Friday, December 25, 2015

Liza's Weird Christmas Video

I cannot believe how fast this day arrived. I kept thinking I would have at least a few days to relax this year...well maybe I'll kick back today....honestly, I don't think so. I've so many books to edit and blogs to write. 

When you live by yourself and family is far-far away, Christmas becomes just another day.

That sounds sad, doesn't it? Well, it's not really. All the good we have on Christmas, we should really have on all days. And most people that I know aren't just lovely people on Christmas, they are pretty darn cool every day of the year. 

Because I'm truly a starving author, I don't have much money, and what I do have goes to food, editing, & promo fees. So I make my sister a video every Christmas and on her birthday. They are all up on YouTube.

I used to spend weeks creating them, and recreating them when they crashed due to their large size.

This year due to time pressures, I went for better pictures, shorter video, but with an actual story line. 

It's weird, I'll tell you that upfront.

What did you expect?
Deep down, I'm just silly. 

We should all be.
Laughter makes us live longer.

Merry Christmas!
and enjoy your Tofu turduckin.

Seriously? You're eating meat after this video?  Sigh! Well, let's agree we shouldn't eat puppies or kittens
(and I don't just mean for Christmas either!)

And someday, perhaps I'll be able to create a video like this one.  But first, I'll need to get some goats...


  1. Merry Christmas Liza. Loved your video. I had chickens for pets and one year Dad had them killed for food. That year I quit eating chicken for years.


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