to hang out at your place. :)


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