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Why Claire tried to kill Vic

Sibling Trouble
Claire becomes the Troublesome sister in book 5.

Claire is unhappy with her life.
When she compares it to Vic’s life
she feels robbed and cheated.

First, she has no legal claim to her grand house, for Aunt Maddy left it to ‘her guardian’ Vic. Maddy did this because of a dispicable and greedy brother who might have claimed the house and guardianship over Claire if Vic hadn't take legal responsibility of Claire. 

While Vic was without doubt the most laissez faire guardian, Claire still found it offensive. 

Now that she is a married woman, she feels adamantly that the house should belong to her. Vic spends all his time at work.

Her second problem was as a young woman, she decided to live a life much like her Aunt’s. 
(Since their aunt dies before book 1 begins, I only have a picture after she was murdered. So I tilted it upright. Imagine they sat her up in the parlor. Victorian people were constantly having their dead babies posed for pictures, why not a favorite aunt?)

When alive: Aunt Maddy never married. Instead, she hired an extraordinary butler and overtime, realized he was the finest man she had ever known, and seduced him to her bed. They never married of course, because that would not do. She was a woman of society and he was her butler. 

So at sixteen, Claire asked for her own companion, who would someday be her butler. Gregory selected the best of his nephews to train in his new occupation. The two fell in love on first sight. 

Only it didn’t last. At first, Claire enjoyed being worshipped like a goddess, but as time progressed, she wished to have erudite conversations. So she suggested to Xavier that they get married. Xavier was floating on opiates at the time, but he still had the good sense to tell her no, in a blistering response that she recalls with outrage to this day.

Vic sacrificed her best school chum to her sister’s new whim to have an ‘equal’ partner.  David fell in love with Claire upon sight and soon they married. Finally, she had met a man who admired her for her brilliance and her beauty. While David had been born into society, his father had gambled away their fortune. Thus, David took on the profession of a dentist, which was not one of the few honorable trades a man of society could enter. But Claire had never cared about society, so they married despite society's objection. 

And for a while Claire was happy. But as the months passed and no child seeded in her womb, discontent returned triplefold. 

She had taken in L’il Pete and intended to adopt him, once he improved his speech and manners, but Jacko arrived at her door the moment Vic and Xavier had left the country. 

He possessed papers proving he had already adopted the boy and wished to retrieve him from her house. She would have refused him entrance and denied the boy was home, only he had arrived with police escort. 

When she refused them admission, the officer, a Captain Meyers, advised her she would be arrested if she did not hand over the boy. Having no desire to be toss in a jail cell, and the ugly officer appeared willing to do it, she ran to her room and burst into tears, leaving Jacko to find and retrieve his son.

However, she was not done with the matter. She hired lawyers and made untrue claims against Jacko, trying to get ‘Peter’ back, but it turned out the pirate had more friends in high places than she or David did. 

Having lost L’il Peter, she focused on a new possibility. Vic might be pregnant. She had looked most portly when she left on the ship. Nor had she been with Xavier when Claire had seen him on a London street yesterday. Was it possible, she remained at their office caring for the baby?

She hired another investigative firm to find out the truth. They had returned yesterday with news that Xavier Thorn had indeed acquired a child while in Spain.

With that information, she stormed to the most expensive barrister she could find, and filed suit against Vic for the guardianship of her son. She told the barrister that Vic was not a young man, but a young unmarried woman with mental disabilities.  

Having no idea that Vic had married Xavier onboard the ship to Spain, she logically believed her claim to the child would supersede Xavier’s claim since illegitimate children were considered solely the property of the mother. And it would only be right that as the sister of mentally impaired Vic, she should care for the child.

Yes, her suit would destroy Vic's life, but why should Vic get everything. She could have stayed in England and had the baby in Claire's home, and then given the child to her and David. But no, Vic remained as selfish as ever.

Which had left her with no choice. She felt bad she had to claim Vic mentally impaired, for that might get her thrown into Bedlam, but again, if Vic had only done the right thing, he could have gone on being a young man, and she could have become a mother and no one would have known otherwise. No, it was Vic's own fault his life had come to an end.

The barrister had barely filed the papers when he received a call from the Minister of Internal Affairs ordering him to destroy all documentation alluding to this case by the joint request of the Queen, Internal and External affairs. The facts stated in his filing were wrong. It was his client who had mental disabilities. He was further warned that to damage the name of a remarkable young man who had performed a great many services for the crown could very well get him disbarred.

The barrister was so angry with Claire that he acquired her husband’s number and vented his rage. Upon finding out what Claire had done, David stormed home, packed his bags, and left her.

The woman he loved could not do such a thing to his best friend and her closest blood.

This left Claire with no baby or husband, and Vic still owning the house. Claire had never more miserable in her entire life.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss the crux of Claire's torment: Why Claire can’t have a baby?

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  1. I can see that Claire is unhappy but it's her fault not Vic's and she needs to find a new way to get what she wants. Claire seems very selfish and much like Trent used to be.


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