Monday, May 11, 2015

Liza invites Bobbi Romans over to chat with you and then scribbles all over the blog.

Happy May!

 I Give You the Crazy Bobbi Romans. She's got lots of questions for you, and there's a gift to one of you who answers them. I have also made comments all over her blog, those are tiny and red, you may ignore them if you wish. But pay attention to Bobbi's because someone will win a prize:

Wow, loads going on. You? What’s happening? Summer plans being made or are you keeping close to home this year?

Well I'm going to see if it is possible to die by publishing.a novel a month for six months 

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Speaking of summer.
Have you heard of the Summer of Love Event? 

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Tons of prizes! (even daily prizes) Head on over and enter now.

Do you love steamy stories of hope and love?
Out Now... “An Accidental Basket”

In one nightmare moment, 
Calyssa lost everything.
Including hope.

Danny took a chance on love and lost.
Often it’s in those darkest, confusing, gut-wrenching hours... hope finds a way to bloom again.

(That's good because I prefer happy books)

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Coming June 2015 from Loose Id, discover the mysterious island rumored to turn fantasy into reality.

Meet the Marquis and escape to the tropical sands of Inhibition-X.

Okay, keeping with the whole vacation premise... tell me, what is your best vacation blooper?

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One commenter will receive an ecopy of
 An Accidental Basket.  :)

Bobbi Romans
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Don't forget to comment below to possibly win Bobbi Romans's book filled with hope and love. 
That's much more appropriate for May than a book filled with despair and misery, don't you think?
You may ignore that question. I'm just being bad and scribbling all over Bobbi's blog. 
Just because I can...


  1. I have one vacation planned. It's a camping trip with hubby to the west side of the state. I want to travel to a historical place this summer too, but that hasn't been planned.

    1. Sounds wonderful! One of my fav childhood trips was the old route 66. We saw the badlands, Ruby Falls, Red Rock City, WalDrugs, Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Corn Palace, Devils Tower, and more.

      So much fun and many, many miles.

    2. A vacation not planned will never be. You must plan.

  2. No Vacation plans for us this year.

    Biggest blooper... I took my Mom on a weekend trip to a beautiful like in northern Iowa. We arrived at the hotel and it was NASTY. They wouldn't refund our money so we ask for cleaning supplies. The next morning we woke up to a flat tire on our car. It was a weekend, AAA had a hard time getting someone to come change out our tire. Then we really wanted to go on a boat ride. We went out on a tour boat. It was beautiful but the weather turned cold and rainy. We were so cold by the time we got back to the car and we had no warm clothes. We ended up stopping somewhere to buy something warmer to wear. The lake was pretty what we got to enjoy was fun but it was a big blooper of a trip....

    1. Awww-- many bloopers. Maybe try that one again. Sounds like a do-over if ever. Oh, and we stayed at a hotel once that sounds similar. It was only to sleep for the night when I simply couldn't go on, but we slept in clothes with a chair against the door. It was creepy bad.

  3. Nope, no vacations. Too much to do.


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