Saturday, May 23, 2015

Liza O'Connor's attempt to entertain you faster

For some self-masochistic reason, I committed to publishing a book a month for six months.

Oh, I remember why I did this!

I love giving my readers new books. And since I write mostly series, I thought they would appreciate a speedy delivery process

 so they wouldn’t be left hanging. After all, we live in an immediate world. Everything should be available to us when we want it.

In January, I published my Jane Austen spin-off “Untamed and Unabashed” taking effort to write like Jane rather than me. That, proved to confound my readers. Those who loved Pride and Prejudice tended to love the youngest and boldest sister, Lydia, despite she leads a rather shocking life. A few declared it had too much sex. Nothing I could do about that. Lydia was determined to be frisky. I didn’t make it terribly explicit given the sensibilities of those who would read a spin-off of Pride and Prejudice, but Lydia uses her sexuality to get what she wants.

Still, sales were unimpressive, so a month later, I did a week long promo at 99 cents that got Lydia some fine attention.  I was pleased.

Then in March, I brought out Well Kept Secrets, book four of The Adventures of Xavier & Vic. This is my Late Victorian, sleuth series.  I dropped book one of the series to 99 cents. Since my reviewers have declared each book better than the one before it, I always promo book 1 if I can.

In April, I focused on the edits of my new sci-fi series. I had already written the four books, but two of them had serious problems conforming to POV standards since three of my characters have soul-bonded into a single soul. Thus, unless they intentionally block the other two, they all know what the other thinks and FEELS. Needless to say this was a problem for my editor. 

Also in April I worked on completing The Hardest Love, Sam’s Story, in the series A Long Road to Love.
I’ll be honest, April was one difficult, stressful month.
However, in May, The Hardest Love was published to 5 star reviews.
Just before The Hardest Love came out, I promo'd book 1 of the series: Worst Week Ever and it did very well. I was very proud of WWE.

Then in Mid-May, my main computer died, and getting a new pc and getting it up proved harder and more time consuming than ever. No matter, Pack of Pups is ready to go.

In June, I’ll publish Pack of Trouble, book 5 of the Adventures of Xavier & Vic series. I once again attempted to set up promotions on book 1, The Troublesome Apprentice, only some of the promo sites felt it was too soon since my last promotion. (They took several weeks to reject me, which left me scrambling for new promotional sites.) Another site turned me down because I had promoted another series less than a month before and they only allow an author one promo per month.  Another standby had changed their process and their new process wasn’t working.
I did land one good promotional site, so hopefully I’ll have a splendid showing despite my floundering. 

I now realize IF you plan to publish a book a month, like a publishing house, you need your books edited and ready long in advance, you need your marketing efforts done 2-3 months in advance, and you need to be working on future books while promoting your current book, which can get very confusing. 
In July, I will start publishing my Sci Fi Multiverses series, four books, one per month, July through October. 

Then, I will publish a re-release of Saving Casey as book one of a new common theme series about strong women or young women who are misunderstood by most and requires rescue by a strong man who sees the fabulous woman within.

December will be for writing and edits for the next year. I think December publication is best left to those who have December themes stories.

If I seem to be surviving this experiment to get you books faster, I will set about planning next year’s lineup in July. It will include more of The Adventures of Xavier & Vic Late Victorian Sleuth series, a new futuristic dystopian romance series, more on the Requires Rescue contemporary romance series, and possibly the Wild Oak’s series.  All are written, waiting to be edited and published, for your reading pleasure. However, if readers truly love a series and want more, I tend to oblige and write additional stories for the series. So drop me a note and the lineup can change.

If this publishing schedule actually kills me, then publishing once a month probably wasn’t a good idea.


  1. You're too young to die! Take a deep breath and dive into the story.

  2. I'm pretty sure I aged a hundred years today. Nothing like giving your credit card to a spammer. and getting your computer infected.


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