Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Liza interviews the book Echo, Mine by Georgia Lyn Hunter.

Today, I’m interviewing the book, Echo, Mine.  And here it comes now. Welcome, Echo, Mine. ‘Mine’ if I call you Echo… echo….echo?
Echo: Hilarious…or at least it was the first hundred times I heard it. Why can’t you call me by my proper name? It’s two small words: Echo, Mine.
Liza: It’s got a comma in it. Names shouldn’t have a comma.
Echo: What about all the people who have ‘Jr. or Sr.’ attached to their name?
Liza: Oh, I never interview people who add those.
Echo: Fine, call me ‘Echo’ and I’ll silently add the comma and ‘Mine’ to it. Just so you know, I’m unique.
Liza: Excellent! So here's the cover:

Liza: Fabulous cover. What's your book about?
Echo, Mine: After a horrifying incident that left Echo in a coma for several long months, she now has to get used to a different life.
Liza: That’s interesting? What was the horrifying incident? Someone dropping a comma into her name? That might send me into a coma—comma…. Get it?  I’ll run into a comma oddly placed before her first and last name and have a brain seizure.
Echo, Mine: Hysterical. Let me try to contain my laughter.  All contained now.
Liza: I still don’t know what happened to her…
Echo, MineI'm just 1.5—did you not read 1? She got shot there…
Liza: Got it, got it, got it… Now tell me more about yourself.
Echo, Mine: As a descendant of a powerful angel, her days waver between training as the new Healer and convincing her mate she’s strong enough to match him in life and in bed. 
Liza: I see… So her mate’s a chauvinist?
Echo, Mine: Hardly. He’s an overprotective, stubborn angel who feels he’s failed to protect her since that horrible incident.
Liza: And what is Echo going to do to prove she is strong enough to match him both in and out of bed?
Echo, Mine: Seduce him, of course! Then get him to train her as a fighter. When he arranges a surprise date night, it gives her the perfect opportunity to hopefully get both.
Liza: Excellent. How does it work out?
Echo, Mine: Not as well as she hoped. With Echo, plans have a way of coming unraveled.
Liza: Oh dear, what happened?
Echo, Mine: Let’s just say one disaster leads to another, and Echo accepts that nothing in their lives will ever be normal.
Liza: I’ve been told ‘normal’ is highly overrated. What else happens?
Echo, Mine: Well, the biggest revelation of the night comes after she kills a dangerous, soul-sucking demonii. Sparks fly between her and her mate, proving that normal is most definitely overrated.
Liza: Wow! I was right! Normal is overrated. So I can ignore everyone who keeps telling me to behave! Echo, you sound delightful. Any chance you’ll open your covers and let me peek inside.
Echo, Mine: I suppose, but no crayons, spine breaking, or corner creasing.

Echo rested her arms on the white, damask-covered table. “I'm so glad you could take a night off.”
Aethan leaned back in his chair, his brow creasing. “We’ve always had that option, we just didn't utilize it.” His gaze held hers. Warm. Soft. “There was no need to before.”
Understanding struck. “Until me.”
“Until you.”
She smiled. “Then I'm glad you’ve taken it. I like this. You, me, here.”
He covered her hand on the table. “We both needed this. At the castle, you're always busy, training with Hedori, lessons with that idiot Lore—”
“Lore’s not so bad, Aethan. Just don’t react to his taunting. You know those angels will take their enjoyment anyway they can. As for the training, it’s important to me, but you could always change your mind and teach me yourself, you know.”
“I don’t think I’d be a good trainer for you. Besides…” His gaze skimmed over her face, a sensual glint in his eyes. “Every time I have you under me, on the floor, I get distracted.”
She swallowed. While that may have been true once, Aethan no longer made love to her on the spur of the moment, except in bed. She appreciated his care and consideration, but dammit, she was tired of the gentleness. She wanted the man who had a voracious, no-holds-barred appetite when it came to sex—she wanted the downpour—the thunderstorm. She wanted all that back.
Her gaze lingered on the untouched fruit…she wasn’t hungry, but she’d use whatever weapons she had. Before tonight was over, Aethan would have no idea what hit him. That iron will of his would be nothing but a puddle of raw desire.

Liza: This does sound fun. Peep Rep, find the links!
Peep Rep: On it, boss! Here we are.

Echo, Mine: Thank you.
Liza: So you got any dirt on your author?
Echo, Mine: Heavens no. She baths every day.
Liza: Good to know. Now spill the beans on your author, or I’m getting out my crayons!
Echo, Mine:
You’re a tough one. Very well. Georgia Lyn Hunter was born in South Africa and currently lives in the Middle East. Her previous job includes being a fashion designer and an art teacher, but now she creates fabulous stories, such as Echo, Mine. In her spare time she reads, paints, travels about and trolls Flea Markets for pretty things.
Liza: That sounds fun! 
Echo, Mine: Great. Can I go home now?
Liza: Nope, I like you so much that you are remaining for three days.
Echo, Mine: Is this because I didn’t laugh at your silly echo joke?
Liza: Nope, it’s because you sound very good and I want you to share more of your pages with me.
And here are legal Stalking Links:


  1. This was fun, love hanging out with you Liza.
    Echo, Mine aka Georgia :)

  2. Liza- another wonderful interview. You really get the books to open up! Thanks for sharing and I agree... Normal is overrated!

    1. Thanks. I try to avoid 'Normal' "Status Quo" and "Standard"


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