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Goddess Fish present Mage Assassin by KR Yaddof

Today, I have KR Yaddof with his Mage Assassin. 

Peep Rep: I'm scared!

Liza: No need to be frightened. The Mage Assassin is contained within the book. You are safe-ish and there are gifts to be given to two randomly selected commenters.

Peep Rep: What are they?

Liza: A $20 gift card and the three books in the fabulous MAGE series.

Peep Rep: Oh, I want the books, I do!

by K R Yaddof


Lauren Trinidad is the best private security money in the League of European Nations can buy. She's been trained by her father for her entire life to protect the good guys from the bad. But when the good guys seem to be working for the mad man responsible for blowing the world into chaos and her family is suddenly the bad, she is forced to choose between what she is taught to do and what she thinks is right.

Captain David Trinidad is the best soldier the New Republic of Texas can find to pull off a secret mission that will decide the fate of the small country. He’s been raised in his military family to do anything to help his homeland. But when he discovers he is the only chance at saving someone he loves, he has to choose between the only two things in his life that he's never doubted.

Meagan Trinidad is the best assassin the United Countries of America has for hire. She has walked the tightrope between making her father proud and protecting those she cares about for a while. But when her work threatens to destroy her friends, she must choose between the familial loyalty that has guided her whole life and the promise of being loved for who she is and not what she does.

“I could never be cold when I’m near you, Abigail.” David wanted to kiss her right then. He wanted to take her in his arms and not let her go. To carry her off into the night and never have to worry about anyone coming between them again. “You are my fire. You are my reason for livin’. You are my life.”

“Oh, David.” She blushed and looked down. “I love you, too.”

“It is more than love.” He knelt down and looked up into her surprised face. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the box. Enveloping her left hand in his, he said, “Abigail Evelyn Lattimore, will you marry me?”

“Oh, my God, David!” Her hands flew to her mouth, eyes wide. She stared down at him, tears forming in her eyes. She glanced at the ring and exclaimed, “Yes! Yes, of course, I will!”

And then she was in his arms. He spun her around in elation, only stopping to kiss her. Her hands went to his face as he held her against him, and he kissed her harder than he ever had in his life. Pure joy surrounded them, and he could feel the aquamarine in the necklace she wore warming against his chest. He pulled away only to slip the diamond ring on her finger. She admired it as it also started to glow.

“Your magic approves,” he said, kissing her again. She was a white mage and had fantastical healing powers. He could feel her happiness vibrating between them and even lighting the coral in his own boar’s head ring his father had given him when he joined the service. He sighed and added, “Even if your father doesn’t.”

Liza O’Connor’s review of Mage Assassins

The good: The story flows smoothly and is different, rather like a college age group of Harry Potters in the future. It’s a magical soap opera for New Adults featuring deception, love, and loyalties.

The not so good: This book has the largest cast of main characters I’ve ever met. Many of these characters were too similar both in voice and action for me to keep straight.  

Like modern day new adults, they partner casually, but I hope the similarities end there. These characters were mostly mage assassins. And on occasion they are ordered to kill family members or friends. (Fortunately, they don’t always do what they’re ordered, proving often they’ve a mind of their own.) And except for the occasional flare of anger when they are caught sleeping with each other’s girlfriend/boyfriend, they work well together.

The disturbing: The true enemies were the parents who possessed great power, either from magic or connivance. Several end up dead.  While, I found the story’s premise disturbing on a parental level, this might resonate very well with the New Adult readers. And having younger brains, they might be able to keep all the characters straight.

I give this four stars, for holding my attention ‘til the end with a great deal of intrigue and action. This would make a very fine TV series.

K R Yaddof was lucky enough to take a few writing classes at the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop when she was there as an undergrad getting her degree in cinema. Now she lives in Denver, CO with her husband, two kids, and one fat cat.

KR is currently finds time to write while staying home with her two small children. If you want more MAGES, cross your fingers for her children to start sleeping through the night!

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting! I'm happy to answer any questions for your readers about the series. I hope that everyone enjoys the books!

  2. I love police procedural type of stories. Do you have to read the stories in order or are they all stand- alone?

    1. Hi Melissa! There is enough backstory in each one to just pick one up but I think they are much more enjoyable in order. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the honest review, Liza!


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